Woman fan editor and the author for you pick a piece, write a film review also write life story, see the miniature life under the lens. Shortlisted for the 90th Annual Academy Awards! To the adult dark fairy tale, "Underwater deep Love" elaborated in, in fact, each of us are hungry.

You say, what shape is water? What is Love like?

This is the ancient philosophy problem that people cross the millennium, repeatedly dialectical want to find out the solution side. We have seen many texts, movies love relationship, fairy tales have handsome prince with the princess, driving a white horse across the dangerous, happy happy; Hollywood blockbusters, the oldest to move out of the death of the protagonist, always because of each other at the bottom of their turn, to see the hope of life.

So we are waiting for a day to hit the Prince Princess was born, to save us from the world, led to Baidong white tomorrow, so we in life with the suffering of grinding, always can hope, and so on one day with the lover meet, will be reborn to the perfect each other.

However, the reality is not always the case, we in the real love relationship to learn fairy tales did not mention the heart, the film did not shoot the passion subsided, adult world xiangjingrubin. Memory of the picture of happiness, always let us want to rush into the script shouted "card", loudly ask: "Say, true love what exactly?"

If you are confused and eager to answer, if you love the more you do not understand the meaning of love, perhaps you will be in the "deep love", find some hope of love down.

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The Treacherous Dark fairy tales: the Love and desire of man and beast under the deep feeling of the bottom

"Underwater Love" is a new book directed by the famous director Gillermo di Toro (Guillermo del Toro) of the "Goat Man's Maze" and "Bloody Villa". The story tells the story of an ordinary mute cleaning woman who is in love with a deep-sea mermaid monster. Background set in the Cold War period, the United States and Soviet space competition background, Non-human like God's strange Mermaid, as an experimental product, in the struggle for power has been hurt by the study, by fate dominated by a sad tragedy. The same fate mockery of the mute orphan Eliza, working in the laboratory, was attracted by the loneliness of the mermaid, like a flock of birds, such a lonely creature needs another lonely similar to go forward together. (Recommended reading: find the same in a desolate generation!) Zhu Tianwen talk about transtextuality Niang: "Everyone has their own lonely situation")

When he looked at me, he did not know I was incomplete, he saw the real me.

"Underwater deep Love" Shape of Water

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Combination of listening to the treacherous, the story base based on surreal, two A freak love story, behind is pointing to everyone in the pursuit of love state, see the end you will find, maybe we are freaks, forget love is beyond the barriers, across the border, to the bottom of my heart. Simple truth.

Get up, boil eggs, timed, masturbate. Get up, boil eggs, timed, masturbate.

Before telling the fantasy story, the first act of the film begins with the monotonous routine that the ordinary female worker Eliza repeats. Boil the stove, hot hot water boil a grain of eggs, like the desire to roll, raging and daily must; the image of the female masturbation to the screen, the heroine and all the same-live ordinary days, with ordinary lust.

It was not until Eliza met in a secret laboratory a sea-mermaid, seemingly ferocious, that she could not speak or express, but was ignored by the masses and savage by all sentient beings.

Because the mermaid can not speak, can not express, looks strange, different from people, and as "Beast", for Eliza, this deep-sea monster and their own no different-can not talk, can only rely on sign language, the world saw her, only feel born with defects. If the mermaid for the Beast, then Eliza for the people, is not also like a beast of the general existence-not be accepted, not understood, not be loved.

Broken two souls meet, find lost language, by the world left alone with another person understand, also don't care about the world's vision of their own people or monsters-freaks have Freaks of love, let them not understand.

When you need eyes, someone looks at you with an eyeful of tenderness, when you need a hug, someone opens your arms without criticism, and when you are determined to jump into the deep sea and the world, someone is willing to take your hand and explore the singularity of loneliness.

They look into each other's eyes, simple touch can ignite the rolling lust, no one else in the eyes, listening to each other's desire to be understood, this is love-the expression of love, the idea of love, the language of love.

Between fairy tales and reality: Love Is born in a strange, there is hope in the struggle

"Deep Love" theme is not only the novel Narrative of Human Beast Love, the whole film continues to Gillermo di Toro the director of the style, the treacherous in the intentional culvert, broken story, long out of the intangible of the light of hope.

In the Dark fairy tales, there are people who are corrupted by power and identity, discriminate by sex, and have a love relationship across species and words. This is a comprehensive, realistic baimiao of adult fairy tales, let you look at the dilapidated, but in the story, the life of confidence. (Recommended reading:"For you to pick the film" "Hunting for Monday": Every day, you are real? )

In the story, the powerful, male-dominated colonel portrays the people who are chasing power in the real world. The toilet is in front of the female pee, the eyes have urine still unwilling to put down the superior; the hand takes the symbolic punishment, the right electric shock wand, the abuse mermaid, like to announce, the Mermaid whether is the God is the beast, is compared with the omnipotent person. However, the colonel, who was not in the eye of everything, finally ruined her career and lost her life because of a little female worker.

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When the colonel proposed to dissect the mermaid as a research asset in order to achieve the goal quickly and to establish a reputation, Eliza's struggle, in addition to love, was compassion and goodness for life.

"If we stand by, we are not human," he said. --Eliza

To rescue the mermaid from the slaughter, Eliza turned to the painter's roommate, risking the risk of destroying the country's future and defying government orders, and the painter's roommate blurted out: "It's crazy, I can't do it, it's not even human." Eliza, tearful gesture of sign language, told her friends, if we do nothing, we really do not call a person.

The story contrasts with power contrast, is a kind of dark but realistic life description-got status status, but lost the innocence of human nature. The other role of the story, has been at the bottom of the society of cleaning women, gay painters, because they know who they are, want to fight for their love, for the protection of the people of the war, out of the secular vision, beyond the class, to find life and human meaning.

From the description of love to the axis of development of each character, the Director, in particular, said in an interview that he looked forward to the real communication through the story of the heroine and the fantastic creature: "This movie is about how to get a link with the other side, you know, to have empathy, About the notion that we need each other to survive, which is why I named it "the fairy tale of the tough times" when I first wrote the script, because I think it's the antidote to the day that we're going through. 」

Perhaps, in this world, do not know Love is a freak, we look for the same kind of loneliness, only for the longing for a truly understood love.

It's hard to know your shape, you're like water, around me. Your presence fills my eyes with your love, makes my heart soft and humble, because you are everywhere.

"Underwater deep Love" Shape of Water