Nobel Prize, the most attractive poet, known as the "Mozart of the Poetic World", wrote the most serious thing in the easiest words, she is the Simpo silk card from Poland.

"What kind of woman do you want to be?" --Let poetess Wislawa Szymborska give you a blessing.

2/1 is recognized as the most charming and influential poet--the six anniversary of the death of poetess Wislawa Szymborska.

Known as the "Poetry Circle Mozart" Simpo Silk card, always in the ordinary daily see poetry, she used the simplest straightforward text, said the unrestrained, profound thinking.

She was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1996, and the jury believes Poetess Wislawa Szymborska has focused on serious political issues in her own humorous style. poetess Wislawa Szymborska Fans countless, even a few meters of creative "to the left to go right", "Subway", "resume", but also by her work deeply affected.

Excerpt three Psalms for you, read Simpo, and read the life attitude of each word.

How to live a good life?

Each start
After all, it's just a sequel,
And a book full of plots
Always look at the beginning of the half.

Every Beginning is only a sequel
And the book's events is always open halfway through.

A excerpt to Love at First sight love at the first sight

How to turn on imagination?

When I say the word "future", the first sound is gone.
When I say the word "silence," I break it.
When I say the word "no", I'm out of it.

When I pronounce the word Future,
The syllable already belongs to the past.
When I pronounce the word silence,
I destroy it.
When I pronounce the word nothing,
I make something no non-being can hold.

Excerpt to the "Three strangest words of the Three oddest Words"

How to manage the relationship?

In love I prefer a holiday without a nominal
You can celebrate every day better than the anniversary.

I prefer, where love ' s concerned,
Nonspecific anniversaries that can is celebrated every day.

Excerpts to the possibilities of possibilities

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