When it is in love with the other half, there is a big factor in the unfulfilled love of orgasm, which is the height of the sex.Do you want to know the art of "orgasm"?Let me tell you!

When it comes to orgasms, before the women's sexual liberation movement, a lot of people have the ability to orgasm for men, and women don't have that possibility.But actually the orgasm isn't a man's unique enjoyment, a celebrity cierge.In her sexual behavior report, Hayt described the female orgasm: "My body feels floating, full of strength, a flaming up flaming, and a strong devouring everything, wonderful, and almost unbearable.""Women not only can orgasm, but also have different levels of climax."Today, womany is especially so dear to you, what is the climax?(Recommended reading: Sculmination psychology: Right to desire, get your own hands )

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There were many kinds of orgasms?

Although many scholars point out that orgasm is the climax, there is no need to classify.However, the most common categories are clitoral orgasms, vaginal orgasms, orgasms, mixed orgasms, multiple orgasms, and multiple orgasms.


A lot of girls find it difficult to orgasm, let alone "orgasm"?But, honey, don't think of it as a fantasy or a Arabian Nights.Women may have many physical limitations, such as physical periods, pregnancy, but the sky is fair, and the multiplicity is the prerogative of girls.When he was at the peak of the game, he would have had the opportunity to enjoy the heavens twice, twice, and again.First let's tell a little bit about a high orgasm: When you feel the muscles of a private place that excitates, you can suggest that the speed of the other person can slow down and suddenly accelerate, so that the taste of paradise can be upgraded immediately!(Extended reading: 98 % of women have a private itchy problem!)A woman's life cleaning topic )

What do you want to experience?

The Kegel movement is a private small movement recommended by all school specialists, gynecologists and gynecologists.It's also important to try a variety of gestures and methods!Don't believe a lot of men say, " It's very difficult for a girl to come."The woman is most likely to stimulate the vaginal vagina with her male back posture."Perhaps we are not as easy as men, but really, it is really not so hard to enjoy the taste of paradise every time.

Is it possible to come with him at the same time?

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Studies indicate that the child's status would be the most perfect in the moment of pregnancy, if both men and women were in a state of orgasm.Of course, men and women are different. The speed of physiology is different. Boys are faster to orgasm, while girls are slower, so how to slow down men's speed and speed up women's speed is key.When the boy had reached the peak, he was asked to slow down a bit.You can always try to give each other a taste of each other, so that you can feel the same feelings of one another!

Is it really helpful to use gadgets?

Don't worry about using gadgets to make him big or lower.In fact, all of them can put on a sexy lingerie, and why can't they please make use of gadgets to please the people?Eggs and massage bats are not as scary as they thought.Now, when you're doing love exercises, these gadgets can actually help girls get to paradise faster, and that's the simple way to get you to take a picture of each other. (Two people have a chance to come together again.)

Is it possible to orgasm?

If it was a climax, if he had ever experienced it, then maybe it's not as simple as that. (Of course, if the other party wanted to pretend he couldn't know if you were really orgasm or orgasm, it might not be so difficult!The real climax is not to learn about the A-flake, and the vagina will not be shrunk. The vaginal expression of the system cannot be concealed. The degree of the raze eye and finger grip on his muscles. Unless we have already experienced the reaction of the orgasm, these small details, if he has the heart to know, will know.

And the point is, why do you pretend?Those who really love us will want to feel the sense that they feel together, be it gestures, tools, or at a slower rate.If you want to, it's really not hard to come.

womany hopes that every girl can enjoy his body and feel that wonderful feeling!Let's go.(Recommended reading: Entitlements, good health )