Beautiful man, writing beyond the gender border, can be handsome and lovely, and the character of the beautiful and fascinating men. Takahashi life, cheek dimples hidden warm yang, embrace life and human flaws, let him warm full of smell.

There is a man, he smiled, the two sides of the dimple hidden in the bright sun, you will forget all the sorrows that live in this world; another man is accustomed to living alone, such as the Wolf in the wilderness, taking care of himself independently of the world and not expecting and disturbing each other; there is also a man who is not afraid to let you know that he is actually timid , very low smile, he lived honest; there is a kind of man, like the warm mountain cabin, he did not intend to, quietly with thin spine against the outside wind and rain, warm light to the inside, leaving you.

There is a person, at the same time is the embodiment of these four kinds of men, he is Takahashi life.

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With an invincible handsome face, with the strength of the acting, challenged countless roles, Takahashi famous late, surprisingly late.

With child actor debut Takahashi, this year 37 years old, arts world experience close to 20 years, starred in numerous plays but mostly supporting roles, many of the younger generation in front of him, he sweat, focus on living green leaves, he said these roles nourish him, he became a more sophisticated actor.

All the characters I have played will eventually become part of my true character, and this self will eventually return to the character, which is the cycle of my life.

Takahashi Life

These two years, the fate of God finally saw him, VCDs "The people of the King", he interprets the Beyuan Secretary, reliable, rational, mysterious, holding the hands of a lovely hole in the hand; VCDs "Quartet", he is a violinist Oracle high, boy-like middle-aged man, stubborn little things, there is a wonderful gentle but no sense of responsibility, Secretly blame himself cowardly but another escape, fortunately he is also honest, the last side of tears while hugging timid himself, find in this world unique way of life.

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These two characters made him quickly red, not because he plays Prince Charming, but because he is a living man. Do not allow the apparent fragile part of the live ideal man, but also those feminine or fragile face, let him full of charm, make him cute, let him look real.

This era, we no longer need to claim to be able to indomitable Superman Clark, also do not need to be able to rescue us from the bad guys out of the Prince Charming, not a man self-righteous ability, people need to be flesh and blood, embrace the defects of human flaws, share vulnerability, share fear, participate in each other's lives, Together to find life solutions, know their unique way of survival of the people. (Recommended reading: from Takahashi life to Fu Shanjachi!) When we talk about albums, all we see is ourselves.

It is because of this, we love Takahashi life.

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As a result, in recent years he has been rising momentum, many times Oricon public letter list rankings, countless advertising endorsement, film drama. But never in the media to see the big head disease rumors, accumulated for many years, famous for a moment, he saw too many quickly famous and then fall example.

"Life hangs in the face, even if the gesture is ugly, it is not a disgrace."

Takahashi, born in 1980, was a lifelong, introverted, sociable person with few friends, a grandmother and a troupe of mothers who were worried, and sent him to a children's troupe to train people to communicate with others.

1990, Kitano starred in the film "Pick Star" is Takahashi's first work in life. 1995, he served as the Ghibli classic animation "Valley of the Heart," the hero of Tian Ze Saint division of The Voice.

"Asahi News" once published for the "Valley of the Heart," as the voice of Takahashi's life visit, 15 years old, he was intelligent precocious, he told reporters: "The honor to serve as the Saint Secretary (dubbing) of the work, I found that" life hanging "this thing is very handsome, with faith, not offset forward, is not shy and shameful. Living in a serious way may be considered annoying, awkward and vulgar, but it is because of this, so it looks more handsome. 」

It is not a shy and shameful thing to move forward with faith and without bias.

Takahashi Life

He decided that being a professional actor was worth his life. No matter how many people you see, you have to carry out uninterrupted play, from TV, film, to stage play, most of the time as a supporting role, he also enjoys.

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To figure out the character, he will first recognize the character, put the character into the body, see what kind of chemical reaction and body improvisation, and then sneak into the play. These interesting behavioral initiatives are often left to the director. "King of the People" in the Beiyuan secretary of a corner to make him burst red, also attributed to his own action and expression of the play, let flat figure become stereo.

