Spring Festival is coming, in addition to return tickets difficult to rob, many married women have to rob New Year's Eve and the junior shift, you think about why? Let the sex watch tell you.

Recently saw the news, "Married women rush the Spring Festival scheduling" he asked: to stay a man for the new year? "New Year's Eve and the first is a married woman to rob the golden period of scheduling, the latent message is obvious--Chinese New Year, to be a worker, than to be a daughter-in-law easy." Work at least has the labor limit, daughter-in-law but all the year round.

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"Your family has no points, other people's home can be divided clearly!" A bunch of elders will not call son-in-law work but call daughter-in-law work, the daughter-in-law is quite comfortable. 」

"New Year's Eve work, do not wash the dishes, do not look mother-in-law, aunt, sister-in-law's face." 」

"Work is easier than dealing with your husband's parents," she said. 」

"Some family tradition, the daughter-in-law is cooking dinner, others eat smiling." 」

Everyone knows daughter-in-law bitter, married into the husband, became the husband of the family, to carry a lot of responsibility, the Spring Festival is the peak of emotion and housework, to and for expensive, have bitterness to the heart to swallow. Married women in the mind tangle, just want to go home in the second, good to be a daughter.

Obviously is a reunion day, the mood of home incredibly feels so far.

Chinese New Year, can be an excellent traditional flip moment

IKEA for the Spring Festival filming of the advertisement "big New Year Small change", get a lot of scold, but also very accurate embodies the plight of the daughter-in-law. (Recommended reading: I am an Awakening woman is also a daughter-in-law: let the contradictions well fight a rack!) )

In the picture, daughter-in-law and mother-in-law's interactive mirror. Daughter-in-law cut vegetables, take spatula, trembling advice mother-in-law opinion, mother-in-law side pointing, pouts, finally took pot wash, "pot is hot before washing." Perhaps the mother-in-law is well-intentioned, want to let daughter-in-law rest first end dishes on the table, but also have the viewer saw feel shudder, questioning this is the Republic of China for several years of advertising.

Some people say that this is the status of Taiwan's families, but it is only cruel to be moved to the table, some people ask, the cooking is often a woman, the absence of the male role have gone, outside watching TV? Someone said sour, now there is no such well-behaved obedient daughter-in-law.

Image source: Movie screenshot

A message, a statement, Taiwan family is indeed not monolithic, there are hundreds of thousands of states.

Some families, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law interaction does not necessarily reflect the rigid power relationship, but also daughter-in-law domineering, a person happy cooking, feel the kitchen like their own comfort zone;

Some families, the next kitchen is not mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, but also the active presence of the husband and the role of distribution, or even invite children to wash vegetables preparation, participate in the production process;

Some families, simply who also do not have to work, the group out to dine, or set dishes Home reunion, save the preparation of food thoughts, more in the mood to care for their families.

On the Chinese New Year, I have heard many examples, a festival, in fact, there are many kinds of law, but also a good tradition of reversal and remodeling moment. Home is home because people are alive in the right to put forward their feelings, the right to reflect on whether the rules are outdated, create a more comfortable family tradition.

The reason why home is home is not because of the norm, but because of the person who is alive inside.

So compared to blame, than frustration, than anger, we have to seriously think, what the family, the married women to push out, so that she would rather choose the Spring Festival scheduling, also do not want to go home? And what can families do together to get everyone closer to home? (Recommended to you:"gender observation" I am a daughter-in-law is also a daughter, this year can not go back to her mother? )

These days, the physical distance because of the convenient transportation, but also the effort is the distance of the heart.

Who pays for emotional labor? Finally seen the value of the workplace environment

I propose a possibility, married women choose the Spring Festival overtime, in addition to escape the "high pressure" of the family environment, but also may be because the same labor, workplace environment of labor, hard to have "value", at least have a bonus to take-she can see her own pay, in exchange for what.

American sociologist Arlie Hochschild in 1979, based on the labor experience of American Air Force flight attendants, put forward the concept of "emotional labor" (emotional Labor), stressing that the effort is also labor, but it is a kind of depletion, but there is no corresponding measure mechanism.

Women are obsessed with sex primary school hall

Emotional Labour/emotional labor

Emotional Labor

American sociologist Arlie Hochschild compared the emotional work of flight attendants (especially female flight attendants) and men's collection agents, found that female flight attendants were trained to serve the passengers through appearance, smiles and empathy, while male debt collectors were forced to take the attitude of coercion and face. To achieve the goals of the work. In fact, the concept of emotional labor can be applied more widely in analyzing social phenomena in many societies.

Reference data: Gender education , the word library

The Arlie Hochschild model takes work as an example, but the family, especially, the labor of love is difficult to measure, and repeatedly added to the moral heights, the Spring Festival this day, the daughter-in-law's care category from family expansion and family, daughter-in-law difficult, among them still have relatives wrestle to take care of, than the wrist, who has to pay more time and effort.

In the "Sex Watch" monthly wife, housework work so tired why don't have money to take? in an article, we have explored the essence of domestic work by VCDs's wife of the month, and introduced the concept of "domestic work wage" that feminists have put forward, while not forgetting to attach the challenge of Kessie Vickers (Kathi Weeks), "Does housework give" the possibility of curing and expanding the gender division of Labour?

Anyway, I'd like to have it in the "housework" or " The housework has the price "before we can do more, in fact, it is the willingness of the workers (whether daughter-in-law or mother-in-law, or others) to give their due applause, to give them the necessary assistance, to give them the care they deserve, rather than to take the assignment of family roles or the rigid sex defaults as a matter of course.

Married women rob the Spring Festival scheduling, can be silent protest, can also be avantgarde flip. The workplace also has another kind of reunion, this group in the family cannot find the value the woman, in the job field finally saw oneself, finally was affirmed the value. (same field Gayon:"Sex observation" single mother, no in-laws will not go home )

Such a thought, suddenly feel that this spring festival, we can do a lot of good.

"who makes dinner for Adam Smith ", "the same field reading recommendation"

Economists say economics is a science about self-interest, and everyone acts on selfish desires.

However, this selfish freedom is a taboo for women. Women are assigned jobs to take care of others, not to pursue their best interests. So when a woman does not want to take care of the responsibility, compared to men, she is more likely to be referred to as selfish.

If economics is about the science of self interest, then where is the position of women, women have the right to pursue their own benefits? Women have long been cooking and washing dishes, supporting men to concentrate on their own economy, if housewives are all on strike, this is not a woman's economic system, still can run?

--woman fan editor Wan Yun