Do you know what a "power circle" is? We don't have to push ourselves out of the comfort zone and specialize in the areas you already know, and it's really important!

"Step out of the comfort zone" is the concept that we talk about rotten, but constantly turn red again in different ways.

Look at all kinds of workplace training, enhance the ability of the workplace or even create an ideal life of articles, do not take off the word "beyond". Beyond the existing capacity, beyond the life of no improvement, beyond the difficult to overcome the inertia, beyond the you want to get rid of yourself.

Even the red advertising copy of the mainland says:

"And any kind of life, friction for a long time will be pilling." 」

"Walking non-stop."

We are keen to explore new practices, in addition to the same kind of life burnout, perhaps more of the reluctance to stop before. So we look forward to crossing the comfort zone, looking at more and more extensive aspects of the universe, in this search process found: There are many different ways of life, originally, we can become different people.

Not necessarily closer to the ideal, but more understand themselves.

However, in our anxious to give up the forward, in our anxiety how to expand the comfort of the circle before, stop to look at their own, you now have the ability, professionalism, enthusiasm, in fact, is also lead you constantly across the mountain, see more distant scenery of the sharp weapon.

Young man, when you step out of your comfort zone, don't forget the "power circle" that your expertise belongs to.

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What is the capacity of the circle: within the scope of competence, the pursuit of depth

"If you don't know the boundaries of your ability, it's going to be a disaster." 」

Charlie Mongge

The so-called "capacity circle" theory is proposed by Charlie Mongge, formerly used in the field of investment, the theory that everyone should focus on their own knowledge boundaries, around your most familiar, specialized areas of investment. The concept is also strongly pursued by the value investors of Warren Buffett, who used to explain the circle of competence in his letter to shareholders: "You don't need to be an expert in every company." You only need to be able to assess your company's competence, and the size of the capacity circle is not the key, but understanding its boundaries is critical. 」

When the ability circle theory is applied to the exploration of self ability, here the capacity of the boundary, is consciously draw the boundaries of the ego, and because of their past in the industry, the field of accumulated experience, specialize in in-depth research, let the individual known interest, enthusiasm, ability, become a real professional. (Recommended reading:"Workplace notes" anyone can pay you, only you can give yourself value )

In other words, the investment circle of competence is "do not know not to vote," the ability of the Circle of life is "the pursuit of depth."

Should I jump out of the comfort zone or the deep power circle?

If you have seen the explanation of what the power circle is, you may be like me with a full head question mark. Why is the theory of competency circles turned out to be the opposite of the comfort zone theory we used to know?

When we talk about crossing the comfort zone, this theory is based on the initiative to contact the "learning area" We are unfamiliar with, the process of learning to overcome strange, unfamiliar with the pressure and technology, break the rut of the habit of acquiring new skills, so that the comfort circle expanding. The ability Circle, refers to in you already mastery the specialized field, unceasingly seeks the deeper more specialized knowledge, consciously cultivates oneself becomes the profession the outstanding leader.

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The two seemingly contradictory theories actually have multiplier function. When we know how to give ourselves a phased goal, through the step by step to expand the comfort zone, but also in building your ability to greater boundaries, and the ability to perceive the expansion of the circle at the same time, deep technology, so that the comfort zone to become your irreplaceable capacity of the circle.

Five steps to teach you how to build your ability Circle

So how do you build your ability circle after you understand the boundaries of competence?

The following "Gurufocus" author grahamites of the construction capacity of the five steps to share to you, let us expand the comfort zone at the same time, the use of these methods, more effective training of the capacity of the circle.

Absorb the knowledge in a regular manner and digest the output

Focus on the new knowledge that belongs to your field of expertise, and promise yourself that even if you are busy, don't forget the importance of absorbing knowledge, spend at least 1 hours a day focusing on the industry, if you have learning experience, record it, become your professional notes, and share output results when needed.

Choose the enterprise that you find interesting and have good economic benefit

The article refers to the investment in the selection of interesting or cost-effective enterprises, to pull a little further, we can see this step as a choice you feel interesting and with your career development can integrate the professional and professional to play. For example, if you want to be a barista, learn the skills of hand-punching and flower-drawing techniques at a reputable café and concentrate on it. (Recommended reading: Why do you love the job or not happy?) Find the value of self-realization at work )

Iii. try to define ecosystems and identify all the participants in the ecosystem

Extend the concept of ecosystems, when you deepen your ability to circle, in addition to their expertise, try to think of what the major can help you add your own professional, and find you want to extend the direction of learning, in the deepening of skills at the same time, take into account the breadth of the industry. For example, if you are a magazine editor, and your writing skills are becoming more proficient, then trying to contact photography or layout design, with these areas of concept, can help you to be a "magazine editor" as a more professional and familiar identity.

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Four, this choice is what you want

It's important to have a passion for learning. In your ability to deep into the circle, don't forget to ask yourself, this ability is really I want to learn it? Am I comfortable making this choice? In the process of dialogue with yourself, you will find yourself in the field of expectations and the actual situation is consistent, understand to become the leader in this field, whether it is their most want to do. Always have a passion, and value each step of the choice.

Review the results of work regularly and keep open minded

Finally, don't forget to review the results of your efforts every once in a while, and at the same time to confirm your direction and the goal to achieve the same, through listening to the footsteps of the open mind to listen to the pace of their own and the industry, you may find yourself in this area have different views and opinions.

From comfort Circle to ability Circle, in fact, when we are willing to face the status quo, because the status of roll up the sleeves to make changes, we have surpassed. Beyond the present self, to the farther, freer, closer to the ideal of their own look, in the process of transcendence, gradually find the direction of life to be persistent.