"If you want" series, if you have a desire, Why don ' t you just do it? If you want to celebrate women's greatness and achievements, recommend you the world's top five APP, see how entrepreneurs through technology to solve women's life pain point.

This is a more intelligent era, women with their expertise in the knowledge, intelligence and structure to participate in the world, will be the most beautiful thing.


Google play commemorates the March 8 International Women's Day, visiting five female entrepreneurs around the world, by creating apps to practice the values they want to deliver to society. These include the hope that through technology to make design simple, into the day-to-day teachers, to abandon the stability of salary and film Dream, dedicated to the media, eager to use the media to let society focus on women's issues of the former filmmakers.

To look at the story of five women entrepreneurs, the idea of starting a business is to see the issues that need to be paid attention to, through specific actions, bit by bit to promote change. Hope that through their freedom and luck, to plant a number of opportunities for change, so that technology link real life, design both to improve the purpose and user needs of the APP, step by step with you, to find life's good days. (Recommended reading: After 38 women's Day, what kind of world do we want?) HeForShe's first step! )

Want to broaden your thinking dimension? Woman fan Daily: When reading becomes habit, growth is inevitable

Women fans of the team-built woman fan daily APP, through a variety of topics, a gentle and inclusive discussion, with the reader with different focus on gender, social, intimate relations and other issues, see different words and in the process to find the reader's own point of view.

Woman fan Daily In addition to a wealth of topics, but also the use of algorithms based on user's personal reading habits, recommended specifically for your content, in 2017, won the Google play the most potential application of the year. (Recommended reading: from Reading to the evolution of women fans daily: Make reading a habit, make growth inevitable )

Zhang Wei, founder and CEO of the woman, said in an interview, she believes that "the world is changing rapidly, how to grow in the company and in response to changes in the external environment while maintaining flexibility and flexibility, is the biggest challenge in the entrepreneurial process." "In the past, she has been inspired by American directors, producers and writers, Kathryn Bigelow, who insists on the importance of gender issues in film-dreaming filmmakers, and Kathryn, even in the face of gender inequality in Hollywood, remains the first Oscar-winning female winner of the Best Director award."

Finally, Zhang Wei Xuan recommends every woman who aspires to start a business: "Be honest with yourself, your goals, your dreams and your responsibilities, this is your journey, your own ownership." Each experience will give you more strength, courage and confidence. Believe in yourself and don't give up the things you really want to do. 」

"If you want, download the woman fan daily."

No beauty, but a briefing? Canva Image Design Tool: Design can be very simple

Canva is a simple photo, Image editor, APP built a variety of samples, suites, galleries, users can be based on demand, point of choice, briefings, business cards or graphic design samples, will jump out of a variety of themes have been designed for you to apply, so that you do not even have to move the brain, you can produce exquisite design.

Canva, launched in 2013, has accumulated over 1 million users in just one year, creating 7 million designs. The design site is also more than 10 million people in use, through a simple drag operation interface, to achieve the user want to quickly create posters, briefings, cards or information graphics needs, and make seemingly difficult design, cleverly integrated into the public life.

Melane Perkin, the founder of the app, who taught students how to use design software at college, found that many design software took quite a long time to get started and decided to change the status quo. In the interview, Melane said: "This is the time I learned that the future design should be more approachable, and moved to the online so that everyone can work together to participate in the design." 」

Instead of asking users what kind of products or services to offer, Melane recommends that women who invest in entrepreneurship focus on understanding the issues that need to be addressed. Melane said: "When I was teaching design, if I asked students what kind of design software they needed, they might just ask to modify some of the features of the existing software." But by looking at how they use the software and experimenting with it, I realize that what they need is a new and easy-to-use design tool. 」

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Don't have a favorite music list? Castbox Podcast Points Audio book: Your personal song alone

Castbox Podcast Point Taiwan Audio book, through the collection of user data, automation recommended users like the music list, and support the audio search function, so that users can hear the favorite music, may be pressed searching, no longer miss the opportunity to recognize the beautiful music. (Recommended reading:"If you want to" spend sleepless nights: Five songs alone to accompany you to precipitate yourself )

This personalized music playback platform, from the founder Wang Xiaoyu personal needs. In the past, when she was working for Google in Japan, she always listened to Chinese, English, or Japanese podcast during her commute, hoping to have a podcast software that was simple and intuitive, personalized to the listening habit, and supported multi-language. However, the market could not find the software to meet her personal needs, through the personal pain point, she also saw the consumer pain point, they began to decide to start a business.

