Woman fan editor and the author for you pick a piece, write a film review also write life story, see the miniature life under the lens. Shortlisted for the 90th Annual Academy Awards! We live in the "Lady Bird" in the C version of Life, may not be good, but what's wrong with being ordinary?

She found herself living in the C version of Life, the remote town of Sacramento, the slums on the other side of the railroad tracks, the flattening out church school, the 17-year-old, who likes and has been given, is inferior, and everything she owns is stuck in the middle of bad and bad.

It's not too bad to be tolerated, nor good to be thankful for. She thought she could live better, and she had a version and B.

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But wait, what if this passable C version is already the best version? Does anyone else want to love me, can I still love myself?

She decided to throw herself out of the car.

The world is too miserable, she has not even learned to drive, after the temper, still want to say, "Sorry, mom, can you give me a ride home?" 」

The world is too miserable, she does not want to be Christine, Christine's life has been arranged, she wants to be a lady bird, people have a name, born, have a burden, birds do not, birds are free, fly to where to become who. (Recommended reading: "Teen Revolution" The failure of theNew Century Aesthetics: "Refused to become" a model of the girl )

Lady Bird, a name given to me by myself.

"Lady Bird" is director Greta Jie to female Lu snake's growth love letter, the first cigarette, always to choke, we told ourselves so.

You love me, but do you like me?

Adolescent girls, will not miss with the mother's opponent play.

The maiden looked to her mother, and in her memory, did her mother praise her? Am I cute in my mother's eyes? Did the mother ever have a dream? Did mother ever think she would live a different life?

In an interview with Greta, she said the world had few films about the precise relationship between mother and daughter, so she decided to take one. Growth of adolescence, the mother is both the enemy of young girls, but also the alliance of young girls.

Young girls feel that they are a right person, living in the wrong body and wrong social conditions.

Girl love mother, but to become her no yearning, she can't imagine one day herself as she so complacent, she absolutely don't. She also grudges, hate she did not give herself a better life, she will live so hard, she will fabricate another part of life, imagine oneself live in the right side, live like a Burchoya, the room has its own bathtub.

Girls have love for their mother and have rejected, because of the desire to identify, each of the two ends of the umbilical cord, struggling, or to grow into a different person.

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"Mom, do you like me?" 」
"Of course I love you." 」
"I Know you love me, but do you like me?" 」

"I want you to be better yourself than you are now. 」
"If I were in the present, I would have been the best." 」

Later, the mother in the rubbing out of the letter to tell her, the girl was born to 42 years old she is a miracle-you are such a not expected, but adhere to put life, Lady Bird this name is very cool, I know you have been very hard, to become yourself. For a few moments, you remind me of myself. (Recommended reading: for the 20-year-old youth sheet: Please allow us to be silly again )

Every mother will think up, she once walked through the girl's road, and even experienced more fork, turn around, have forgotten how to grow up now, I am still satisfied? A girl is a cruel and sweet reminder that she has all the choices that a mother can no longer experience, that she is her past, that she may not be her future-will mother wonder what she would look like if she lived again?

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Especially like, is "Lady Bird" in a large number of mother and daughter sharing lens, probably in front of life, always hit many fork, only you can take their own forward. Sometimes you are sure to master the steering wheel, sometimes you turn a big bend, find yourself back to where you are, so miserable, you cry, and then on the road.

On this road, the mother is not far away, the mother is beside you, can be your companion.

If this is the best of me, do you want it?

"Lady Bird" also talk about love. First-time, wasteful, deliberately ambiguous, the girl in the room wall write down the boy's name, wrote you are My, dancing in the night to shout, in the stars to identify only their stars, in order to have a special preparation for sexual intercourse.

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Love does not need to be the backbone of the girl, but it must be an important spur, you have to love to know, the original is not every first love is unassailable, the original is not every time is beautiful, the original life is not as good as the film, has never been condensed essence-you have to accept that life, perhaps most of the time, are extremely ordinary.

You go to school, you class, you pass the neighborhood mansion, imagine a life that does not belong to you, and then you grow up, maybe a little closer to dream, maybe not. You go to work, you finish class, you pass the neighborhood mansion, imagine a life that does not belong to you, then you grow old, may be close to a dream a little, may also have no ...

"Lady Bird" like "New York hahaha" prequel ("New York hahaha" is also written for Greta Jie), this ordinary me, this ordinary life, you still want to love? Ordinary like me, still hope that someone can like me, ordinary as I, still hope that they can be satisfied with such a self.

"Lady Bird" contains a number of Oscar finalists, perhaps in the ordinary speak in place, no exaggeration. Ordinary is such, suddenly look, probably very boring, whole chronological, if life is a composition, probably will be hit a red fork, back to rewrite. Even so, those who are unfinished, those who are discarded, those who seem meaningless, those who are ordinary, are still worth writing.

Because we're not living like this?

You look into the mirror of your body, you turn to count what you have, feel passable, but if let you go to another section of your enviable life, you probably will not want, then good that is not your. So, what's wrong with being ordinary?

To all the snakes of this generation, if this is my best version, then I recognize, I will also love her.