"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. Village Spring Tree-like love: As long as the love from the heart, life will be saved.

"I like you very much, Midori. 」

"How much do you like?" 」

"Like a bear like spring. 」

"The Bear of spring?" The green raised his face again. "What about the Bears in spring?" 」

What is the image of a bear in the spring wilderness? Probably is the village Spring tree first Gao appearance.

Meet Yoko that year, Murakami 19 years old, there are juvenile miserable green and as the only child of loneliness, the world is very narrow, but the cat is important. And Gao left a long hair, until waist, refused to perm, also lazy makeup, has put himself alive full personality. (Extended reading:"Single diary" Village Spring Tree's desire for cleanliness, Capricorn-style love )

Murakami said in retrospect, "Anyone can dream, and this is the only girl who can see in the dream." "It seems that the world is dark, only you have a fire, lit up."

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Murakami's confession is circuitous, as his novel, he notes, Yoko is reading "World history" by the frequency of a book a day. So he gets up early every day into the library, calculate good Yoko to read the book, don't let other people borrow, so that Yoko can see the book.

Finally boil to the last volume, village Haruki hand to Yoko, "I want to know you." "Murakami's confession, I like you, no attempt heart, but very patient." Yoko feel interesting, they in the shrine bells sounded 109 day together, really can not underestimate the will of the young literary youth.

1971, 22 years old, they decided to marry, Yoko father only asked the village spring tree a sentence, "Do you love her?" The village Spring Tree nodded, Gao officially become the village Yang son.

At that time, two people have not yet graduated, a little income, but there is a consistent pursuit of life and imagination-must get married, but also have to have a jazz pub, named Peter Cat, the cat he has raised to commemorate the Cats.

Couples are not too interested in talking to people, simply have jazz, as the value of life, the combination of the right to go. Peter Cat has witnessed the life of the former author of the village and the couple, life if all the things you like.

1978, the village to Tokyo Meiji Palace Stadium to watch baseball game, American athletes Hilton Swing home, the village decided to write a novel, "It is a kind of warm feeling, now I still can feel the heart." That night he started writing his first book, "Listen to the Wind," and Yoko was his number one reader.

Someone asked Yoko, did you ever think that a quiet village would be famous for cutting onions in a jazz pub? She also said in a cool way, "Never, wow, I still feel weird." He thought he was special, always with the "ideal of course" expression on his face. 」

The village immersed in writing more famous, and yoko his hair cut shorter, Japan's social pressure sinks, they choose to separate the world a safe distance. Life in the village of the spring tree, is early to jog, is writing, is a nest of cats, and Yoko drink a cup of white wine, and then sleep soundly.

"I can leave my editor, but I can't leave my wife." "The village of the spring tree had declared so.

As the only son of the village, the heart always have a strong sense of loneliness, met Yoko, began to know what is sentimentally attached. Young girl Yoko with the village grew up, give him the sun, also in the dark grip his hand, love is not noisy, even if lonely, as long as from the heart of love a person, life will be saved. (same field Gayon:"A person's party" Lonely also does not matter, as long as can love a person from the heart, life will be saved )

Their love was always quiet, but never thought of leaving.

Murakami is not talkative, but perhaps the most affectionate confession has been left in the works. Life has a lot of choices, some probably miserable, but with you, has been my best life.

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"In the wilderness of spring, you walk Alone, and a lovely little bear is coming across, and the whole body is hairy like velvet, with eyes pudgy." Then say to you: "Hello!" Miss, would you like to roll with me? "So you're hugging a bear and rolling around on a grassy slope of clover." Isn't that great? 」

"Very good." 」

"I just like you like that. "Green held me tightly on my chest. "It's great." "she said.

"If you like me so much, then you'll listen to me, right?" he said. Not angry? 」

Certainly And, you'll always cherish me, right? 」

Certainly "I said

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