Cargo notes, not regularly updated, because eat very good luck, delicious to write, or sorry myself. Paris Black Area Breizh Café, small omnipotent can make you understand that the cake, a person to eat, but also can not neglect!

The previous trip to Paris, solid eight days, feel that Paris has been there.

The plane landed, first saw Dou big welcome, Simplified Chinese writing, into the French-speaking, Asian face is not surprising. As long as you can say the text, you have the city protection color.

The temperature is about ten degrees, suitable for walking, along the river dike, suitable when a flâneur, no purpose, a stroll to the distance, walking tired of the nest coffee shop, have to sit outdoors, lazy cup of coffee, enjoy the skylight, just flurried to remember, life should not be jianfengchazhen, own original blank right.

Paris, the first decision I made was to eat the Breizh Cafe, a place in the black area of Sodom. The first meal in Paris to eat the cake, it sounds very old-fashioned, but the Parisian friend confidently said, this is you will not regret the choice, this is the most delicious Brittany Collis cake in Paris, the name of the Breizh is the dialect "Brittany" meaning. (Recommended reading: The Sin City abandoned by Angels, Marseille, Marseille, France)

Breizh Cafe in the black area lane to make the corner, the signboard is not particularly inconspicuous, the store outside the blue and white is very youthful, the shop interior Decoration Day Elegant, it is said that the owner is Japanese, in Japan also opened four branches.

I slipped in, because of the relationship of one traveler, was led to the next door to eat food stores, with unfamiliar French, first for their own small glass of apple wine, can be the cake with Apple wine, is the Brittany style of authentic eating method, I heel, the same person's gourmands guest, laugh toast.

There's a variety of cans in the food store.

Said it was a pizza, but in fact it should be a salty pancake and a sweet pancake. Salty called galette, made from buckwheat flour cake skin, sweet is crêpe, made from wheat flour cake crust, taste different. The Orthodox eating method, is the first point galette, then eats the crêpe, but in short eats the person biggest, I ordered bretonne the salty pancake, with the apple wine drinks, the old-fashioned old choice.

Salty pancake is probably a face size, bretonne is white sauce, cheese, bacon and mushrooms mixed play style combination, catch the crispy of buckwheat cake skin, facing very fragrant, with apple wine sweet, food flavor are raised. Although the ingredients are rich heavy mouth, a meal to eat down, but also feel adequate food and clothing, and achieved a kind of harmonious consensus. (Recommended reading: cargo notes: Eat a bowl of hot dragon noodles in Kyoto )

Can be especially suitable for a person to eat the meal, like a reminder, a person to eat, but not neglect. I often feel that the concept of the cake can be paranoid and cute, to pack the wayward posture, put into a preference for food, like to say, my world has these things are enough, all the others can be thrown away.

But the cake in fact simple, but also very civilian, but to the emperor to enjoy, probably life is also so, all of those who make you a preference for things, so that you feel all the happiness.

The first meal in Paris, to the small and versatile of the cake.