Single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Love, like a parting, to the lover's farewell style: Thank you for coming, we do not say waste.

I had a funeral for you after the breakup.

The life of a man is a series of rituals consisting of a sense of vision, each year celebrating his birth, a happy Birthday song reset, the number of years, blow out the candle, secretly wish the soul to be reborn; first love, contact 100 days hand cards, together anniversary gifts, we like pet, step-by-step architecture for the eternal imagination, Feeding love.

But you know that memory is an illusion, the soul can not be reborn, like love always ebb and decay, life is different.

Can you promise me
Don't recognize me when you see me again.
Don't let me Hold Your hand
It's a reunion you waved goodbye to me

It was a farewell that no one was wailing, still to the treacherous.

Spread out the yearbook, identify the class we met, one year seven class XXX, I still remember your smiling face at that time, rummaging through the classroom to find the note stickers, a small one, skewed handwriting on the incubation of the embarrassing tender Love, birthday, travel, ordinary days of boring self-portraits, the innocence of love, frozen in photo time, No longer return. (Recommended reading:"single Diary" I hope you will not regret, we have been so loved )

In fact, die sometimes is his people's things, never touched, will not imagine the pain of loss, like at that time we believe in love only forever, no difference.

Later to understand, the original love is also a kind of parting, love the people, not after, whether or not after death or ignorance, your call, he has no insignificant. Miss a person, is a memory more like hanging read, hanging read love once, hanging read the world has you stop the figure.

I buried you in my heart, repeated the eulogy: Thank you for coming, we do not say waste.

Remember that you loved you remember you loved
Remember when you walked by and remember to move on
Remember when I saw you in my eyes
Your shadow has been stationed in my world.

A few years later, I still like ghosts in love, a few nights of the lip flap, body temperature snuggling to warm, only one night with strangers arraignment: I think you. He said to me, do we still know the meaning of miss?

Perhaps after the pain, we are only in a passion to live in a fear of loneliness in the hangover, regardless of love, just to accompany.

If Love is a life and death parting, you dare not love?