South Korean artist Liang, pen name Zipcy, painted the intimate relationship of the small happiness. Dear lovers, in fact, I like the most, you have no reservations to me.

Well, then that's it.
Scissors, stone cloth.
Win the People
You can start by saying good-bye.

Lose the person
Can keep
The Exchange Diary we wrote over the years
As compensation

If it's just a tie,
We'll all stay.
Try again and see if you can
Love each other again

--Lin Wanyu's 24 Operations on love

Speaking of the memory of the loved ones, you will always think of the young age that the church said to cut together the class, the breeze blows over your hair, you like the bird that is not cared for, the street outside the wall, hand in hand crazy run; think of sitting in the back seat of the locomotive, looking at the yellow lamp One bites a swift backwards, you shout on the bridge, feel the infinite freedom of time Want to start out in the society, the one you said a tread of the briefing, he waited outside the company bench, just for the first to give you a hug.

The imprint of Love, always in the memory flashing light, from the South Korean artist-Liang, pseudonym Zipcy, with a brush to capture the love of our memories of the scene, each small eyes and hot skin touch, can summon that, you always do not keep the soul to love. (Recommended reading: To love deeply!) Close to the album: The best time is to rub your brow

Love is to occupy your eyes, your skin touch, the temperature of your body

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When you fade out of clothes, I like to use cold hands, sneak up on your belly, with your fingertips brushed your texture, feel your temperature. See you angry and funny pet drowning eyes, I can not help but feel that he is the happiest person in the world.

I want to remember the sound of your heartbeat, calm and steady like love

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Together in the afternoon of the bed, I like you overbearing hold me in my arms, ear to my chest, said: "I like to hear your heartbeat." "When you think of me in the future, will you remember my love like this steady heartbeat, for you steady and gentle beating?"

I like to close my eyes and feel your heart when I kiss

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I do not know when you kissed me, the eyes also closed? When kissing, I like to close my eyes and not look at you. Look at you I will be distracted, you know, I can not be one of the two use of the kind of person.

I like to close the eyes, feel you carefully close, you always side head, from the right lip flap to cover me, with very slow very gentle action to kiss me, and your love is very similar, slow but warm.

Every little detail of you, I can't bear to miss

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When loved by a person, like the morning light sprinkled into the bed, dazzling warmth.

With your fingertips, I want to see the shape of your ears, the crimson on your cheeks, and your sparse eyelashes. Like a person's time, his little details, I can not bear to miss.

Love to the end found that the best gift is the company

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Lovers can not forget the anniversary, had spent months planning to travel, but also to the upscale restaurant to have a dinner. But then I often think of, is that time we nest on the sofa, dressed in pajamas of the embarrassed kind. You feed me to eat fruit, I cover for you blankets, a long way to talk, not go to the day. (Recommended reading: The words of love are inserted in the book: it is not gazing but looking to the same distance )

I like the way you don't have to hold on to me.

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Do you know? I really like the way you look at my silly leng smile. Like you the most real yourself, without reservation to me, the most soft part of your trust in my hands, like your happiness, your smile and you only a heart.

You accompany me in the view of the personnel has not been, stand into eternity

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Sometimes I wonder if love has no expiration time, in this can easily kiss the arms and hugs of the generation, I like you always holding my hand, in the flow of the crowd running, was you holding the time I believe so: perhaps we can not in the view of the personnel, holding hands, stand into eternity.

Your sleeping face has a child's innocence, and trust in me.

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Often look at your sleeping face, always from the bottom of my heart rose a warmth. In this somewhat disappointing world, I still have such you, forever child-like innocence, how I hope you can always do not be disturbed by the troubles of the dream.

When you're not around, I try to hold back my tears

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When you are not in my side of the day, often through that we love to go to the coffee shop, a person eating junk food with TV, always be very hard to remind themselves, endure tears.

You do not know, those who you are not in the night, I always Dream, you love Me in the dream.

To give you the intimacy of the painting, this life, we may love a few warm people, teach you what is gentle; love a few bad guys, let you understand the lung crack is not just a description. may also love a person, let you feel like home, many years later or will be busy in the gap, be missing attack, at the edge of the city, the voices of McDonald's, miss his body temperature and embrace.

But this is also very good, because we can always for the traces of love moved, can for Zeng to love himself, after crying, give a smile without regret.