Let the woman tell her story! Five TED speeches, jumping off the rules of social norms, turning sex discrimination from their own stories, changing the way the world sees women!

Written on the International 38 Women's Day, share these five TED talks, let women have their own narrative style, open up the gender framework of life stories, see how these five outstanding women in their own experience to flip the stereotype of women, from the importance of female leaders, for equal pay for equality of work issues, Talk about the sexual autonomy that girls should take back, the rules that change the world's view of women with practical action.

Sheryl Sandberg: Why do we have so few female leaders?   

According to CNBC, Facebook's chief operating officer, Sheryl Sandberg, in his speech revealed the difficulties women face in promoting careers and leaders, and that we rarely see female leaders in society. Ms Sandberg argues that women often underestimate their ability to choose between "pursuing a career" or "personal career practice", in addition to the need to make a choice between a woman and a man more often than men. (Recommended reading:"Try to please everyone, you will not progress" 12 female leaders talk about love, growth and the workplace )

Luck favors those who have courage, and you never know what you can accomplish if you don't try.

Sheryl Sandberg

"If you ask men why they do well, they say," I'm great, "she says," and obviously why do you ask? " But if you ask women why they do well, they often say they are being helped, lucky and hardworking. "How good is the situation with regard to the lack of female leaders in society?" Sheryl Sandberg thinks the best answer is: keep women in the workplace. For this, she gave three tips to women who wanted to continue career development in her speech:

First, don't always sit in the corner of the conference room, underestimate yourself rather than seeking opportunities;
Second, let the partner become the true partner, through the communication, lets the partner learn to share the housework together, lets more women stay in the workplace;
Third, don't "leave" before you have to leave, don't be afraid to get a promotion for the planning of having a baby or the responsibility of being pregnant and accompanying a child, and try to fight for the moment when each of you should raise your hand.

By practicing these advice, women are reminded not to underestimate their abilities, but also to fight for gender equality in the workplace.

Melinda Gates: Let's put birth control on the calendar!

"We have to bring birth control to the global agenda. "--melinda Gates

Melinda Gates, in his 2012 TED speech, suggested that many of the world's social transformations depended on ensuring that women had the right to decide whether to procreate or not.

She says she is free to decide when she wants to have a child, to succeed in her career and career goals, and to be a mother when she is ready. "I worked very hard at college, I was proud to be one of the female graduates I graduated from college, and I wanted to pursue my career, so I went into business school and became one of Microsoft's youngest female managers." 」

She also pointed out that in many backward countries, women do not have the power and knowledge to plan their own birth control programs, often in the context of endangering their mother and children, but also because of poor economic conditions, after having children can not give children a good environment for growth, resulting in poverty and backwardness of the cycle. On birth control, she says: "If we are going to make progress on this issue, we have to be very clear about what our intentions are." We are not talking about abortion. We are not talking about population control. I'm talking about empowering women to save their lives, saving their children's lives, and giving their families the best possible future. 」

Gates proposed that women around the world would be allowed to plan their lives through "family planning", and that the state and society would have better economic development and a healthier gender equality situation.

Madeleine Albright: I'm a woman and a diplomat.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is the first female secretary of state in the history of the United States, in the political field she did not according to the man's structure of society, insist on women's soft posture to focus on women's issues, in the 2010 TED talks, the mention of women issues should become a core foreign policy.

I love being a woman, in the workplace I do not take the rules of men, playing men's games.

Madeleine Albright

In her view, the health, education and economic situation of the overall society would benefit from the political and economic empowerment of women. In her case, women in different countries must be mutually tolerant and supportive when making decisions on matters such as military budgets and arms control. She advises women to help each other by communicating and supporting each other through the positions of power they have. In her speech, Madeleine Albright her motto, conveying her belief that women should help each other: "My motto is that hell will prepare a special place for women who don't help each other." "In addition to carrying out this belief in the political field, she later wrote the book I told my daughter," writing about her own experience, telling her three women to tell every girl in the world that a woman is capable and does not need to feel guilty. (Extended reading:"I told my daughter so": go as far as possible without regret )

Isabel Allende: Use the gift you feel passionate about

Author Isabel Allende discussed her role as a standard-bearer during the Winter Olympic Committee in 2006, the first time that only women carry the Olympic symbols.

"To participate in the world's change, you have to roll up your sleeves and start acting with enthusiasm." "--isabel Allende

For Isabel Allende, the women accompanying her in the event were "strong and passionate" women, she noted, noting that "when I look around the world, I see a lot of outstanding women who have worked with women for all their lives to fight for the rights of all women." "allende also mentioned in the speech process, there is still a situation of abuse of power and violence in the world, and gender discrimination and disparities resulting from patriarchy are mostly beneficial to men, and the rights and interests of women and children need to be valued, especially in poorer regions, where the unequal treatment resulting from gender, income, race and class is more urgent. She specifically mentions that in order to see "real change" in the world, we need women's energy to manage the world: "The world needs more women with power and more men with feminist energy." 」

Billie Jean King: This tennis tournament marks the women's Movement in sports

"There are two things going on in this game, for women: self-confidence, empowerment. "--billie Jean King

Former tennis player Billie Jean King was dissatisfied with the difference in remuneration for men's and women's champions in tennis, and for equal pay for equal work she openly Bobbyrigs the singles championship and won a historic victory. Winning the historic match between her and Bobbyrigs is not only a big step in tennis but also a big step in American social change. "There are two things going on in this game, for women: self-confidence, empowerment. The game made women see that they should actually have enough courage to ask for gender equality and raise. "Kim said. At the same time, men have also experienced the beginning of the women's movement: "I think we all have an obligation to continue to promote the overall progress of society." (You see: please see the woman's name!) "Winning and losing backhand" fights for gender rights .

Through the five TED talks speech honoring women, we look forward to more girls and women to see different life stories, so as to think about and influence women to jump out of the framework of society, let the world see female forces created social change, when more women narrative is told, women can become the appearance, will also be in the colorful history of memory, be created, be liberated, shape more yuan and free woman story.