Brandon Fisher, who was interviewed by GQ magazine 15 years ago, reported that he had been sexually harassed by the former chairman of the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents ' Association, Puperk, recalling the time he said: "I feel like a child, almost crying." 」

February 24, 2018, starring "ghost legend" outspoken of the male star Brandon Fisher has been sexually harassed news, wash the community layout, to draw public hot debate.

Brandon Fisher in the latest issue of GQ magazine since the exposure of sexual harassment and talk about the reasons for fading out of showbiz after red.

Brandon Fisher was invited to the Beverly Hills Hotel for luncheon in 2003, and Philip Berk, former chairman of the HFPA (Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association), sat next to him and stretched out his hands to touch: "His left hand pinched my butt, One of the fingers even swam near my perineum. ⋯⋯"Brandon Fisher said that the present pain and fear, although he can push the hand of Burke, but this thing still let him fear:" I feel sick, feel like a child, throat head with a ball. " I'm almost going to cry. 」

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After the incident, Brandon discussed with his wife, struggling to expose the incident will affect the work of the performing arts, not public, only to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association to sue Burke's sexual misconduct, demanding an apology. Brandon Fisher said: "I am frustrated ... blame myself, feel sad, because I will tell myself," It's nothing, the man touched me, he molested me. Brandon did receive an apology letter from the association, but after the incident, the opportunity to reduce the performance of the film, Burke handled the Golden Ball award also no longer invited him to participate.

After the outbreak of the sexual assault, Philip Puperk confessed to writing an apology letter to him, but stressed that "my apology does not mean that I did anything wrong, but that it was unintentional if I acted to make Mr. Fisher feel uncomfortable, and I apologize for that." 」

Why the victim is always silent: "No one Knows my truth."

Brandon Fisher revealed the incident (2003), he experienced sexual harassment psychological pressure, gradually away from the Hollywood popular loss, divorce, the death of his mother and other events, he began to "who I am, what I am doing" confusion, but also to the cause of the entertainment lost enthusiasm.

The recent sexual assault by Hollywood tycoon has led to public concern about sexual assault, set off #MeToo campaign, let the victims willing to come forward for many years, say the experience of victimization, to resist the social harassment of the continuation of the atmosphere. (Extended reading:"Gender Watch" Weinstein is my demon!) Salome · Hayek: He says my value is only sexy.

Brandon Fisher also explained that the reason for the election in 15 years after this encounter public, in addition to deeply #MeToo movement encouraged, a few weeks ago, he saw the Golden Globe Award ceremony in the Hotel TV, the stars in response to "time's up" anti-sexual Sao movement, to exclusively black dress to attend, Burke is there. He, who had been the perpetrator, was making a sound for the victims, so Brandon was determined to release the sexual harassment experience at this point. (Extended reading: Black is the bravest color!) Landmark 2018 Golden Globes: People with rage are more gentle .

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The power of sexual harassment, sexual assault: not to say, because I dare not say

The general public always wonders why the victims are always silent. Is it always a long time before we choose to elaborate on the sexual invasion process? In the case of Brandon Fisher, when the perpetrator of sexual harassment and the victim have power between the pros and cons, the perpetrator can use the position of the power to pressure on the victims, in such a relationship, the victims will often choose to withstand helplessness, frustration but can not resist the psychological pressure, and remain silent.

Women are obsessed with sex primary school hall

The influence of power and invasion

Article No. 228 of the Penal Code that impedes sexual autonomy, the power invasion refers to persons who are supervised, assisted and caring by themselves, who use power or opportunity for sexual intercourse, for six months or less, for a period of five years or more, for reasons of kinship, guardianship, upbringing, education, training, relief, medical care, public service, business or other similar relations.

Between the perpetrator and the victim, there exists the relation of subordinate domination, predominance and weakness, and the power invasion is based on the sexual invasion under the trust, intimacy and power relationship, so that the victim can cooperate with or hardly say no in the pressure, and the force of violence makes him violate his own will.

Brandon Fisher and Burke's sexual harassment case does not constitute sexual assault, but because of the sexual harassment of power, our sexual Harassment Prevention and Control Act fifth chapter 21st also expressly regulates its penalty: for persons who are subject to their own supervision and care for education, training, medical, public service, business, employment or other similar relations, using power or opportunity as sexual harassment, The punishment fines to one-second.

So when we talk about sexual assault, sexual harassment, the victims of why not to come forward, first try to use empathy for the victims of the space to speak.

Gender stereotypes make men afraid to cry

Brandon, in particular, said in the interview that his ambivalence at the time was a review of himself before blaming the perpetrator, that he was a "man" who should be laughed off by the "sexual harassment" incident and should not be overly sensitive. Where does this remorse come from? I think this is the whole society look forward to male masculine, prop up responsibility of gender stereotypes, resulting in both male and female sexual harassment victims of the double psychological pressure. (Recommended reading:"You don't have to be a hero." Every boy needs an emotional trainer. )

In this publicity process, Brandon Fisher asked, "Am I still afraid?" Of course. Do you think you should stand up and say something? Of course. Did I ever struggle to make a public experience of victimization? Of course. Did I stop myself from doing this? Of course. He also mentioned that, at the moment, someone might feel that he was overreacting.

"But I know for myself what the truth belongs to me." --Brandon Fisher

In the future, regardless of sexual harassment, the victim is any sex, we can all listen to the truth of his victimization, and try to give support to empathy and social institutions, and when it comes to discussing sexual harassment and sexual assault victims, the men can reveal soft, fragile spaces that allow more male victims to be heard.

Face the sexual assault: Let the victim have the window to tell the pain

Finally, in the social atmosphere gradually face the process of sexual assault, continued companionship, sexual harassment victims are still a long way to pay attention to and efforts, women fans and the modern women's fund to create a "face the sexual assault-accompanied, complained, rehabilitation of the road of Gender Education" page, hope through the media and NGO's power to cross, let sexual assault, Victims of sexual harassment have windows to tell the pain, through anonymity online, modern women's foundation professionals respond to and provide psychological support online, and refer to appropriate social units, accompanying institutions, allowing online companionship to actually generate offline action, and gently repair the fabric of sexual harassment and sexual assault victims. Give the power. (Recommended reading:"direct Strike" the road of sexual invasion and rehabilitation press conference: Gentle to take the pain, accompany you to go sexual assault recovery First step )

If you have a #MeToo story of your own, and through the five steps of healing, we hope to be there for you, to find the courage to say the stress that bothers you.