The 90th Annual Academy Award for Best Actress Frances McDormand, playing the marginal role of the bottom of the society, the award speech through the recognition of female workers, disadvantaged groups, the community to see the importance of pluralistic tolerance.

"It's not the end, it's just a start!" Why don't you add this to your morning news! 」

Wearing a scarf, a dark blue overalls, plate up poker face, eyes always have a hint of anger and disdain, open mouth swearing flying, this is the French silk Frances (McDormand) in the "accident" in the role of appearance. The accident describes a mother who was raped and killed by a daughter, anger and anger mingled with the town's billboard provoked the local sheriff, causing a series of role stories and human nature to explore the film, Frances Madoman as the mother of the lost daughter, the role of the mother lost the image of grief, but because the heart is burning, Burn the tears, left to trace the truth of the persistent and strong state of mind.

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Frances Languish, who nominated Oscar for the best actress in "The Accident", won the Best Actress award for the 90th Annual Academy Award in the year 21. (Recommended reading: gay role, cross-gender director finalists!) 2018 Oscar's six main points)

Before this, we may be unfamiliar to the French silk, McDull, her unruly character is not blindly chasing Hollywood blockbusters, the script picky, small role is no harm, only pick to impress her story, she said: In fact, I am white Trash, Hollywood edge people.

I'm a foundling, I'm a white trash.

According to the NewYork times, the French man, Doris, once said to himself in a radio broadcast, "Hello." My name is French silk Louise McDommand, formerly known as Cincia Ansmith. I was born in 1957 in Gibson City, Illinois State. My self-identity is heterosexual white trash. She added: "My adoptive parents are not white trash." But my birth mother was white trash. 」

White Trash is a derogatory statement of American English for poor whites, especially in southern rural areas of the United States. The term implies a lower social class and an undignified way of life. When using this word, people often refer to people who live on the fringes of society and are considered dangerous by the mainstream society. They are often related to crime, unpredictable behavior, and lack of respect for authority, law and morals.


Frances was a foundling, adopted by a father who was a priest and a nurse. Her biological mother, who had asked to meet in her teens, had been rebuffed by Frances. She admits that being an abandoned baby, the fact that her parents abandoned her, has long been the psychological pressure and anger that she grew up with. Perhaps because of background and self-identity influence, in her career in the role of the social fringe of the characters, can always realistically touch the heart.

Whether it is the mother of the lost daughter in the accident, or the "Ice Blood Storm", "North sexual harassment" in the different status of the supporting actress, all reversed the feminine gender stereotype, the reporter asked her why is these roles, why are these women? Her answer was forthright and well-meaning: "It's fun and enjoyable to perform these angry and even atypical feminine patterns." Although my political stance is private, I believe that the concept of feminism is still imperceptibly affecting the direction of my career. "(Recommended reading: Nigerian writer adichie:" I am a feminist because we deserve a more just world ")

Age is a good thing, your past life and thoughts will be written on your face.

Frances McDormand

For the role of the interpretation of the French silk mcdull found the value they believe, "because I am interpreting the role of women, so I have the opportunity through my deduction, change the way people look at women." Even if I do not deliberately do so, these ideas and attitudes will also occur because of me as a woman, or as a "human" presentation. I interpret the character as a form of stereotype, even though I play a role that represents stereotypes. 」

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Hollywood Fringe man: Two extremes, I'm waiting to be a different kind of person

During her 36-year career, the women of Frances were very attractive, but there are few standard beautiful beauties, she points out, those roles are set to meet the male gaze and male narrative supporters, until today, she starred in a variety of female roles, "Ice blood Violence" in the female police Marge, "Blood Maze" The Labyrinth of cheating wives Abby et cetera roles.

Frances said that if she stayed at the theatre she would have played all the classic actresses, but in Hollywood her appearance had disqualified her. The director of several auditions said she was "too young, too old, too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too dark." But one day, they will need another kind of character. "When Hollywood characters have only two extreme images, they need to jump off extreme actors," she says. And I'm very good at playing and becoming a different kind of person. "Over the years, the criticism that the actors and directors have heard has also created a sense of contempt and inferiority to the ego, a latent consciousness hidden inside, and she avoids watching the screen while filming," I'd rather not know how fat my butt looks. (Recommended reading:#girlgaze girl photo Album: Stare at your imperfections, like looking at your own beauty )

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But over the past decade, this state of mind has changed, and when Frances the man of France pulled himself out of the aesthetic standards of society, with his own strength to perform the character's character, she opened up a different kind of actress trait, she no longer limited to looks, age, stature, she played the edge of the female role of the pattern, Let the film narrative role-like more vivid diversity, see more grassroots characters, social fringe role story. In the past, the film industry has not taken seriously, given the lens of the women, in the French silk, the interpretation of the man in stark.

Inclusion rider! For people of all races and genders.

By acting gradually into their own value of the French Cecil, at today's Oscar ceremony, and through their own experience to all the efforts to do their own life in every class to live out the color of their lives, she also in the speech process invited all female staff to stand up and accept applause, through such a move, Let the world see pluralistic tolerance, break the gender stereotypes. (Recommended reading: Lifelong achievement!) Melissa Streep's Golden Globes speech: To be a person who can speak, should be audible to others .

The following is a message for the 90th session of the Oscar-winning actress in France, to share with you:

"Thanks to my husband Chorkon and son Pedrocon, these two men grew up under the care of a mother of gender equality, and they used such values to see themselves, to see each other, to look at the people around them." I know you are proud of me and it makes me very happy.

I want to ask Melissa Streep to stand up, you stand up first, the others will stand up. Actresses, women filmmakers, female filmmakers, female directors, women writers, female photographers, female composers, female designers, etc., everybody stand up! Please look around, we all have stories to tell, a film case that needs to be invested. Don't talk to us about these cases at the Oscars tonight, but you can invite us to your office in a few days, or come to our office, and we'll be happy to talk to you about these cases. 」

In the end, she left the entire two-character "inclusion rider", reminding the film to reflect the real world, no longer by the importance of specific ethnic groups, so that all kinds of disadvantaged groups of actors, get equal opportunities.

The concept of "inclusion rider", in a TED speech in 2016, was presented in the contract by Stacy Smith, founder and director of Annenberg Inclusion program. The inclusion Rider (inclusive additional clause) aims to ensure the overall role of the film, and faithfully reflect the historical background in the film, the real demographic situation. According to Stacy Smith on his Twitter account, that is, what is the proportion of the population (skin color), sex ratio (gender and sexual orientation), political orientation and language, and age distribution and health status (health/disability) ... etc.

In addition to looking to restore the true historical background of the film, this article also ensures fair recruitment opportunities for women, LGBT communities and people with disabilities.

In recent years, no matter the Oscars, the Golden Globe Awards and other international awards ceremonies have been advocating more female workers to join, let the world see women talk about women's views and stories, as the community more inclusive of space, so that the story of gender, race, the text, the big screen, race sex or even historical estrangement and stereotypes, To be able to get rid of a single position, to a more solid angle, to know each real and we live together, for the life of the figures, to hear each small but important life story.

Women are obsessed with sex primary school hall

Inclusive additional clause

Inclusion Rider

"inclusion Rider (inclusive additional terms)" refers to the big stars will be in the signing of the film, the overall role of the movie to show, to faithfully reflect the film refers to the background of the times, the real situation of population distribution. " That is, what is the proportion of the population (skin color), sex ratio (gender and sexual orientation), political orientation and language, and age distribution and health status (health/disability) ... etc.

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