Single diary, write tempting's single mind. "Tokyo Women's Guide" when we choose to go back to each other, to the desired life, there is no way to turn around.

The more the house to change, the more men to change the better, the title to change the more louder, to do the protagonist it. Living area implied identity, clothing apparel leakage level, to the top, have to climb all the way, now I have, is not good enough, never good enough, I want more.

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Sophisticated mind, always suppressed in the heart, VCDs "Tokyo Women's Guide," the heroine Ling for us to say: The girl to become a woman's road, from the beginning of the choice, the end of what she chose to choose a man/partner, to see what kind of life she chose.

The top of the pyramid chills, urban women are also out of town, why go on the day, clearly should be to become the envy of the woman is right, but feel more and more lonely, keep asking yourself, I give up those, really worth to get my present life?

In order to find the answer, also had to continue to bite the bullet go down, the older half flew past, you loved people to love others, you do not love those who have no longer love you, you become now you, suddenly can't remember where you are. Once let you yearn for the scenery, as if none of them look wonderful. (Recommended reading:"single diary" Thank you for the person who makes you good at goodbyes )

Tokyo, is a cruel city, Taipei is probably also the bar. Choose to go forward, equal to miss, there is no way back, blame can only blame their greed, but greed what is wrong?

That's what society has been telling you,

To be a woman, you can't be too independent, better not too sticky;
To be a woman, more achievements in the workplace, after all, compared to you to be a mother and wife;
Be a woman, you must not be too clever, and never have nothing;
To be a woman, to learn how to live the life is appropriate.

Urban women do not, we can not live a quiet, so we go so hard, we have to take the long way to achieve their own achievements.

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"Tokyo Women's Guide" is a too honest VCDs, some people say it is labeled labels, some people say it is the urban women's Bible, in short, each choice behind the risk assessment, should not be plainly. Love is subtraction, adult love to master the arithmetic, calculate their admission and exit opportunity, together simply, break up not muddy, the most elegant.

Not embarrassed, school will not be elegant, like adults love, thought very handsome, but is so lonely one thing.

"No woman will become a child to read the fairy tale so-– the future is bright, life will have a perfect ending, everyone stood up for you to drink." In this city, whenever I look at the high place, greedy women like me will never be satisfied with the happiness in front of them. Even if you have to advise yourself countless times, it is time to step forward. Do not know satisfied, greedy woman ah, and only this jealousy as a life seasoning to taste, can be called a competent urban woman. The women's Guide to Tokyo

Like adults in love, and the unspoken rules to fight, understand the love market everyone has the price, you accumulate your own chips, estimate each other, and so on each other to measure you, until one day tired, choose to quit the market, to real life.

Love like adults, set the point like, collect 12 constellation of men, contact different professional class, look forward to be envied, expect to be jealous, expect to be liked, expect class flow, until one day suddenly dawned, you want to do the protagonist, not to meet other people's applause, but to play a show that they want to see. (Recommended reading: to the fairy tale did not write life!) The adult Inserts the anthology: "The Love throb like Encounters the Ghost")

You want to understand that your life is for yourself.

By that time, we might be free, and if we look back, we will find ourselves far enough to go.

"At that time feel so small and feel sad, so let go." Now know how such a small happiness is not easy, so far everything that has happened, probably in order to regain the knowledge of this truth around the way. 」

The Tokyo Women's Guide