Let a person see a smile of the small animals to insert the anthology! Life is boring, just want to Fashi afternoon, look at these small animals lovely confessions, find the day must humor!

The door is open, but with the key Jingle Bells, a creature in the door has run wild, also called and jumped to express the joy of welcoming you back; at two o ' night, suddenly the door was opened to reveal a gap, the body suddenly feel the weight of the top, this creature also comes with a palm does not move on your face, several times woke up to find themselves quickly squeezed out of bed Look forward to go home to see Bright's living room is impossible, always like a robbery, everywhere is a bit of broken toilet paper regiment, rubbish overturned.

I wonder if you have any experience in keeping a pet?

Plain days to see the animals carefree giggle, stupid behavior, proud of the face, and sometimes make you angry and funny knock over a room of goods, followed by the day he catch up run, days become lively, your heart with its innocence, seems to be soft some. (Recommended reading: Small Animal's mind monologue: When you want to cry, suck your nose )

When life needs to be healed, look at the confessions of these small animals inserted in the album, so that you could not help knowing a smile, to regain the warm taste of the heart!

Is natural stay: I am very good, why do you want to scold me

cookie:"I killed this black snake, it's great! But why aren't you happy? 」
Dog Slave: "This is my iphone line ⋯⋯"

I'll be more than lazy: don't get it in front of me.

Ahan: "Can you move my bowl closer to me?" It's a little far away, ~".
Cat slave: "Who Wants to eat ⋯⋯"?
(Proud two seconds)
Cat slave: "The Little Fat Man who is good at laziness" ... (passes the bowl silently)

I just want to stay here: there's nothing better than sleeping.

Dumb bat: "I want to sleep, I want to sleep all the time!" Sleeping is the best thing in life, ~".

That is my position: do you want to go out to play? Take me with you.

White: "What!" (a palm in the trunk) where are you going! Take this big uncle too! 」
Cat slave: "Roar you Again!" It's all messed up with my luggage! (Pick up the big white) "

Let me explore life: Oh! It turns out it's the end of the world

Nemo: "My goodness!" Oh my God! You see I swam to the end of the world! 」

Don't dwell on me: just leave me alone.

Ah alligator: "Go away ~ ~ ~ You make me look a little dignified have no!" 」

You hate me? : I don't like you.

Mitch: "What do you think?" 」
Everybody: "Ah!" (Screaming run) there's Mickey! It's so gross, he's a freshman! 」
Mitch: "Hum ~ you think I'm disgusting?" I just think you're disgusting, ~".

Turn around and look at me: Now, I'm the center of your world.

bobo:"you! It's you! Look me in the eye and say you love me! 」
Cat slave: "Oh my God, there's a stone on my chest!" Bobo should lose weight, you "

Life is hard: just let it be easier, okay?

Fat da: "If every thing in life can be as easy as to be fat." ~"

Don't bother: is the creature next to me crazy?

Ah silly: "You see, you see!" I bought a new toy, is not super cute! 」
Ah silly: "Do not play?" (stamp) "
Black Nose: "⋯⋯⋯⋯"
Ah silly: "(left stamp) (right stamp)"
Black nose: "I am not in the mood to play with you, do not bother me!" 」

It seems to be an angry and funny day to get along with pets, think is the most sweet burden, there are the days of their companionship, every day is no longer boring, sometimes by their stupid behavior laugh down, sometimes because of their mischievous anger, if the Cold War, you but who will not let who proud! But these life accumulation, have become the most unforgettable intimacy in a lifetime.