In January, the French actress noted that the #METOO movement had been overseen and that it was feared that women would once again be able to return to the victim's position of undefended victims.Feminists have all said that, in fact, these contemporary burgeon discussions are going to speed us up into the critical service of contemporary feminism — — the war of body and desire.

#METOO campaign, published in Le Monde on January 9, with the public letter of Le Monde Kesselyn in the "Die Welle" campaign, pointed out that the #METOO movement would lead to two outcomes: a society permeated in the correction of "Protestant faith" and the second is the return of women to the "victim position of the powerless resistance".

"Rape is a crime, but the temptation is not."The men's courtwork should not be punished with a universal punishment. I advocate that men should not lose their jobs because they are secretly kissing someone.In the open letter, it was reported to have been signed by hundreds of women.The company said it was concerned that the #METOO movement would tumble in the ' 60s for hard-won sexual liberation and rekinsate the women's body back to the taboo of speech.

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" Are we likely to have a desire not to govern power?"

public relations letter evokes the feminists' multiparty discussion, and Kessarin Denise blames the implications of sexual violence with the line that purposers to confuse erotic and violence.

Feminism is never a monolithic block, but rather a position of expression, each with its insistence, each having a battlefield.

Not only Caesarine Denny has reservations about the #METOO movement, writing < makes the woman's story > author Margaret Love also points out that we are at the scene of the Saillem Witches' trial, "by charging conviction (not conviction), sometimes opening a more beautiful world, and potentially leading to oppression of a single group.""This is an insult to the" bad feminist " name of the love of love.(Video): US Emmy Award for Five Awards for Black Horse!< : When a woman is a walking uterus )

The feminist Laura ·, writing < Against love ", also responded to The Guardian in response —" —, and we can say that the #METOO is too far away, and that he has not gone far enough, which should not be a matter of "choice-side stations."

fact, the rights and interests of women are not optional. The experience of supporting women is not equivalent to the loss of male interests. The legal protection of men's rights is not equivalent to eliminating the signs of female vocalization.

If you look at it carefully, it will find that these contemporary burgeon discussions are going to speed up the battle of the key bondage of contemporary feminism — — physical and desire.What is meant by flirsion, what is sexual abuse? Is there a so-called line between this?Where are the so-called boundaries?How do you knead?Who is eligible to say it, is it a law or an individual?

In the line: What do I feel about being a subject of desire?

We must give priority to the fact that even after the sexual liberation movement, "sex" and "desire" still have different social meanings and differences in meaning between men and women, and they also lead to different approaches to treatment.

Nataliopman gave a lecture at Womenen's March on the last week, giving a classic example.(Recommended to you: Equal pay for equal pay is not afraid to be a bitch!Natalia Portman: Women, not just other wives and mothers )

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She has been exposed to experience and experience when she was 12 years old because of the "Final Recovery Order".She first received a fan letter, filled with "fantasy of rape"; she noticed that the local computer was countdown to her 18th birthday; she saw film reviews, and people were talking about her boobs.

"Even if I was only 13 years old, I knew soon enough that it was not safe to act as a girl and show sexual desire."In this way, people will think that they can comment and even sexate my body, which makes me very uncomfortable."

I, 13, received a social message.I have to hide my body, I have to do everything I can to suppress my expression. I have to concentrate on the performing arts. I must do my best to let the world know that I am a safe and worthy person, and I should not talk about sex."

age of 13, she taught her that "one woman is not safe," and that since then, Natalie Bohman has avoided the game, knowing that it is best to let her appear professionally and secure, and not to have a relationship with "sex" and "desire."

And she knew that it wasn't right, and she knew that the men's world wasn't.The experience of Natalie Portman is that women should really have the right to talk about their own desires, and to reject the possibility of harassment. — I have the desire not to represent my desire."

Similarly, the #METOO movement, when #METOO claims to be uncomfortable or victimless, what we want to reject is not a vague and ambiguous test in the world, but points to this interactive relationship, which makes me uncomfortable, and I have the right to say it.

#METOO's most important is the subject, ME, me.This is a key step for women to recognize themselves as the subject of desire. Let me talk about what I feel. From my point of view, I want to talk about whether I want or not. I feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. I feel comfortable and uncomfortable. I choose how to express my physical interests.

The reason why the #METOO movement was moved is important in encouraging "I" to say it.Sexual harassment lasts for months and years, and how long it has been waiting for women to have such an open, vocal, and mutually supportive platform.(Recommended to you: [Gender) Weinstein is my demon!Sharma · Hyeyk: he said, " My value is only sexy )

Outside line: Public pressure, not equal direct conviction

We must also recognize that #METOO's individual experiences and statements, rolling public pressure, not equal direct conviction, and not the same as directly sentencing a certain group of people to death, we should ask, what can be done next?

Can the current justice system, regulations and reporting system be able to be optimized and refurbished as a result of the #METOO movement?Margaret loves to write Am I Bad Feminist , which says, "If only because of the invalidity of the existing legal system, the legal system is bypassed, where is the role of the legal system?"Who can bear this role?"

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"What we are doing now is to trim the existing legal system, or to burn it and replace it with another system?"— — Margaret Love

The existence of phonation is the freedom of expression, and the existence of the law is to defend the law in accordance with the law.The reminder of love is in fact very important, and the law should not be absent in the tide of the #METOO movement, and the presumption of innocence remains the basis of a democratic society.

The difficulty of legal judgment is that we have to (and even slightly uncomfortable) recognize that there is some ambiguity between flirment and harassment.

writing by Margaret Love in this section of the book is a vague and difficult position."flirsing" means verifying your desire; stealing kiss may be a completely new possibility; relationships are full of unanticipated and even unknowable; of course, male sex permits are also a very sexy subject."

Ambiguous existence, even if there are clear legal regulations,

But the boundaries of each segment are different, so the present form and focus of the two sides are particularly important.A single act, be it a test or harassment, is to listen to the statements of both sides, and to strive to create an equal voice space and environment.

#METOO movement is indeed far from the next wave of slogans such as #Time's Up Time, after the experience shows up, and the #METOO movement does not go far enough, because it is never a war between men and women.(In the same place: Woody Allen sexually assaulted when he was seven years old!The CBS News: Girl Sauls Meet CBS News )

I look forward to seeing more men take responsibility for their positions and responses, honest, genuine, self-reflection, "Yes, I did, and I should apologize ..." "Yes, I don't think I've ever thought of myself as a perpetrator, and I am panicy, but I know that escaping or denial is not the best solution ..."(Recommended reading: Is the victim and victim reconciled?The TED Shen Paines: He raped my 7200 seconds

I look forward to thinking about how the law can keep up with the needs of the times, and how to let the future do not have the next following #METOO.

BBC says that the #METOO movement has sparked the feminism of feminism — whether to — sexual liberation, or to prosecute sexual harassment. I don't think there is any conflict or sexual liberation that includes a recognition desire and a desire to refuse.At this very moment, we do not avoid mentioning the most important discussion of contemporary feminism in the shape of contemporary feminism, regardless of whether or not we agree or oppose.

You, what do you think?