Maggie Cheung and Jongzhughong, Hong Kong two major movie stars, from the intimate to enemies, eventually to the cloud light wind. Adult friendship, do not talk about life and death to accompany, but heartfelt wishes.

8, the 90 's, Hong Kong Entertainment circle Sinorama, time washing scouring, leaving little name, Maggie Cheung and Jongzhughong is a Chinese shadow history of a few prominent and beautiful name. Their friendship and personality as distinguished, not close intimacy and consistency, but through the transformation of life phase, and ultimately still choose each other as important people in life.

Women are obsessed with drawing

Maggie Cheung, Jongzhughong, are temperament of the human, like similar, when young with the entertainment industry in Hong Kong work, understand each other's happiness and sadness.

At that time, Maggie Cheung had 12 films, called "Zhang a dozen", Jongzhughong also the career peak, Hong Kong at that time, "you are red but Jongzhughong".

The name of a young girl, very understand each other, often meet to eat shopping, share life and love big things, but also signed a broker, like twins, together with film, Have you have me.

Jing directed the "Frog Prince" is the first cooperation between the two films, at that time more box-office, so that all the girls together to witness the first Meng friendship.

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1988, two people in the film adaptation of the novel "Stream golden Years", Jongzhughong played Zhu Yu Lock, Maggie played Shung, two girls backgrounds, different personalities, as in the big city by their own small hands, to strive for. The author also Shu in the novel once said, Shung and Zhu Yu walk together, like Gemini, others difficult to distinguish.

The film of Zhu and Chiang, much like Maggie Cheung and Jongzhughong.

Jongzhughong was born in Hong Kong well-off family, from a strict upbringing, treat people with precocious sophistication; Maggie Cheung grew up in England, free and unrestrained, often interviewed by the broker. Two sisters without blood are the envy.

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But the film is so close without my friendship, after the boy appeared gradually changed. Sister is good, finally have difficult to share the part. The ideal life, the ideal object, cannot offer comity, the harmonious friendship, grows each individual demand, originally thought the perfect seamless friendship Dayton the rift.

The film also seems to herald the development of the friendship between Zhang and Zhong.

Once intimate Maggie Cheung and Jongzhughong Two people have talked about love. Maggie in the interview, revealed Jongzhughong and at that time not yet married advertising wit Zhu Jia Ding stable cohabitation, let value privacy Jongzhughong great sense of injury and anger. Later, Jongzhughong also mentioned Maggie Cheung's Secret love affair with Seoul, which quickly became the front-page headline, and Maggie publicly declared that he had severed contact with Jongzhughong. The friendship between the two people was grounded in these two incidents.

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Distinctive character of the women's friendship, destined to conflict in the growth of the road, growth is the time of the contours of the clear, is to know what they want to take precedence over what the other side, which means that you have to leave space, let each other grow their appearance, whether they like it or not. Such a process must have quarrel, there must be wear and tear, but the honest living out of their own will not regret.

Maturity is, know oneself line, in any kind of relationship before, all must settle oneself feeling and emotion first, have margin to pay. Keep distance, sincerely bless each other development, their own steadfast road.

Friendship tells Fate, and Love is the same, do not have to pursue everlasting. Fate go to the end, can not be forced.

They know each other's good is all sincerity, can not bear the part, also really difficult to swallow endure.

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Stubborn and dare to love to hate two people, not afraid to let friendship stranded for decades, to their own appearance. Jongzhughong out of the performing arts industry, to live the life she really wanted, Maggie Cheung continued to work as an actor, enjoy love, from the Chinese film into the International shadow history, in recent years more spontaneous let go play music.

Effort to live hard love two people, go to middle age, grasp the rhythm of life, there are margin pay, Yu forgive themselves, forgive others. But suddenly look back, there is no regret? Two people have the answer in mind.

She is still in the memory of the lights dim, so fresh, far from looking at each other will live a lush, so there is nothing to do. If you dream of each other, wake up the necessary melancholy, in the heart of the simultaneous ask: These years, you good?

Care, enough to grow out of the tenderness of anger across. After all, was to accompany each other to survive the wind and rain people.

Shing, reportedly in Leslie set up, two people out of Friendship Olive branch, about the afternoon tea, joke each other miss years. such as "golden Years" break the deadlock, adjust the relationship and the right friendship position, towards the indifferent, so complete.

Later an activity, Maggie talked about Jongzhughong, said she is "Chinese-style beautiful representative." Maggie Cheung's mouth of the "Chinese-style beauty", perhaps the control of Zhang Cheung's own sharp edges and corners, Chinese-style beauty has more harmony. She understands and appreciates Jongzhughong's indifferent and gentle, just as Jongzhughong also appreciates Maggie Cheung's life as a dimension, alive hot.

Life is long, if friendship is true, it will be refined and polished. A smooth friendship may be a fluke, or it may be forbearance and tolerance. Handsome woman live honest, unwilling to escape, not afraid of conflict, more and good bearing.

Handsome woman's friendship agreement is: if we all changed, brave let go, let you walk to the world. If we are good enough, eventually we will still look back and still be able to walk together.

If the friendship, like Maggie Cheung and Jongzhughong, to rob the friendship in the waves, meet a smile and hatred.

Handsome women intersect, love and hate more trenchant. They say, the person who puts down the body, only then can raise the gentleness.

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