Woman fan Depth Interview woostory--interview the couple, from the process of love to talk about parenting experience, the couple with life style embodies the true value of "Happy"!

2015, Kim and Nico opened the "Couples" fan group, through the community website to share the daily life, this move it to have since, from Nico conceived Nini, want to record the children from the embryo to the birth of the exploration process began; In 2016, Kim wrote a "Nini" to convey his love for his wife and daughter, Song warm heart, catchy, the name of the couple began to become popular, became the generation of "network Reds";2017 years, the couple sitting on millions of fans, single "Ni" in the Kkbox line a week, and then squeeze Hebe Tianfu Veltzke attack on the Chinese new Song Day Championship.

Pull out the timeline, a search on the internet, the couple's life has several data can be calculated: 17-Year-old love, 2016 red, 2017 with 2 million fans, the film millions of people watch, thousands of people to share the praise. These figures shape the high popularity of the couple, but what about the couple in private? (Recommended reading: I'm an old youtuber!. Interview with the stars: "The Meaning of life, is the pursuit of happiness")

"What is this thing?" "Interview to half, small fat and tender fingers into my eyes, pointing to my leg on the visit, Nini Open eyes, the gas full ask, this pile full of dense hemp words what is?"

Interview this day, like the first of the couple and Nini of the video, ordinary scenes, with Nini, the things of course no longer ordinary, the rules can no longer founder, everything novel, any feeling is worth questioning, worth remembering. Children to seek the world process, adults just like with the new students, we babbling as children, give up the social framework, learning to use their children's vision, tender statements to their communication, with their perspective, to understand the universe.

The couple's network of Red Road, from Nini after birth, but that the couple's life, from the acquaintance and love began to talk about.

Love is a life bitter, but you make me feel the sweetness of the bitter

In the first half of life, Nico and Kim from the 17-year-old Pure Love all the way support to the present. Talking about how two people met, Kim and Nico do not change the personality of humor: "We are in a singing contest to meet at the scene, then Nico to accosted me," said this Nico hung sweet smile totally wreck Kim, he smiled and changed: "Seriously we all love each other at first sight." No matter who is chasing who, in short love fire so lit, lit up each other's youth. Those who live together, stall run to the police chase, concert door to sell fluorescent stick day, want to still bitter, but bitter in have bosom friend of Gan.

Nico appearance, let that year 17 years old Kim from love to play not reading rebellious teenager, began to think about their life meaning and enthusiasm. That year singing competition, Nico accompany her husband to participate in the big singing competition, when the judges said singing no emotion, the game was unsuccessful, is the side of the pair always encourage hand and hot eyes let him believe himself. (Recommended reading: I want to love you as ever!) Psychology tells you four ways to love each other for a long time.

Regardless of the outcome of the game, the fate of life, in fact, as long as two people together, the days are meaningful.

I think of the visit that day cold, in the street one time, the nose will be cold red, at first Kim response to visit when the total sense of inattention, eyes sometimes floated to his wife, stretched out his wife's nose, and several times, Nico finally can't help saying: "Alas yo!" What the hell are you doing? "kim straight back:" The weather is too dry your nose with crumbs! " This picture is not good to see! "Side of my heart can not help but sweet feeling, also smiled."

Later during my visit, each time I threw a question, the two of them looked at each other, like these years, eyes always only have each other like that, "you say, anyway, my idea, you know" such eyes are constantly in the middle of the travel, there are always a few moments I feel that they are separated from their two time and space, that half of their world, leaving me blinking eyes.

Our story is ordinary, but a person want to love another person for a lifetime

Just let me hold Nicole and let me protect Nicole.
Since you've been there in my life
Made me the only two of him.
Let me have the home of love forever

--"Nini", Lin Jingye Kim

2016 that year, we know the couple, from "Nini" the first single, The Birth of "Nini", only with simple equipment recording warm the hearts of millions of people until last year, the release of "Nini" album, included seven songs, the record of the couple along the way to the process.

I am curious about the beginning of all this--"Nini" in what mood to write? "In fact, I was listening to this song first, I like it, trying to write lyrics, recording my feelings about this song, and thinking about what is important in life," says Ni, who writes "Nini" this song. 」

Not to write a song and deliberately create, for Kim, this song happens in the right time, let him express to the daughter and wife of the real confession, because they appear, their own husband and father--the important existence of family.

Life appears more important than oneself exist, so willing to lay down their own, full heart pay.

Nico memories, the past Kim is a neat, more self-boy, with a daughter, she saw her husband's soft side. The daughter is stained with ice cream, strawberry juice of small hand a grab Kim bright white T-shirt, he also sweat, can grasp the growth moment, accompany daughter play, follow daughter together crazy, in fact, than anything else important.

This is Nico's eyes Kim's change, for Kim, wife and daughter Long love, also silently wrote in the song: "In fact, the entire album is written to the family, to the wife, Nini, anyway, my life story, is probably this look!" "kim said jokingly, but I heard the sweet behind, his life story is not much, many, is going to try to love two people, love a lifetime.

No matter the influence, happiness is always our original intention

Love to decide to work together, daughter Nini appearance, let their lives, opened the second half of happiness.

Stroll around the couple of the pages, in fact, every corner of the movie is ordinary People's daily, but the more ordinary small happiness we are easier to forget.

