"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. It was a bitter and sweet accident that I fell in love with you.

Gorgeous headdress, a word of eyebrows, bright eyes, magical artistic energy, the most famous Mexican painter in 20th century, the hermaphrodite, androgynous, flesh and blood, she is a freak of art, but also the queen of art.

She lived as her painting, full of many plagues. Her right leg from childhood paralysis, 18 years old, sudden bus accident, iron bar throughout her body, from the lungs to the womb, her miracle survived, loneliness and death but often call her. Beauty came through the pain, and her creation was a record of resistance, a symbiosis between her disaster and her beauty.

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She was most familiar with the field of creation, that is, the hospital bed, she bent, and even painted on the iron clothes. The fragmentation of the body never obstructed her full artistic energy. At the age of 22, Rivera met with the Rivera, who was already a giant of the art circle, still deeply awed by her creations.

How could there be such a creation, how could there be such a woman.

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At the beginning of the 20th century, when the female artist was no one to ask, Rivillacken the gift of Dakaro, never stingy to praise her talent.

"Toph is the only painter who opens her chest and heart and presents her own physiological emotions to the people." --La Vera.

She was also infatuated with Vera, obsessed with his mural creations, obsessed with his interpretation of socialism, obsessed with his political convictions for Mexico, the same year, she became the third wife of Vera, Love was about to begin, and the pain was also.

"I want to portray you, but I have no paint, because there are so many ways to reflect my endless love for you." said the love letter to Rivera. As she went to work in the United States, she was pregnant, her wounded uterus couldn't bear her life, her bleeding miscarried, her body and heart became more vulnerable.

She works when she's weak. She shed tears, painted under the "Henry Ford Hospital", the woman who was devastated by life, such as withered flowers, such as ruins's machine, no one like the strong Dhaka, so plainly expressed the woman's regret and pain, that by carrying the birth of the womb, also take the death. (Recommended reading: Strong and gentle Dar Car Laura left a painful final sentence: Long live life! )

Painting: Henry Ford Hospital

Vera coddled Her, like a flower in the coddled, but she was not the only flower in Vera's affections. She knew that Rivera had been having an affair, but had never thought that, one day, Vera would fall in love with her sister.

She was so miserable that she cut off her long hair, drew a self-portrait, and her forehead was the face of Vera, and began her extramarital love. Male, female, she can love, but where she went, did not really forget Vera.

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"This life, I encountered two times let me painful accident, once the bus ran my body, another time, I met Rivera." -------Flor Dhaka

Their love is a kind of violence, root in despair, almost tearing each other apart, tearing open the body, that love is full of pain, but the pain, but also grow out of hope, but still have a ledge.

Painting: Two puffs

In the 1940, an important work, "two", was drawn from the road of Hell, the great Dhaka. "Two" is her awakening, the right one, in a traditional Mexican costume, holding a picture of Vera in her hand, and a white yarn over her left, a hemostatic clamp in her hand, and her new birth from her own broken shed. Two of them clasped each other's hands, their hearts in one, the old I did not die, the new I was born, we shared a body, hermaphrodite, with a stronger heart.

She gazed deeply at herself and found that I could make myself complete, I was my own friend, I was my own lover, I was my own destiny.

In the end, she was divorced with Vera. Lovers of those years, they want to open, perhaps marriage and commitment, is not suitable for them. After the divorce, they are not afraid to miss, she attached to his body, his love for her talent, they spent a period of time, better than marriage. (Recommended reading:"Relationship Diary" Saint Laurent and Pierre: You have betrayed me, but you are only me )

Love can be like this, we remember, in the lifetime, in more than a time, we choose to love each other so, that is enough, right?