Beautiful man, embracing the beauty of feminine temperament and reconciliation with himself, we need more masculine models of the dollar.

"When Moses had a 30 birthday, I was going to pursue it!" Jennifer Laurence repeatedly expressed her affection for Moses to the media.

Privacy-conscious film diva generous expression of appreciation, not unusual, for a while the media topic burning, people ask, Timothy Chiller Maydou is who? What's his charm?

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In 2017, the 22-year-old Timothy, a great turning point in his career, starred in calling me by your name (call me by your). Name) to explore the sexual direction of the young actor Elio, a small number of word-of-mouth fermented "Lady Bird" (Ladies Bird), also won the Oscar nomination, the hero of Kyle also explained by him.

A part of the Non-mainstream "art film", did not expect to be able to from the Border Counterattack Center, a large number of major market to rob the box office, let Timothy received from the Oscars to the Golden Globes and many other film festivals nominated.

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Overnight, he became the Hollywood new darling, not only because of his cute or acting skills, the Hollywood male role of the map, his appearance is simply an abnormal number, for Hollywood to provide a novel male model: thin, pale, sentimental, delicate and feminine.

The feminine temperament of men: the commercial potential of transcending genre films

This year, 22-Year-old Timothy, born in New York's performing family, the father is French, editor of the United Nations Children's Cultural Foundation, the mother is the real estate broker and the former Broadway dancer, uncles and aunts are well-known producers, his family has very high cultural capital, almost with the "Call Me By your name" in the Airio Elio Echoes.

He entered the world of the Performing Arts early, the drama has been ten years, also early established the actor ambition, this study of Columbia University, Timothy, in order to excel in the performing profession, a year later transferred to New York University Gallatin School of Individualized Study, which is a special learning environment , the students in this college can design their own interdisciplinary learning schedules according to their interest in learning and career goals, and almost all NYU courses are available to students of the college. Famous actor alumni include Anne Hathaway, Dack Tafeni, Runimara, etc.

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Before "Calling me by your name" and "Lady Bird", Timothy had starred in many different commercials, TV dramas and theatrical dramas. "What I wanted to do most was to make bigger, more commercially entertaining movies, but I didn't get a role, and they finally didn't choose me," he said. "For example, he was in the Spider Man's final list of candidates, but still not selected, perhaps also his feminine characteristics is too difficult with Spider-Man model of masculinity focus."

He thanked him for the last thing he had to pay attention to, which was the film from a more artistic atmosphere. It turns out that these films have also received excellent box-office and Word-of-mouth, which may even show that the feminine temperament and fragility of men, the mainstream film market is too small to talk, art films to fill the gap, and these new men depict, in fact, the potential of the commercial market.

The advance of the frontier manhood

Compared to the mainstream Hollywood films, the so-called art films, the role of the portrayal is often more free to break the people's imagination of "ideal men."

For example, "Call me by your name," Elio opened his lust for the eyes of the world, his desire is chaotic and soft, continue to flow, as he held in the storeroom that afternoon peach, there are many possibilities of sex, and female body or male body, can be the same juicy and seductive, It may not be necessary to follow the so-called heterosexual homosexual identity.

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Elio's parents are high intellectuals, cross-border mobile multilingual life, to some extent also provides a relatively vacuum environment, do not have to rigidly follow the society of the ideal man should have what manly imagination, not necessarily Brando degree, not necessarily John Wayne, grow into their own appearance is more attractive. And Elio's lover Oliver is not so fortunate, he came to Europe with the ideals of American men, met Elio, Summer end, back to the United States, and eventually must marry, back to the day-to-day model of heterosexual life.

The last act of calling me by your name, Elio crouched before the fire, his back to his parents, pretending he was just warming up and covering up a broken heart.

I don't know how many boys or men have seen this feeling resonate, but this scene but let countless women vibrate, we are brokenhearted time is also so cry, hide in person, a runny nose a tear, stop, and the family's daily still continues, we try to clean up their own.

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Watching the boy perform this scene, we feel that all the memories of our lovelorn have been tender to undertake, this is not only a woman's feelings, when men cry like this, we feel very deep links, this is not just let the boy know, you cry is no problem, we are in the heart of the girl know, you cry is no problem.

The long cry lens is so important that we finally see in the movie how precious our fragile emotions are, and how valuable it is that heartbreak is necessary without the need for healing, denial or repression. How important is the feminine emotional outpouring of a boy or a man? It is not only the emancipation of the male, but also the liberation of women, while holding up the common part of the people, even more annoying women in society all the likely to cry boys or girls, forgive themselves.

We also realized how the Hollywood heroes used to suppress their sadness and replace them with anger and aggression.

As a female audience, in the past, we are constantly being hinted that the feminine part of our society is rejected by this community, not worthy of all. If the girl is allowed to cry, I hope that the boy is also allowed to cry like Elio, the vulnerability of men, not only to liberate the emotional pressure of men, but also liberated women.

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Timothy with such a male role, may symbolize the feminine rise, may also symbolize the business world the single masculine model is gradually losing the past charm, therefore the artistic film these male characters, with the unique feminine temperament, crosses the commercial and the art market dividing line, fills up. In addition to Moses, we also look forward to seeing more, non-white, non-elite, minority groups of atypical masculinity, can become the object of our appreciation.

And perhaps, Jennifer Laurence and Timothy Chiller Maydou such a pair of fantasy CP, a female masculine temperament Donna symbol, as well as a masculine feminine temperament Nanche symbol, but also for the traditional heterosexual companion model, opened the alternative and new imaginary space.

Women are obsessed with sex primary school hall

Tired of women


According to Andermaht, Lovewell, Wolkowitz and others, "hate women" means "fear or hatred of women" (the fear or hatred of women). Tired of women is also for the negative temperament of disgust and derogatory. Dislike of women is a universal social, cultural and psychological mechanism. When women are discriminated against, they have the idea of "being a woman really unlucky", which in turn extends to self-loathing, a woman's own dislike.

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