In acting, what I care most about is tone and breath.

Takahashi Life

A person's appearance and shape can be easily changed, but tone and breath will not. In the play, he can have 100 kinds of voice expression, outside the play, his tone is always low shen, gentleness, gentle, perhaps and the growth background.

18, he was a mother, pulled out five brothers grew up

Takahashi life into the theatre, when the mother of child stars accounted for a lot of factors, but he was not born in a typical family, the back of the five half of the younger brother, and four younger brother and five younger brother respectively 17 and 19 years old.

When he was very young, he was forced to assume parental duties, and in an interview with the first-line actor in the bottle, Takahashi confessed but proudly said, "I changed my diaper fast."

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His acting, in addition to his own dream pursuit, is also a family. Most of the film's income is taken up to supplement the family, pay the younger brother's tuition, and buy gifts for his family. Also hands-on teaching his brother to learn bookkeeping, save living expenses.

He confessed that he was estranged from his mother and that his mother's feelings were very complicated, and his mother had said to him, "You can only play the Big Brother next door!" "When the younger brothers grow up, he is finally able to leave home, to establish their own distance with others, as well as their own life rituals."

Like the "quartet" of the family Sen, never, before everyone agrees, to the fried chicken with lemon, alone in the world to survive, he gave himself a lot of small rules, such as for the object around the name, "even the washing machine and car, take the name will have feelings, not casually discarded." "(Recommended reading:" Grapefruit sweet Soul Hand Account "quartet" in the Face of love, not brave enough and no relationship )

"Beppu, have you asked everyone?" Fried chicken with lemon is an irreversible act that can no longer be restored. --"quartet" Home Oracle High

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He likes to climb mountains, in the movie "Love Lies Woman" in the interview, revealed that she was 22 years old with a continuation of 15 years to continue the rules: "10 years, only one meal a day." "The reason is that when a mountain climbing, suddenly can't keep up," I know that I have reached the limit, like a car without oil. In order to allow yourself to absorb the least amount of energy, still able to work as usual, this rule is set. 」

Recently, NHK series novel "Laughing Days Home" public main cast staff, 栞, a young industrialist who has been interviewed for his life, said he was a young man who had participated in a series of novel actors, then starred in "The Sun", only a week's play, "This can finally be a regular role in the show." 」

Even if he finally starred in NHK, Takahashi, who has experienced too many personnel, is still more concerned about the flaws of the role than the perfect.

"No one is perfect, everyone has a funny and humiliating place, 栞 seems perfect in fact there are some deficiencies, I very much hope to be able to perform the details of these parts." --Takahashi's life

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Takahashi life, with a handsome face, also show let handsome look funny flaw, is these imperfect part of people move, not bored, let him become a variety of theatrical signs and ratings guarantee. Recent drama, we see his deep thinking of the acting, see his interpretation of the little People, digest more characters and past experience of the emotional level, in the drama to interpret the human value of the work. You will believe that every ordinary person, character has not found the treasure, all have his unique survival in this world posture, and this is the world's most beautiful thing.

Takahashi spent his life in the drama World in the 20, eventually, not as his mother imagined the typical next-brother role made him break out, is starred in those who do not conform to the traditional masculine model of the role, those various types of green leaves, so that he finally became a complex and rich people, so he transformed from green leaves into green flames, bloom like flowers.

Men don't have to replicate Superman templates, they don't have to be heroes in the world. The truth is, the world is so complicated that there is no difficulty in bringing down the queen. You don't have to imagine yourself invincible, to be worthy of being loved, not to be afraid to reveal frailty, to admit defeat is not shameful, to weep or to grieve, to reject the feminine part, this is the gift of life, you know, that does not frustrate you, it makes you beautiful, makes you lovely.

No one is perfect, everyone has a funny place to lose face, and that is the most cherished part of me as an actor.

Takahashi Life

Living in a serious way may be considered annoying, awkward and vulgar, but it is because of this, so it looks more handsome.

Takahashi Life

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