January 20, 2018, Trump Inaugural anniversary, Women ' s March again on the streets, singer Halsey also to describe their own experience of poetry, exposing the sexual invasion of the past.

I'm going through this really long, long, poisonous division, and I realize it's a very normal thing, a normal human experience.


Overhead a land of desolation, pull out the dimensions of huge nothingness, like the universe, a hotel small suites into the world of isolation, in which she grew along the edge of the city, the United States is the opposite of morbid, absolute loneliness in the growing strange thoughts.

People know Halsey is from a chainsmokers cooperation with the red single "Closer" began, psychedelic voice plus a variety of music style, online hot search, bisexual, feminist, bipolar disorder, the key words one by one affixed to her body, as early as "Closer" before the explosion red, Her music will take root in life, the first single "The Room 93" is her metaphor to the world, this life we often face a "stuck" dilemma, card in a relationship, an identity, an emotion, room 93rd symbolizes a poisonous, and we desperately need to escape.

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After the album "Badlands" to convey the core also does not take off: there are always more than our powerful things oppress us, but do not be afraid, although all the way stumbling still have to fight bravely, like Halsey with her life, continue to struggle with the injustice of society.

In a family of racial integration, father of African descent, the mother is a white American, from childhood experience because of ethnic differences, so learn to listen to, listen to the weak, define their own; During the adolescence, the contradiction and exploration of their sexual invasion and development in the course of their friends, through a period of love and embarrassed intimacy, Finally willing to accept the true self; To do the music, female singers to from "Non-mainstream" across the foot "mainstream", will be considered to be biased, talent consumption, the world has forgotten that music is a kind of art, art is to take to try and make mistakes, not the mainstream non-mainstream.

Figure | "Ghost" MV screenshot

Figure | "Ghost" MV screenshot

Past life experience, to create Halsey on the same-sex issues, women's rights and interests, she used music and lyrics, to try for women and any disadvantaged groups in society, to make room for them to sound, grow their own.

January 20, 2018, the United States President Trump on the anniversary of the inauguration, Women's march again on the streets, called on the community to face up to the power structure created by the sexual assault and social connivance of the sexual harassment, from the victims of sexual assault confessions of the #MeToo movement, to Hollywood actress tired of tolerance of sexual harassment, Have called on #Time ' s up, it's time for the whole society to come forward and improve the status of sexual harassment for years! (Recommended reading:"Gender Watch" #METOO exercise gone too far? Women start introspection, but where do men go ?

The March Halsey also came to the stage to read aloud the written poem, "A Story Like Me": the description of her as a woman, along the way to suffer from the pain and disrespect, if you want to flip the power structure, break the status of sexual assault, this is a necessary and need to win the battle!

The following excerpt Halsey's full speech:

2009, I was 14 years old, when I was crying
I don't know where I am, but I hold my best friend Sam's hand
Waiting in the hospital waiting room.
The air is sterile and clean, the walls are not grey, but bright green
The light was so bright that I could almost burn a hole in my jeans
My cell phone is buzzing in my pocket.
My mom asked me if I remembered where my keys were, and she was going to close the door and lock it.
But I can't tell my mom where I'm going.
I can't tell anyone.

You see, my best friend Sam was raped by a man, and it was in after-school tutoring,
He pressed her textbook around.
摀 shut up and get into her

So now Sam and I are in the hospital waiting for the results to be examined.
She's praying she doesn't need an abortion, she can't afford it.
If her parents knew they were going to kill her,

2002, we moved a new home, I know the only person is my mother's friend, and my mother friend's son
He had a box of Matchbox cars, and he said he would teach me to play the guitar as long as I kept quiet.
Since then, as long as I'm alive, the stairwell next to apartment 1245th is haunting me in my sleep.
And I'm too young to know why my crotch hurts so much, but I have to lie, I have to lie

2012, I dated a man, slept in his bed, and I just learned how to drive.
He's bigger than me, he drinks whiskey, he pays all the expenses.
You know it's adult consumption, not cheap.

We often quarrel, about 10 times a week.
He wants to have sex, and I just want to sleep.
He said I couldn't say no to him.
That's what I owed him.
Because he bought my dinner, so I had to blow him
He forced me to kneel on the ground.

And I'm confused, ' cause he hurts me while he's saying,
He said he was just a man, and all he wanted was what men needed.
He is my boyfriend, why do I feel uneasy?

2017, I live like a queen
I've practiced every dream I've ever had
I thought I was invincible, and I was naïve.
I believe I'm protected, because I'm a public figure.
No one dares to treat me like that again.

I thought I had secured the protection that belonged to me.
Until someone I trust put his hand in my pants.
But I don't want this, I just want to dance
I woke up the next morning, and I felt a trance, and there was blood.

Is that my blood?

Wait a minute
You know, I've been working every day since I was 18 years old.
From Japan to Mar-a-lago, parade around
When I miscarried, I even played on the stage in Chicago.
I mean, I'm bleeding, I'm wearing diapers, I'm on stage.
To the whole house of teenage listeners, I vent my anger with a song.

What do you think it means, this thing that happened to me?
You can't put your hands on me.
You don't know what my body's been through.
I'm supposed to be safe now.
That's what I'm fighting for.

2018, I realized that no one could live unscathed.
Every friend I know has a story like mine.
The world tells me that we should treat it as a compliment.
But with heroes like Shley, Simone,gabby, McKayla, Gaga, Rosariom and Aly appearing
Remind me that it's just the beginning, not the end

That's why we're here.
That's why we bounce back.
Our Olympic athletes were sexually abused by the medical team, and our president didn't say a word.
From Hollywood to the slums, the secrets, closed doors, legs and heels are everywhere.
When the baby is taken away from the bosom of the teenage mother, when the child bride of the world cries under the veil of truth
These people, their voices never got a chance to board the magazine cover.
They told us to make a sound with their share.

Only when all men are free can we be truly free.
So love your neighbour, treat her kindly
Ask her story, then shut up and listen.
Black, Asian, poor, rich, transgender, heterosexual, Muslim, Christian
Listen, listen, they're going to yell at you with all the strength of their lungs.
For those who are imprisoned.
It's too young for those who have to grow up.
There's still work to be done.
There are still songs to sing
God knows it's a war that must be won

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In the past there had been an interview asking Halsey how to look at herself, and that's what she said:

"I'm a Lan Fa, 20-year-old girl from New Jersey. I am proud that I am a neutral action that transcends gender boundaries, and it brings about the impact of this society, and I am proud of having a particular sexual orientation that allows male artists to be unpunished, while female artists have so far failed to gain equal rights. And that's the frontier I'm trying to exploit. 」

I am a blue-haired, 20-year-old girl from New Jersey. I pride myself in being authentic. I pride myself on has a shock value to what I does that crosses a gender the barrier that owns a androgyny Ain sexuality that male artists can get away with this female artists haven ' t been able to so far. That ' s the Frontier I ' m trying to pioneer through.

Perhaps a person's life is to fight non-stop, fighting for the people who need to sound, fighting for the bullied race, for this life can faithfully express themselves, fight a never-ending battle.

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