2018 women fans in the first quarter of the topic "Women's happiness," through a survey of Taiwan-Japan questionnaire, depicting the well-being of professional women like state. An interview with Hong Kong writer Chao, the so-called happy career, is to experience, see the continuous transformation of their own.

"I am Cho Yunzhi, Mandarin said to breastfeed good!" "Tilt up the tone, hard to" rhyme "tone accent, stir the shadow of Cantonese, I slowly listen, finally refers to recognize the familiar voice of the country.

This is my first contact with Hong Kong writer Chao.

On the day of the interview, Yun-Zhi and two friends just arrived from Hong Kong yesterday, Whirlwind day trip: Get up early to attend international book Fair, signing book, too late to eat breakfast hurried to the woman fan Paradise to receive an interview, the interview and then whirlwind back to the book fair, with her to accumulate more than a year of the new book "Twists and Turns", to the reader speech.

Itinerary full file, about visit time has been half ring their three talents arrived. I like the girl who finally appeared, see Rhyme and cheese excitedly snapped pull snapped a string, introduce themselves, introduce Taiwan, introduce women fans, the last voice fell. In exchange for three seconds of silence.

Chao not laugh, exquisite classical face hanging personality, staring at you, there is the feeling of Eagle gaze, I came out three cold sweat, that three seconds, like a season replacement so long. Then she smiling eyes, scratching the brain, "I am Cho Yunzhi, Mandarin said to breastfeed good, please advise!" 」

Like the vicious pine lion dog, moving a huge body at your feet rubbing. The Hong Kong people who are trying to speak Cantonese and Mandarin are very cute.

I'm a stand-up presenter, and I'm looking for a laugh in Hong Kong.

Before becoming a full-time writer, Chao began his career as a 13-year-old, like a classic plot, with a friend audition radio host, accidentally himself on, a layman in this way across the full broadcast circle, and later even to create a radio drama in the unpopular period to create a high listening rate. Like the lines in Forrest Gump:

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to eat.

Forrest Gump

Born in 1979, 1992 began to contact the radio, and later interest too much, life interesting things are too worth exploring, art-born Chao began to try the director, writers, writers and the host, such as Benedict smile identity. When the society gives a way to be on the road, you can choose to set foot on it or create another one. I think Zhuo Yun is always going to mountain mountains jump, to unhindered that kind of people.

Who said that from small to large to chase results, after the road, find a rich thing less close to the iron rice bowl end? For Chao, there are many possibilities in life, and the work and occupation you choose to do represent the territory you want to explore. The horizon is so big, why do you love a flower? (Recommended reading:"Workplace notes" when not working, I concentrate on becoming myself )

Life is like a surprise box, more like a horror box, you reach out to the unknown, be pleasantly surprised or scared, are the life of the journey.

Among the many identities of Chao, I am particularly curious about the experience of the host of the stand-up comedian. "Building Benedict Smile" culture, is the popular solo comedy show in Hong Kong, in simple terms, is a host, with a microphone, with full of ink and thought, on stage a person to speak 120 minutes of the solo show.

Compared to Taiwan and Japanese society, the one-man comedy show such as accommodating, in Hong Kong to ridicule the way, satirical current affairs, the social Hundred States. I asked Yun-chi, how to view the influence of the culture of Benedict on the contemporary Hong Kong? She thought for a while, relaxed intonation caution eyes: "A lot of people think to see the people laugh, is to spend money watching host rhymes, move Big axe, squint-eyed waiting to see tricks." But the fact that I see everyone at the scene waits for me to open my mouth with a very eager look, they just like to find a chance to laugh and laugh. "Like caught in the life of the driftwood, do their best, pull the opportunity to laugh, as if to laugh aloud, small but no hidden depression is not seen."

Looking back on history, Hong Kong returned to the 1997, and faced with a foregone conclusion, the transformation of Hong Kong people's cultural life and identity has been simmering since that year. In the 90 's, after the reunification, the question of identity was not only a matter of perplexity but also a choice for Hong Kong people. After the 70 's, the economic take-off of the 80, the immigration wave of the 90, to the 21st century after the reunification, wrote "Our generation of Hong Kong people," the author Chan Koonchung pointed out that Hong Kong today is not the problem is not a day, but the cumulative results of the past more than 50 years.

In the face of the contradictions of self-identity, some people would like to open their umbrellas and stand as the umbrella wreath of hope, occupy the centre of the island for 79 days, in addition to seeking general election, perhaps more Hong Kong people are striving for a more ambitious vision of identity. Some people spend the night spending money on laughter, something that can't be changed, and we try to laugh. (Extended reading: The Umbrella Revolution from troubled times: It's not a 79-day dream )

"I feel that after Hong Kong has returned to the international situation of economic and political affairs and the high status of the livelihood of the people in China these years, many of them are helpless and powerless, and in this case some Hong Kong people's philosophy is to laugh and laugh over the helpless things." "From the history of Hong Kong to talk about the contemporary, for Yun-Zhi, the work of the host of the smile of the value of their own, is to be in the life of people feel depressed, for Hong Kong to find a laugh."

"You believe in laughter, and others laugh." I think this is the power of "laughing". Through hosting, I hope to make the society more necessary humor. Let us face the hardships of life with a more relaxed orientation. "Perhaps in such an age, we do not have to go through the war of intervention or bloodshed, but we can still use the thought, in their own life savage persistent belief, with faith to influence the people next to us, but also belong to our generation of blood revolution it."

I'm a writer, running away from my daily life to feel it.

From presiding over the life experience of the Chao, the life of the road fork out many spur, she forced herself to look at life from different angles, thinking about the direction of the topic. She, who works as a writer, does not take a trip in writing, and in the past we talk about travel and always rush to define the meaning of travel, but for her, travel is like life, and you can only feel it.

"The world is big, many things we have to taste, a lot of things we have to meet before we know." I like to travel, the reason for the desire to travel is that every trip I see different cultures, those cultures have opened up my life options, "Original!" In addition to what you know, there are a lot of other options ", that is, in the process of constantly discovering new possibilities, more aware of their own point." 」

Yun-Chi shared with me her experience of going to Canada Senlin, "That day under the rain, the ground muddy, I try to dodge the muddy yellow water stall, on the wet sticky road two feet to turn, the life feel to walk some two feet will bump together, fall into sprawling. Looking at the puddles, it was never too busy to look at the scenery beside them. Then a voice shouted at me, a yell, a palm patted on my shoulder said: "You step down, straight to the puddles to step down, walk your way." "Yes, there is always a hole in the way of life, you just step down, step on the feet dirty soaked are all experience, step down, only to find the rugged road is their own walk out, bravely stepped into a puddle, face looks will fall sprawling difficulties, you will find that along the way mixed with beautiful scenery and weeds incense.

Talking about here, Yun-Chi volunteered to mention my visit, but has been slow to talk about the topic.

A few years ago mother seriously ill, rhyme Zhi can't bear mother often suffer from pain, in a treatment process to give up the first aid mother, this thing has been her deepest heart and the most do not want to trample the puddle, "like you in the interview asked, in the past I because of mother seriously ill, choose to give up first aid decision once let me very very painful, also attempted suicide." But after coming, directly face those pain, will find the face of life attitude, in fact, is a choice. This is what I often do when I travel. 」

We often insist on finding an answer in life, but there is no standard answers, that is how we choose.


This kind of experience may be the relief after grief, but also on foot to find the road in life, when we choose not to see the possibility of life, you also prevent yourself to have more options, to become better and more free of their own.

I'm a woman, and I'm longing to be the Chao of the other.

In Chao's multiple careers, from actors to presenters to writers, I wonder if she wants to be a subject of particular concern. She replied with a ready answer: "I have not particularly thought about this question before." But I think this is a good topic, last night seriously thought about it. I think I particularly like to talk about and pay special attention to the topic of "women". 」

"In the past, when I was hosting a stand-up comedian, some people questioned me, saying that girls aren't funny?" You can't open a yellow cavity in public, can you? But why not? Some people say that women can not do this can not do that, but men and women in addition to physical and sexual differences, the ability of what is the difference? 」

By talking about women's issues, rhyme also uses life experience to practice her belief in women's issues, she is not bound by social values, or should say, she never felt that because of "female" identity, to think about what to do and what not to do. "I think there is a rebellious bone in my heart," the more people say what girls can't do, I have to do, I never feel like a girl can not do anything, perhaps because I did not think of themselves as "girls" haha, I think of myself as a "person", anything, interested I would like to try. (Recommended reading: No sex, all by effort: These women writers stand out and break the gender ceiling of writing )

Through practice, rhyme and cheese to grow their own life-like, because she is a woman, so women's issues for her, is always built in the body of the induction radar, supporting her to become the present self, very important solid core. But besides being a woman, she was a human being, or a Chao who longed for constant attempts at various possibilities.

With the heart of the anti-bone, framed antibodies to the girls, we start, from their own when women feel oppression, talk about society to women's oppression, and finally we in each other's eyes to agree, come to a satisfactory conclusion. In retrospect, Yun-Zhi said so at that time: "Not only Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, each country's society has vaguely restricted the" perfect women, "the imagination," perhaps to get out of the hall under the kitchen, the best to speak good way, teaching children still have a set. " "But in fact, what is the perfect woman?" What is the perfect road to life? Whenever I go into the world, see different cultures, the world's gorgeous, ethnic diversity, I doubt the social education my "perfect" is really perfect? 」

As a woman, a woman who loves her job, a woman who doesn't want to be a perfect bundle, for Chao, the so-called woman's happiness, is to feel life, enjoy life to take you see the different self, "I still do not know what is the definition of perfection, and do not know the meaning of life what it is, but for me, to feel "Life Itself", is the value of life, but also I constantly through professional and self dialogue, to get the definition of happiness work. "Although the pursuit of the small voice in your heart, and then try to practice it, may be the definition of a woman's happiness." (Recommended reading:"Women's Happiness" 2018 research report: Taiwan's women's rights surplus? One-third women in the workplace are subject to differential treatment )

Writing now, I always think of the interview that day, Yun Zhi rolled rotation of the eyes, think of the interview, accompanied by taxis, on the bus before the forthright hug, then candid comfortable.

I believe that no matter in any corner of the world, which career status, she will always be with the world never boring eyes, go to the city to explore, to the world wandering, to stand in danger, to a life, to the far away into the home.

Chao to The Times, is lightsome. Like cement siege, occasionally catch a glimpse of squirrel firepower in the big city jump, become urban people's eyes, the most abrupt but also surprise scenery. Continue to feel life, continue to overthrow the definition of others, she is full of labels in the steel jungle, calmly become herself.