Woman fan editor and the author for you pick a piece, write a film review also write life story, see the miniature life under the lens. Shortlisted for the 90th Annual Academy Awards, "Call Me by your name" to describe the love and desire of same-sex lovers, if the fear of pain, do not feel love should have much pity.

"In order to recover quickly, people choose to torture themselves mercilessly, we force ourselves not to feel, just to lose the ability to feel, this is a pity thing ..." Now, you feel sadness and pain, don't kill it, don't erase the joy you feel. "Call me by your name"

Time and space background is the summer of the 80 's, northern Italy, the sun is right, suitable for the quality of the idle time, suitable for leisurely and bold love, the New York stone wall event to liberate the comrades, European homosexual love is still a signal, to bite the ear said, to the midnight no one to do.

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Airio a vacation, Oliver as a research assistant, leprous feet long, distributed male hormones, Airio feel him as alien invasion, he provoked, he frivolous, he let him care, Erio still don't know, he will usher in life for the first time the call-wild, pure, insolent, heartbroken. (Recommended reading:"relationship Diary" Chen granule and Sansing: This is a love of wind and rain, I would like to accompany you to a enjoys )

Oliver occupies his room as king, Airio in the next room feel his shallow breath, see him lying in bed like a baby; Oliver's tight shorts are bright-coloured, hanging in the bathroom faucet, water drops, Airio body There is a small beast awake, he imagined the other end of shorts, there is a world he wants to go.

He wants to go, he wants to go, he doesn't know how to go yet.

Because I want you to know

Love is a temptation, unintentional limb touch, do you want me? Love is a confrontation, knowledge of the field of espionage, the Piano 100 ways, "7th talk" as a metaphor for love, you can not understand?

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Love is a maze, groping for the path to each other's bodies; Love is also invention, to have a familiar language, to create a posture that embeds each other's bodies, the language and sex scenes in your name calling me are implicit and appealing, such as this paragraph,

Oliver: "Is there anything you don't understand?" 」
Airio: Oliver, actually, I don't know anything. 」
Oliver: "You seem to know more than people here." 」
Airio: "In fact, I don't understand the important things." 」
Oliver: "What is the important thing?" 」
Airio: "You know the ⋯"
Oliver: "Why are you telling me this?" 」
Airio: "Because I think you should know." 」
Oliver: "Because you think I should know?" 」
Airio: "Because I want you to know ⋯ because I want you to know ⋯ because I want you to know ⋯"

I have nothing to understand, except you, and I want you to know that you are the important thing. The phrase "I want you to know" is more aphrodisiac than "I Want You".

Love is also competing, adolescent boys have the desire to pay attention to the female role of Marchia arrangements such as experimentation, there is the desire and the opposite sex curiosity, but there are more deliberately and for the exercise of jealousy. This kind of plot, appears the violence, whether the male comrade must pass through the feminine body, only then can be certain oneself desire the shape?

In fact, they have always been very clear, your body will not lie to you.

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Airio at the river finally kissed him, reached out to hold him, and Oliver gave him the first sight of the blue shirt, the shirt left through the temperature, the Airio on the apparently wide shirt, and the skin close to him. Clothing has a shape, is also a vow, if said "Brokeback Mountain" Love can only lock the wardrobe, "Call me by your name" They want to love, to implicitly tell the world.

I don't envy pain, I envy you still feel pain

We used to be very early accustomed to the gay text because of outsiders/social pressure to intervene in the tragic end, over time, with the love of nature more and more similar to the discussion, blurred the different faces of lovers, in fact, in love, there are always more other issues worthy of scrutiny.

"Call me by your name" Without this, spend a great amount of time portraying Airio and Oliver, how to be ambiguous, how to test, how to be close, how to be jealous, how to wait, how to leave, how to end.

Think of love as a circle, you put your life on top, through the beginning and the end, from the circle to come out very painful, life followed the collapse, Airio after two times to leave, the first is the distance, he endured for a long time to collapse; the second is identity, he looked at the stove quiet tears, serious love after, simply still have memories of the embers.

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"Call me by your name" to the mouth of parents, gently said, if you feel pain, it is because you still have the ability to feel, love such as fireworks, hot skin, do not twist your feelings, how many people envy you still feel pain. (Recommended reading:"Relationship Diary" Oscar Wilde and the American teenager Percy, the heart is used to break )

The mouth of the parents, jump off the typical parents to deter the position and role, imagine the companionship of family relations, let people yearning, father and Airio of the scene, the United States is the hope is the reality,

"Listen, you have a good friendship. Perhaps beyond friendship. I envy you. As far as I am concerned, many parents would like the whole thing to go away, or pray for his son to get back on his feet soon. But I am not such a parent. In your position, if there is pain, take care of it, and if there is a flame, do not put it out, don't treat it rudely. It may be bad for us to sleepless nights, but it is no better to see others forget us before we are willing to be forgotten. In order to cure problems with unreasonable rapidity, we deprive ourselves of too many things, so that we will be bankrupt under the age of 30. Every time you start a relationship again, you get less of what you can give. In order not to have feelings and not to feel, how wasteful ah. 」

"How you live your life is your business." But remember, our hearts and bodies are unique. Many people live as if they have two lives to live, one is a model, the other is a finished product, and even a variety of versions between the two. But you have only one life, and before you finally understand, your heart is tired. As for your body, there will come a day when no one wants to look at it, and no one wants to approach it. Now I feel very sorry. I do not envy the pain itself. But I envy you the pain. 」

If I had to be a parent for one day, I wish I could say this to my children. And now, I'm going to say this to myself.

My love is right, my mood is right, choose a lover, never wrong.