"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. Female singers and guitarist Love, Chan in Zhong Chenghu's eyes grow out of their own, a kind of emotion, because the bosom friend so love.

"I screamed for him, and I jumped for him.
Don't care if they're like me and I'm so greedy for your smile
For him, I'm going forward, and I'm not afraid of a lot of people.
My favorite guitarist is with me today, in the same line of sight, "guitarist."

In the 2002, Chan wrote a "guitarist," said the girl love, she recalled, playful to say: "That summer, I met a guitarist, when the guitarist does not belong to me." "This song is arranged by Zhong Chenghu, also gave him."

There is no more lovely confession than to write a song to send you. Then, Chan left the big record company, became the independent music person, in the Zhongcheng Tiger cooperation, issued three singles, "Sentimental Kills", "The Meaning of the journey", "after 17", he responds to the confession, lets her grow a more vivid individuality, Chan is Chan, again no others. (Recommended reading: give the world a more gentle posture!) Chan: "My song wants to convey a kind of kindness")

Those singles, until now, I still listen very often, gentle and sharp.

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Female singers and guitarist, hand over the past 17 years, the guitarist very early to see that the female singers gentle and strong, like oil hemp rapeseed, it seems thin, but very life energy. People say she is his bole, he seriously shook his head, said he is a fan, love music love to the point of hopeless.

The journey of music was more solitary than imagined, and it had never been simpler. He eats the noodles with the egg (always also point nutrition), one day want to buy Bento, found only two yuan in pocket; she carried the album to the Mail, trembling, what ah I am not a female star, I am my own planning and implementation.

2005, they launched the experimental market "gorgeous adventure", received a warm praise, the next year, the album won the best album producer. The prize scene, Chan violently sobbing, than his own prize more happy, Zhongcheng Tiger as always calm, speech when deeply grateful, "finally thank talent filled with dreams of Chan." (Recommended reading:"Do music do not make ripples, to do stone" the music of the Lifetime Zhong Chenghu )

Is you, full of dreams unwilling to give up, is you, all the way to complete my dream. Is you, too clever, is you, understand my pride is hopeless.

They always thanked each other, love exceptionally warm, the most publicity of the Love in the music, her concert, he was not absent, quietly accompaniment, see her luminous figure, he often show love expression. He is her partner, he is her producer, more importantly, he is her eternal fans.

Their life to carry out the ideal of quiet life, eating, drinking coffee, recording rooms, back to the daily, the dog is not willing to chase, probably a long time, Chan often in the press conference, always asked the boring question: "Why don't they get married?" 」

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Why not get married is a problem? People's imagination of love flat, Chan also not angry, smile response, "only at the press conference, you can think about this problem." "reveal that they have had such a conversation," Zhong Chenghu said to her, "You do not have to follow whose expectations of the son, you should be the most effective artist's talent and mission." 」

It's really nothing, but it's very emotional. Love, is to have a pair of eyes, believe you more than you believe yourself.

There is a kind of love, is Chan and Zhong Chenghu, because bosom friend and love, love and friends, because of love, know to leave each other free, the time to fly, fly, I wait you come back, or, we go to fly.

"I know you love me not because I'm a good girl.
And my habits won't change for you
I know you love me not because of my dependence on you
Your indulgence makes me reluctant to leave--my pride is hopeless.