Open your mind and be a free man! Five female TED speeches, let you from these female stories to reflect, live outside the framework of life!

Only when we see the possibility of other options can we live outside the framework of life, explore the different aspects of life, be a free man!

To share five women with you TED TALK speech, explore different women's life experience, see how they in the understanding and dialectical feminist thought, dialogue with themselves, live as they want to become people, how to counter the injustice caused by race, sex, with their own power, for the world's obscure corner, ignite the change of shimmer To see how they face their own shortcomings, and the imperfect coexistence of their own, in a step-by-step understanding of their own process, realize that the real meaning of their own.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: We should all be feminists.

"My definition of feminism is that whether you're a man or a woman, you realize that there are many gender issues in the world and we have to deal with them." All men, men and women, we can all do better. 」

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

According to CNBC , the award-winning author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie published this iconic TED Talk in 2012, after being adapted to a book of the same name and a 2013-year song in Beyoncé is partially referenced in. In the speech, Adichie discussed the moment when she first heard the term "feminist" and what the label meant to her. (Extended reading: Nigerian writer adichie:"I am a feminist because we deserve a more just world")

She describes the differences between men and women, not only the physical differences between men and women, but also the differences in power, equality, privileges, and so on, as a result of gender.

"Gender-related problems represent a different way for men and women to experience the world, and" gender "is the way we experience the world, but we can change that by understanding feminism, Adichie said in a speech. 」

Kimberlécrenshaw: The "interweaving" of race and gender discrimination

"The intersection of race and gender discrimination often leads to injustice at many levels of society." "--kimberlécrenshaw

Kimberlécrenshaw, a civil rights advocate and professor at Columbia Law School, explained the term "interweaving" (intersectionality), which she first proposed in 1989.

"Years ago, I began to use the word" interweaving "to deal with the fact that many of our social justice problems, such as racism and sexism, often overlap, creating a multi-level social injustice. "In a TED speech in 2016, Crenshaw on behalf of the public power of the police against African-American violence, and the police's connection to women's violence, when you're an African-American, you're likely to suffer from unequal treatment with white women, but when we think about who is involved in these issues, No one remembers the names of these African-American women who are the victims of these problems.

The concept of "interweaving", according to the "Library of Gender Education", refers to the intersection of gender and other power relationships, such as race, ethnicity, urban and rural, and age, to create different phenomena and experiences for each individual. When we talk about sex alone, we may miss out on the discriminatory treatment of people who are at the bottom of society because of race and class. Therefore, the important core of "interweaving" is extremely, when we discuss various kinds of discrimination in society, we must discuss the oppression of gender and race, class and other different axes.

By this concept, Kimberlécrenshaw reminded the public to face up to the discrimination caused by the cross-cutting situation and should try to put forward solutions so that the society could progress towards equality.

Women are obsessed with sex primary school hall

Interweaving of


"Interweaving" emphasizes the intersection of gender and other power relationships, such as race, ethnicity, urban and rural, age, and so on, creating different phenomena and experiences of each individual.

The important core concept of "interweaving" is that when discussing various kinds of discrimination in society, it is necessary to discuss the oppression of gender and other different axes of race, class and so on.

Ashley Judd: Abuse and runaway of women in cyber bullying

"Trust in interpersonal relationships is the healing core that helps us face pain," "--ashley Judd

A year before Ashley Judd publicly demonstrated that Harvey Weinstein had sexually harassed her, she published TED Talk, accusing Silicon Valley of not being strong enough to fend off cyber-bullying that disgusted women.

"Women and the voices that support women's rights are subject to personal, economic, professional and political constraints, and we will be freer when we can curb such bullying," he said. "said Judd. She mentioned that when she was verbally abused on the internet with the words humiliating and suggestive, she tried to understand their ideas, but the posts were not returned, only to bring harm. When people abuse others with sexual cues and sexual insults, this phenomenon is a kind of bullying. (Recommended reading:"Sexual violence is not a female issue, but a human rights issue" "vagina Monologue" feminist champion Eve speech excerpt )

Women are obsessed with sex primary school hall

Sex bullying

Sexual bullying

Sprinter refers to the act of belittling, attacking, or threatening a person's sexual identity, sexual orientation, or gender identification.

British scholar Neil Duncan also pointed out in his works of research bully that the school field often appears "sexual conflict of gender conflicts", including: sexual humiliation and verbal abuse, sex-related performance banter, mock body form, criticism of sexual behavior, spreading rumors and so on.

Ashley Judd, who was verbally bullying, said she often talked to herself, I hope these messages about me are false, "because even like me, a strong feminist, a goddess with all the virtues of women (laughter), will still be in the patriarchal mind, start to review themselves." This must not be overlooked. Patriarchal society is not only composed of men. But the system in which everyone is involved, and I am one of them. 」

The actress and political activist described in detail her failure to successfully counter cyber-harassment and suggested other solutions, including improving media literacy and ending gender discrimination in technology companies. Finally, she said in her speech: "Trust is the basis of interpersonal relationships, I believe that human interaction is the core of our healing." 」

Roxane Gay: Confessions of bad Feminists

Feminism is not a curse or a cult, but it is still my answer.

Roxane Gay

The writer Roxane Gay is the author of the "Bad Feminist", in which he explores the complexities of claiming to be a feminist.

"When we talk about women's needs, we have to consider the other identities we have, we are not just women, we are people with different bodies, gender expressions, beliefs, gender, class backgrounds, abilities, etc." "He believes that it is important to build an inclusive environment that will decentralize to more social strata and no longer focus on editors, film and music producers, CEOs, and legislators," he said. Breaking the inequality in the power of the class will enable the society to make bigger and braver choices and create lasting and meaningful changes.

Roxane Gay, in his writings, stressed that even with the beginnings of differences, it doesn't matter to be the perfect feminist, she admits and embraces her imperfections and confusion, and when the society plans to label her, she uses her own thinking to define "bad feminism," a bit lame, a little biased, even a mistake, But these processes have made her more aware of her own worth. (Extended reading: unhealthy feminism!) Roxanne guy: Feminism doesn't need to be worshipped, but it's still my answer.

Feminism should be a pluralistic but mutually tolerant ideology rather than a one-way dogma, the author inspires women in the world and proudly embraces their imperfections on the road to feminism.

Arianna Huffington: How to Succeed? You should have more sleep.

"To be more productive, to find more inspiration, to have a happier life, is to sleep more." "--arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington that "sleep deprivation" is one of the global crises of the day, and it is robbing the best ideas of smart people.

In her TED Talk, Huffington mentions that people can live more efficiently, more inspired and happier by increasing their sleep time. She shared that by sleeping well and feeling that life could inspire more and more interesting ideas, "we are facing many crises, all over the world, and on a personal level, what is good for us, happier, more grateful, more efficient, and able to do the best in our field is the power to change the world in a small way, so I urge you, Try to live in a busy life, give yourself time to close your eyes, find yourself inside, listen to your great ideas, turn off the engine, and find the power to sleep! She added jokingly: "Women will lead the way in this new revolution, this is a new feminist issue, we use sleep to gradually move to the pinnacle of change!" 」

Through these five different female life-like stories, you will find that different from the typical "success", "effort" and "perfection" of the society, try to take off the system thinking, feel your life and heart, define your own " Success and Perfection ", see others life story and open up their own thoughts, wandering in the process of thinking, to be a free man!"