Currently Castbox has more than 13 million listeners and 70 different languages podcast, powerful and easy to use, access to Google play 2017 of the most potential applications.

On entrepreneurship inspiration, Xiaoyu mentions his grandmother in the interview: "She is a brave, positive, optimistic and loving woman." She inspired me to try and take risks, even if it meant stumbling along the way and being hit by failure, but for me the biggest failure was never to try. 」

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What if you don't have the pill? Clue Menstrual tracking Program: Master Your Physiological values

Clue menstrual tracking program, through the algorithm for users to record personal physiological values, through technological advances, to help women master their menstrual and health status. The APP symbolizes that in addition to personal health mastery, women can also determine the right to actively nurture the next generation, or to enjoy the lust for safe contraception, by counting the menstrual cycle.

Danish entrepreneur Ida Tin founded Clue, whose heartbeat comes from the birth control pill is not good for her, the past Ida on technology and data analysis how to integrate into the daily use of the application is very interested in, two factors, she founded the clue, using algorithms to analyze personal physiological data, Help women master menstruation and personal physiology, and make more comprehensive decisions for themselves.

On entrepreneurship, Ida said: "The biggest hurdle when creating clue was the value and opportunity of women's health applications in the male-dominated science and technology industry." But she believes that family planning and childbirth affect everyone, not just women who experience menstrual cycles, but people who are close to and concerned about them.

With this in mind, she hopes to continue to work diligently to create practical women's health applications that benefit all women, through the APP to plan their birth plans or to master their own health status.

"If you want, download the clue menstrual tracking program immediately."

Online dating is not true love? Coffee meets bagel: Changing the pattern of dating from a female perspective

Coffee meets Bagel, from the heart of the Three sisters, because see network generation many online dating APP, look forward to improve the network friends extended out of the dating model (about guns, sex trade possible), and to think in terms of women, friends APP users look forward to stable earnest intimate relationship, how in APP to design a Coffee meets Bagel.

CEO Dawoon Kang said, according to TechCrunch reports, the proportion of men and women online dating is 65% and 36%, male activity is more than twice times more than women, they feel in the market to make friends service difficult to find serious contact objects, Coupled with other dating software pairing mechanisms is easy for women to cause trouble, so Coffee meets Bagel service was born in the United States in 2014.

Coffee meets bagel users need to bind Facebook account login and import interest, basic data, etc., as opposed to the past dating software, no longer rely on only one photo to make a decision. Then Coffee meets Bagel recommends 6 pairs of female users per day (bagels), while men have 21 matching opportunities, and men send invitations, and when women are accepted, they can start chatting. According to the Coffee meets Bagel survey, female users want to have a dominant position in relation to a relationship that is deeply welcomed by women. (Recommended reading: cheating, cheating, spiritual chastity?) Dating software in the Age of Love )

The chief executive, Dawoon, recalls that the biggest difficulty in starting a business is to draw a gap between men and women about dating, and to explain to a whole meeting of male investors a product that is designed for women and meets the needs of women. Advice to every female entrepreneur, Dawoon, "Our greatest enemy is the suspicion, fear, and distrust of ourselves." In the process of entrepreneurship, most of the time, the entrepreneur is actually wrestling with themselves. 」

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Through the story of five female entrepreneurs, we see observation of life, from the experience of individuals to find the importance of the use of pain points, their entrepreneurial thoughts from the heart of life, found that daily can improve, need to improve the issue, then betting personal strength, practice, change.

We will change the world too ambitious, see these entrepreneurial dedication, you will find the accumulation of small efforts, little by little repair the gap in life, perhaps slowly and firmly create our ideal life in the good days!