Do you have the Spring Festival panic disease? Do you want to know more about the intimacy relationship? Woman fan Study for you selected six good books, to create your own New Year survival package!

The cold weather, mixed with the new Year's breath, the annual lunar calendar is coming. Are you looking forward to it or are you feeling a little worried? On the commute, I also think of the doubts that come up every year: Why do relatives always ask me so many difficult questions? Why is the mother-in-law always busy in the kitchen busy out? What do you do when you're not familiar with a relative? But there seems to be no answer.

Women are obsessed with the study and believe in the power of words. In the rush of generations, reading and writing, in the book to grow up doubts. Spring Festival Eve, for you select six book list, let you at ease for a good year!

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Understanding humanity: What are relatives thinking?

The understanding of human nature

If you like the courage to be hated, you should also see "Understanding Human nature", or German literal translation version. --Audrey, editor of female mystery

What is human nature? The great question, and the Master Adler of individual psychology, feels that this dreaded and not talked about problem is at the heart of being human. The more you know who you are, the more you understand how you are shaping your interactions with others, the more capital you have and the better your life. Don't hesitate to explore human nature while even taking a fake! (Recommended reading: Do you have the courage to be hated?) Adler's psychology brings us to the six small revolutions of life )

Relational black hole: how to not be tired of bombing the issue of emotional blackmail

" Relationship black hole "

All the relationships in the world are also your relationship with yourself.

Audrey, editor of the Women's mystery

"Relationship black hole" from the daily case, the anxiety, frustration, anger in the uncoupling relationship, each person's imagination of intimacy may come from the family, and this book tells you the importance of breaking links, no matter what your past, you still have the ability to grow your own relationship form, as long as you want. (Recommended reading: from the parents of the trip to the lover choice!) All intimate relationships are between you and yourself.

Failed It's art of making mistakes: Break the bowl, fry the fish, and don't blame yourself

TheArt of Failed it! Mistakes

Next time, we can fail better. --Audrey, editor of female mystery

This book is dedicated to the people who are against the bone, if you are bored with the order of the world, if you have the fear of "I am not stupid", I want to give you this delightful little book, make mistakes is lovely, make mistakes is subversive, make mistakes is your own gift. In the Spring Festival, brave make mistakes!

Who makes the dinner for Adam Smith: Why is the mother-in-law always busy in the kitchen busy out, men move up!

who makes dinner for Adam Smith?

To this day, the foundation of our economy is not just the invisible hand, but the invisible heart.

Woman obsessed editor Wanyun

Economics is a science about self-interest, where women are assigned to take care of others, not to pursue their best interests. Women have long been cooking and washing dishes, supporting men to concentrate on their own economy, if housewives are all on strike, this is not a woman's economic system, still can run? (Extended reading:"Gender Watch" monthly wife, housework work so tired why not have money to take? )

Black Song: When the mood explodes, hide in the room and watch the classics.

"The Black song "

What a wonderful journey it is to be an old lady from girl to woman. --Woman fan editor Wanyun

"Black Song" (Czarna Piosenka) is a legendary anthology of poems----poetess Wislawa Szymborska's first book of poetry creation. This book contains the mature works of her teenage years and her old age, reading, not only the poem, but also the poet's life course. What a wonderful journey it is to be a woman to become an old lady from a girl. (Extended reading: stories like me | poetess Wislawa Szymborska: How lucky we are to live in an unknown world .)

69 Ways to Love: If you are bold enough, invite friends and family to play together

The 69 Ways of Love

The safest and most daring sexy interactive novel, your every choice will affect the outcome! --Woman fan editor Wanyun

Flirting is like walking on a tightrope, you might be sexy one second, and then one second you fart and ruin everything. This interactive novel is very honest, have read embarrassed also has the blood spurts Zhang "wants" the instantaneous, each choice all affects different development, may be the hot sex, may also touch rebuff home eats oneself. Suitable to stay in the room, quietly enjoy.

Women are obsessed with the study, six categories, want to solve your life's incurable diseases, but also give you the power to read. Go to a woman's Den and take a good book. (also welcome the message to share with us your festival reading)