"Photography, video recording life is actually we have always had the habit, from the beginning to record each other in the intravenous drip, later conceived Nini, we began to record the pregnancy and the child's growth process." After recording a lot of videos and photos, I found many features of Facebook that let us record our lives, so we started uploading videos and recording our daily life. 」

This network of Red Road is never in the expectation of life, for the couple, they are natural life, attentively record each other's lives, no Zhang plot, only think of it will warm heart giggle real interaction. This fan group is simple, from the beginning of the end want to pass is not a sermon, but the couple ordinary days, simple but precious daily.

"Many people will ask us, what is the positioning of our fan group?" But we really did not think so much, just a little bit of the record of life, the process of sharing more and more friends, fans like, we also feel happy, can put some joy to pass out. (Recommended reading: happy, is to do meaningful things!) Face book CEO talk about life and new media )

From the silent nameless to have 2 million strands of red couple, asked if they would like to use their influence to bring about a change in society? Kim and Nico very tacit understanding of the laugh, do not change the consistent reply:

In fact, we want to do is very simple, is to share life, share happiness.

The couple

Whether they have influence or not, they always do not change their attitude, Kim looked intently at me, closed the interview process from time to time funny, the blood is always to fry the humor factor in the scene: "We have actually not feel that we are" operating "a fan group, this is our life, the real present in front of fans, It's fortunate to be able to bring others joy by the way. 」

Simply sharing the day-to-day process with fans, there is a experience let Nico and Kim deeply understand the importance of two people, but also more determined they share the joy of the heart: "I remember once I (Kim) cut the film is very tired, splicing after lazy on the subtitles, released." Then I received a private message from a fan and asked if I could put subtitles on the film. This fan is deaf, he can not hear, but every time through the subtitles to feel the happy atmosphere of our film, he said, see our film is his happy source. 」

"From then on our every film will be subtitles, whether it is meaningless ah, ah, oh or expletive, I try to hit the word without leaking, hoping to make more people want to see our film friends, share happiness." "They do not seek to change the world, starting from their own, gentle people, the spread of joy is the husband and wife of the philosophy of life."

Look at the world in children's perspective: Is it fun to draw a sofa? You have to experience it personally.

With the fan group Popular Red, the industry is more than a text solicitation, the couple to check the industry with content, but also set a "NI clause."

Although with the industry as the main income, the cooperation process can not treat Nini as a child star, actor, Nini can have free will choose to shoot films, photos. How do you learn to respect your child's educational style? In my conversation with the couple, I slowly understood: "It is natural to have such a clause, because we never treat Nini as an actor or a child star, anything she says or reacts to her feelings, and we don't want her to feel uncomfortable and restricted." "Let the child be himself, this is the rule of upbringing while learning." (Recommended reading: respect for the child as adults, he grew up more mature than adults )

The so-called parents, always novice play, cramming.

Do you think that if one day, your child with a paintbrush to the home sofa Big Draw special painting, how would you react? Such a situation actually occurs in the daily life of the couple. Nico thought of Nini painting sofa happened, can't help laughing: "She painted sofa, I also follow the painting!" After the hour also did not have the opportunity to experience the picture sofa exactly is what feeling, therefore I also took the opportunity to experience the picture sofa is what feeling, the painting finishes, also really felt very happy is very funny! 」

"At that time I thought she would be angry, did not think she not only what action is not, also look at smile, finally joined together to make the sofa beyond recognition!" "kim in a hurry to add.

I think this is the beginning of the father's fear and learning, parenting is a unhindered, ahead of the new, step by step steadfast; that is the girl's open-minded and mature, childhood has not experienced, but because of the child's growth, followed by a young, self-willed once.

"Maybe our parents always think about why they do that, but in fact, we should try to see the world with our children's perspective," he said. "For Nico and Kim, the only way we can really respect and empathize with our children is to put their attitude down and touch the world with the child's logic and ideas."

Don't rush to scold, try to see the world with your child's perspective.

The couple

Consciously record life from the beginning with Nini, the child's growth in a flash, the first long teeth, the first walk, the first time to shout Mom and dad, father and mother from the novice mom and dad, and children together to grow and learn, life every moment are precious, every moment want to good record.

In the future two people old, with memories, slapstick and wine.

Like the new World, when the net red phenomenon into this generation wave, in this extremely easy to fame, personal media age, the couple from scratch to go online red this road, after the attention, still persistent want to pass to fans of the original intention, this all the way to learn. The couple talk about how to get along and parenting, they don't aim for fame, each video is the accumulation of real life.

People always say, happy are cheap, as long as attentively attention, this is we all understand the truth.

It seems to be simple and easy to implement, but there are countless human beings in the world who are endlessly inquiring: where is happiness? How to pursue it? How to get it?

Happiness Is life knocks you down, learning to fall in your own way, happiness is to jump off the political right, the people criticize the eyes, learn to use their own attitude framework rules. Chasing the star dream, they listen to the hilarious noise of the concert, while selling fluorescent rods, this is a kind of face reality, but also necessary kuzhongzuoyue; When the network acid people constantly criticized two people as, they do not go to the heart, but in front of the screen to look at the message, with a netizen's caustic speech scold each other, a person accompanied by the same grievances and resentment, The occasional little evil in this world is worth forgiving.

Looking at the interaction of this family, I gradually understand that happiness is a kind of value, reflect your lifestyle, the so-called happiness is not an instant exultation, but the small and ubiquitous care, scattered in you do not pay attention to the daily, faint existence.