How do you create the ideal life you desire? Woman Fan founder Zhang Wei Xuan with us to share how consciously we use experimental thinking to create an ideal life, first of all, from finding your "integrity of life" start!

Work is loves made visible. Work is the embodiment of love.


The poet Gibran left the world with a romantic endorsement for the meaning of work-a romantic reality, even realism, when work becomes what you have spent your whole life searching for, and love and passion are necessary to support your own continued power.

But how should we in the limited life, the excavation own enthusiasm? How to integrate enthusiasm into the work, so that its impact is not just a matter of harvest, more by the work of the embodiment of the value you believe, and then achieve the spiritual achievements? How to practice the ideal process, never forget to love and life, so that life is full?

If you are tired of the time management, do not want to live only work, if you want to explore more possibilities of life, let us from the experiment "the Integrity of Life" (Integrated Life) to start, to build your ideal living!

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Don't divide life two into work and life, what is integrated?

2018 Start, woman Fan founder Zhang Wei to share with us how she consciously to create the ideal life she wants, first of all, starting from the understanding of integrated.

In the past when we talked about life planning, we often heard that we should balance work and life, like dividing life into halves, half boring work, long term career goal, half slow-acting interest and future dream. These two pieces of life can not intersect, can only be placed at both ends of Libra, back and forth to balance the weight, so that life is not biased collapse. (Recommended reading: More than once in life Gap year! Stefan Sagmeister: Life is more important than survival.

Now, let us put aside the idea of life two yuan, the life as a "complete whole", the so-called integrated literal meaning is fused, integrated, and then look at the root, the original Arabic Integr for the whole--of the whole meaning.

Like planning an exhibition, using design and planning thinking, thinking about the integrity of life, you want to be what kind of person? What kind of achievement do you want to achieve in your life? What kind of field are you studying? Understand yourself through the perspective of the view, subdivide goals and execute projects, and fill in your imagined life plan. Career and life should be close to each other and lead you towards the ultimate goal you want to be.

If you want to find the integrity of your life and outline the patterns that belong to your ideal life, the following methods are shared with you:

Look at the face of life, find your passion and enlarge it

Before making a career plan, let's have a chat with our own heart.

Do you really know who you are? Do you know what makes you feel excited and willing to spend unlimited enthusiasm to accomplish it? Try to write down what you feel happy and excited about your work or your life, and consciously nurture it and magnify it. Integrate your interests into your work and daily life by examining your life's face.

The author Stewart D. Friedman in 2008 in Harvard Business Week that the three principles of finding an ideal life were: True, complete, experimental

True to real: Know yourself truly

Really talk to yourself, through the analysis of your work and outlook on life, to understand the direction of your career with the people you want to be, believe in the same faith? Regardless of the social framework, what are the things that you are really interested in?

Before you find your ideal life, be honest with your own likes and dislikes, understand your own pros and cons, and want to become a goal.

Complete be whole: Consider life as a whole

No longer divide the life into many parts of the planning, through the long-term, the overall goal to imagine their own life, and this is the important part of life, in addition to work, our lives need the emotional support of family and friends, adventure and play stimulation, The sense of achievement of self growth ... these all constitute the ideal life that can make you feel happy. (Recommended reading: Four consecutive years of daily online drying, she arrived at the ideal life )

Think of life as a whole, the present of everyday life, and strive for the people you want to be.

Experiment be innovative: the possibility to try Life

Life is interesting place, is that it has a lot of unpredictable, the state of life is flowing, when you face the uncontrollable factors of life or changing environment, please keep an inclusive and curious heart, hoping to do their own to accommodate the sea, not a pool of stagnant water. Experiment with the spirit of life to try the various possibilities, you will know what you want, not what.

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CEO Memory: How to build an ideal life?

After roughly explaining the three principles of finding an ideal life, Wei Xuan further subdivided his experience into five ways to share with us. When you desire to create an ideal life, it is important to feel the current experience, and understand that the law of impermanence, things are not normal truth.

One: consciously ask yourself questions

Start with yourself and make a decision, consciously ask yourself questions: What do I like? When do I get a sense of accomplishment? What kind of person do I like? Even I like the occasion/restaurant/Food, these questions let you ask the export at the same time, more understanding of their own, will make you make every choice, to think about, you want to leave the world what mark?

Two: consciously design their own life

When life is faced with problems or setbacks, try to face it with different aspects and thinking, the so-called design thinking, represents the use of a variety of open attitude to try various ways, for their own life to start experiments, this method does not work, let us use the spirit of experimentation, try another role, way, Consciously design the state of life you want. (Recommended reading: Why do you work?) Give the work meaning back to yourself )

Three: Experience the present

The achievement of the so-called ideal life, it is very important to experience the present, to feel the feeling of the present, whether it is between dinner, lunch or travel, the interference of cell phone and other distractions, grasp every moment, focus on the present, open the whole body of pores, feel great joy and sadness, Those are the experiences that enrich your life and life.

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Four: Live in the future

Learn to live in the future, not to let oneself live full of pressure, but for today's own identification of the future direction, live more rhythm. By fully pulling out the time dimension to live in the future, long-term planning can help you clarify the current confusion and give the direction of your efforts.

The law of impermanence, the absence of normal things

The last point is to keep an open mind, to continue to learn different roles and ways of life, change is the norm, the way the technology or the environment changes, will let you in different ways to live, it is important to understand that change is the norm, how in the changing times, keep open minded, in different ways to practice their values and goals.

If you want to create a dream of your life, from the constant attempt to the integrity of life, do not fear falls, only constantly experiment and design their own life, you will find that the original desire of your ideal life, is not an Arabian Nights!