Continuation of last week woman Fan founder Zhang Wei Xuan to share with us how she consciously create ideal life, Wei Xuan extension ideal life concept, and we explore the philosophy of work and the ideal life of relevance!

I have a lot of trouble with what I love, so I can be happy.


First, two years of workers in the workplace, we have a new person to say, the so-called fresh, because all challenges and difficulties are unfamiliar, all workplace habits and social rules are set up, fresh and white, like a borderless blank canvas, the future is unknown and can be, and so you sway your own color; work long, professional field of projects and processes can not be difficult to you, Work flow becomes a habit, how to find the initial curiosity and enthusiasm from the seemingly ordinary days, and support your uninterrupted efforts to continue?

Ideal life is an extension of the meaning of work

When you're at a loss for your career and your life, try asking the universe! All the difficulties and experiences of my life will have meaning, not to ask for the cost, the amount of material and salary, and to ask myself: what value can I create if I do this thing? What changes can be caused by me?

Last week, woman Fan founder Zhang Wei to share with us the five principles of her conscious creation of an ideal life, and today, Wei Xuan wants to extend to us: before the desire for an ideal life, seven philosophy of work will make you more aware of what you want the "ideal life" to be like. (Extended reading: don't be obsessed with balancing work and life!) Five main ideas to build an ideal life

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CEO's seven work philosophy: to return to zero in time, to create your own value

Philosophy of work, according to the definition of the MBA Encyclopedia is: The guiding ideology of work, working methods.

Looking deeper, the philosophy of work is explained as follows: The work result is much more important than its process, the work must pursue the result, pay attention to the result, design the process for the result, and advance the process for the result.

And I think Wei Xuan and we talk about the "philosophy of Work" is also directed to the "results", but this result is not a single work performance, the performance of the work process, but the work of the meaning of a person: we want to grow in the work of what kind of people?

When we talk about the pursuit of the ideal life, but actually also for the results of the design work, life process, with a series of experiments and experience, to think about what the "outcome" of their life? What value do you want to believe in? What changes do you want to push?

Work philosophy One: I can do it all put down stereotypes and try all

In the face of all the sudden challenges and tasks, before the fear of the first attempt, only to put aside the stereotypes and embrace unfamiliar challenges, you can identify what you like to do, do not like to do, and through contact with the unknown field, find the areas you may be interested in discovering new self.

Work Philosophy II: I'll prove I value to the company create your value

When the process of a job is repetitive or highly replaceable, try to think further and ask yourself, how can I do this job differently? By constantly asking yourself and experimenting with new ways to create your own values, you will consciously tap into the qualities you have not noticed in the past, and also create values that others cannot replace. (Recommended reading: work is no longer sacrificing the ego, but creating its own value )

Philosophy of Work III: Building up my signature build personal style

To find personal value, build your personal characteristics in the workplace and apply it to your work. This is a personal feature that favors your charisma and style, and imagine what kind of worker you want to be? Do you want to work with someone who has the qualities? When you are talking, briefing, and leading, consciously develop your style, you can be gentle with others but adhere to the workflow, you can also act sprightly, but do not forget to pay attention to the details of the work and partner emotions.

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Work Philosophy four: Build your neighborhood circle with a good Mood letter folder

When setbacks come, learn to embrace and release your emotions, build a neighborhood for your environment, find a place where you can feel comfortable and free in that environment, as a secret base for your relaxation, and an intimate support system that is also important to help friends and family who can comfort and cheer you up and tell you the pressure.

When you receive a lot of blows, do not know whose life is for who in the war, have a "Good Mood Letter Folder" is a good way to regain faith!

You will find your value again by looking at the words and the efforts of the past that you have been praised for, or that you feel deeply touched by your work feedback and messages in a letter folder, when you are hesitant about the value of your insistence.

Philosophy of work Five: Learning more constantly seek more responsibility

Please continue to break their comfort zone in the workplace, to seek more responsibility and experience, Wei Xuan to share his new job in the study period, always will study and experience in the first place, not to care about the material salary, but see oneself can create how much value? What ability do you want to learn from? Use the higher dimensions to plan your career, to motivate yourself towards higher goals with the skills you want to be a worker and a trained one.

Philosophy of work Six: Start from zero to zero at any time, view the original intention

The workplace and life are the same, please do not be afraid to return to zero, do not fear an abort redo! If the present method doesn't work or fails, be bold to change and try new choices decisively, but in any way to regain the challenge, remember to rethink the original intention of starting the action. (Recommended reading: Investment master Mebils work: Loyalty to the decision, zero per day, enjoy work )

What will the honest ground do to himself? Not what? Where else do I want to go? Try to make the best of the things you do, and spend your energy trying to understand the things that are not, to keep your mind flexible, to reset yourself, and to start with your original intention.

Work Philosophy VII: Highly effective release brain capacity, keep thinking efficient

Finally, please know how to release your brain memory space.

Let thinking be externalized, don't rely too much on the brain's ability to think, try to write with a pen, use a hand to draw a record, let the idea of budding in the head stay, through more careful discussion and planning, timely let it blossom, cause change. (Recommended reading: Five The form of a God-class habit: Write down your goals and hint at your brain )

Focus your brainpower on the most important things: reason (reason), architecture (structure), Impact results (Impact/result)

To think about the reasons for everything and the behavior, the architecture and the results, and the priorities of the to-do items, find the rhythm and timeline of your work, and do it in a more direction and step.

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CEO tip: Quickly enter the state, please create your own ritual

When we face the complicated work affairs and the erratic mood state, how to quickly enter the concentration mode, how to change the mood, let oneself relax and feel the life?

Wei Xuan to share with us, through the establishment of life "ritual", we can create cue point, suggesting their brains, in a short period of time to allow themselves to switch work and relaxation mode!

Method one: Morning coffee, wake up the rhythm of work

Start the day by building a habit or food to give yourself a sense of ceremony to start a job! You can try to wake yourself up in the morning, or buy a cup of coffee on your way to work, hinting that your brain is starting to work.

Method Two: Build your own self-confidence song, Give yourself Strength

If you feel frustrated or need strength, perhaps you can try to build a self confidence song for yourself, with songs that make you feel confident and powerful, open to listen every time you need power, create through repetitive behaviors and habits, suggest the brain, and give you a quick entry into the state of self-confidence, full of strength!

Through the process of thinking and practicing the seven philosophy of work, we will continue to experience setbacks, but also because of setbacks and grow more strong, more clearly their original intention, want to become the people, the so-called ideal life, in fact, is to practice the original intention and the process of digging the meaning of work!