[Relationship diary] There is no ideal love in the world, only its own close relationship.Saint Laurent and Pierre, this love is a symbiotic relationship with sadness. Even if it hurts and bitter, it will also be like a KAN.

Love a genius is romantic, loving a genius is hard, loving a genius is a lonely one, and love a genius is sick, and that Pierre Berg é knows better than anyone.

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Love Yves Saint Laurent, a 50-year-long mountain climber, still has a mountain climbing over a hill.When Saint Laurent's spleen, such as the natural climate, is ready to scratch, Pierre Berg (é Pierre) is a patient traveler and a silent companion. He loves this mountain from his heart, so he doesn't want to go, even if he doesn't see himself.

Perhaps, from the beginning, Pierre knew that it wouldn't be a happy relationship, unhappy, and he was willing.

Genius early, St. Laurent's starting point at Dior.In the next year, Pierre and St. Laurent were met by the modesty of fashion golds, and with humility and tender, and their graceful and graceful businessmen, they were all together.

In a love affair, the mental illness collapsly overwhelm the genius, and St. Laurent received a letter from Dior, feeling that she was abandoned, and that she was all in a state of hysteria.Only Pierre encouraged him to create his own YSL brand and get out of his own era.The design of St. Laurent, the business management of Pierre, the fashion design that was designed to make a fierce and provocative fashion, liberated the woman's body, subverted the fashion language, and ignited a prairie fashion revolution in the starburst.

In 1966, Saint Laurent built the first female suit, Le Smoking, not a woman in a suit, but rather a woman's new body in a suit, opening up a female to her own imagination.Saint Laurent gave women the right to dress up, and through fashions, women gained unprecedented power to roll the second wave of feminism; and Pierre gave Saint Laurent's arrogant wings to make his soul fearless of falling, becoming a solid core of his life.

Pierre was his lover, his business partner, and his psychiatrist, and for the convenience of Saint Laurent, Pierre even took the pilot's license.The way Pierre loves St. Laurent, like a mountain, where I can choose how I love him.(Recommended reading: [Diary diary] Wang's and Meantime Percy, the heart is used to break )

Without Pierre, there is no Saint Laurent, and vice versa.I love you, anyway, my life is different, maybe it's better, and it may be even worse.

Some have asked Saint Laurent's wish for a lifetime, the answer is simple, "Happy" and "A double bed."" St. Laurent is not alone. He wants to have a double bed with Pierre, and he can't just love him.In the fashion world, Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld's mistreatation led to the perpetual rupture of Saint Laurent and the Old Buddha.

Finally, Pierre had a relationship with Saint Laurent, and Pierre moved to a place where he remained in the heart of St. Laurent." Although we are not together, we have never been separated.Pierre accepted the interview with a very interesting speech, and it was his own practice.In their twilight years, Saint Laurent became more and more of a manic aged person, alcoholism, addiction, misplaced life, aggravated illness, and all of them dispersed, and only Pierre was still there.Each time a show was held, Pierre was helped by the St. Louis, accepting the applause of the entire audience, and bowing deeply. This was the golden age of the people they shared together.

In 2008, St. Roland died of brain cancer, and Pierre was the host of his funeral, crying and crying, "I will always remember the tears of your first series and the curtain."Many years have passed, and the time has passed so fast. Although separation is inevitable, love never stops."

The boy loved the old man, Saint Laurent had betrayed him, but Saint Laurent was the only one.

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