2018-year Golden Globes, Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey) won the Golden Globes Lifetime achievement award-the Sethil Damil award (Cecil B DeMille Award), and her speech shook Hearts.

The 75th annual Golden Globe Award, Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey) was awarded the Golden Globes Lifetime achievement Award-Sethil Damil Award (Cecil B. DeMille award). As the first black woman to receive the prize, Oprah, at this important moment in history, has made a fascinating declaration to the girls around the world, through media attention. The following full text translation.

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In 1964, I was a little girl, sitting on the plastic floor of my mother's Umirwaki home, watching Annibank Crawford (Anne Bancroft) award the Best Actor at the 36th Annual Academy Awards ceremony.

She opened the envelope and uttered a few words to create history: "The prize is--Sidney Poitier (Sidney Poitier)." 」

On stage, I was the most elegant impression of men. I remember him with a white tie, and of course, his complexion was black. I have never seen a black man be so celebrated.

Sidney Poitier
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I have explained to people on many different occasions how that moment could have a big impact on a little girl sitting on a cheap floor, and her mother had just finished cleaning the house and was extremely tired to walk into the house.

The only thing I can explain to people is, like Sidney Poitier in the movie "The Wilderness Lilies", said: "Amen!" Ah, Amen! Ah, Amen! Ah, Amen! 」

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In 1982, Cherneze won the Sethil Damil Award (Cecil B. DeMille award), which was awarded at the Golden Globes awards ceremony. And I never forget that at the moment, there are a lot of little girls looking at me as the first black woman to get the same award.

It's a privilege to share tonight with the little girls and the extraordinary men and women who have inspired me, challenged me, supported me, and allowed me to come onstage tonight.

Dennis Wansen (Dennis Swanson) once gave me a bet on "Chicago Morning", and Quentin Quincy saw me on the show and immediately told Stephen Quincy, "she must be Sophie of the Purple Sister Flower" (the Color Spielberg). Spill (Gayle) has long lived out the definition of a friend; Steimen (Stedman) is as firm as a stone to me. And that's just a few of them.

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I want to thank the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association. We all know how the news industry has recently been besieged. We also know that we are dedicated to the excavation of the absolute truth so that we do not disregard corruption and injustice and do not be indifferent to tyrants, victims, secrets and lies. I want to say that when we try to sail in this difficult time, I pay more attention to journalism than in the past, which makes me have to say the following:

I am sure that telling the truth is the most powerful tool we have in common.

I am deeply proud and inspired by the women who have the ability to speak up and share their personal stories. Everyone here tonight is famous for the stories we tell, and this year we are the characters in the story.

This story not only affects the entertainment industry, it will transcend cultural, geographical, ethnic, religious, political and work-field boundaries.

So tonight, I'm going to pay tribute to all the women who have endured violence and aggression for years, because they, like my mother, have children to feed, bills to pay, and dreams to practice.

The names of these women we never know, they may be family workers, farm workers, they may be in factories, in restaurants, in the academic field, in engineering, medicine, the scientific community work. They serve in the technology industry, the political circle or the business world. She may be our Olympic handicraft, maybe a member of our Armed forces.

There's another one, her name Rishi. Taylor (recy Taylor). A name I know, and I think you should know.

1944, Rachel. Taylor, a young wife and mother, was walking home from church in the city of Alabama State Abel, where she was abducted and raped by 6 armed whites and finally left on the side of her church home, blindfolded.

They threatened that if she dared to mention it to anyone, she would die, but her encounter was reported to the National Association for the Promotion of the civil rights of Colored peoples, where a young investigator, Rosa. Parks, she's in charge of investigating the case with Rachel. Taylor seeks justice together.

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But in that apartheid era, justice was not an option at all. The men who tried to destroy her were never prosecuted. Rishi Taylor died 10 days ago, shortly before her 98 birthday. Her life, as we have experienced, has lived for too many years in a culture destroyed by cruel men.

For too many years, if women were brave enough to tell the truth, their voices were ignored and questioned by men in power. But these men who refuse to listen, their time is coming to an end! Their time is coming to an end!

Their time is about to pass! And I hope that Rachel. When Taylor died, she knew that her truth, like many other women who had been tortured or still suffering, would continue to be courageous. After nearly 11 years of her crucifixion, Rosa. Rosa Park is determined to hold his seat on the Montgomery bus and stop giving way to whites. That determination, too, exists in the hearts of women who choose to say "I am", too, in the heart of every man who chooses to listen.

Rishi Taylor
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In my career, I always do my best to speak through television or movies about how men and women in the real World Act, how we experience shame, how we love, how we get angry, how we fail, how we retreat, how we persevere and overcome our difficulties. I have visited or played the most severe torment of my life, and they have a common trait: even in the darkest of nights, there is hope for a brighter morning light.

I hope all the girls who are watching this ceremony, now, to feel the new day will rise from the horizon! And when the new day finally breaks, it will be because of many great women-many of whom are in this room, and some remarkable men-who will fight together to make sure that we move to a new era where no one needs to say "I am".

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Telling the truth is the most powerful tool we have in common.

Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey)