Do you ask yourself how happy you are now when you are at work? Are you happy? 12 charts, more than 1000 Taiwanese women tell you what they think of a happy job.

Celebrating the 3/8 International Women's Day, women fans want to share with you "Women's Happiness" survey results! More than thousands of Taiwanese women answer, the imagination of contemporary happy work. If you have thought about it:

  • What are the factors that Taiwanese women consider a happy life?
  • How to practice the desire for happiness in work?
  • In the face of dissatisfaction with the status quo or workplace discrimination from where?

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In the eyes of Taiwanese women, the top five key elements of a happy life are ...

  • Good intimate Relationship (67%)
  • Work sense of achievement (52%)
  • Friendship Network (48%)
  • Financial Freedom (47%)
  • Practice Ideal (40%)

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For Taiwanese women, the top five elements of a happy job are ...

  • Feel the value of yourself (90%)
  • Ideal Income (80%)
  • Good interpersonal skills in the workplace (61%)
  • Ample rest time (55%)
  • Visible long-term Career development (50%)

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The most happy moment at work is ...

  • Received attention with affirmation 79%
  • Breakthrough self look forward to 64%
  • Feel the Influence 62%

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The top three most fortunate categories of work are ...

  • Art Creation (55%)
  • Education (30%)
  • Design work (28%)

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Current job satisfaction (out of 10 marks)

  • 5.78 (median)

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The reason why you are dissatisfied with your current work is ...

  • 55% of people think salary is not ideal
  • 46% of people think the sense of lack of meaning
  • 30% think the hours are too long

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For unsatisfactory work status, people tend to take action is ...

  • Refuse to break up type: Change jobs (47%)
  • Positive Action Type: strive for performance, communicate with company (28%)
  • Wait for the change: try to endure the company's adjustment (25%)

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Sensitivity survey of workplace sex discrimination

  • 34% of people looked at sex discrimination in their workplace.
  • 27% of them have experienced sex discrimination in the workplace.

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The status of sex discrimination in the workplace

  • 54% lack of capacity (318 persons) for gender identification
  • 34% Unequal remuneration (201 persons)
  • 31% Verbal Sexual Harassment (182 persons)
  • 29% required to do work outside of gender (170 persons)
  • 24% is considered to be successful in women's status (142 people)
  • 23% differential treatment due to pregnancy (137 persons)
  • 20% differential treatment due to marital status (118 persons)
  • 19% ridiculed for physical leave (110 people)
  • 16% Physical harassment (95 persons)

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In the workplace encounter sex discrimination, everyone's response is ...

  • 30% of people have taken action for themselves.
  • 70% of people choose to forbear

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