"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. Hawking died on March 14, 2018, the World Pity Hawking genius premature aging, but few people see his wife Jie Grace's great.

At age 21, Hawking was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, was predicted only two years of life, illness engulfs body consciousness and control, his mind is more stubborn than pathology, hawking all the way to live to 76 years old, more than predicted 53 years--March 14, Einstein's birthday, is also Hawking's anniversary.

Hawking is a physical genius, a disabled patient, and a father of three children. When Hawking looked at the stars thinking, whether all things have the ultimate theory, he also repeated an outlaw in life, how do we understand love.

How can we understand love, a genius of love, a person with disabilities love, a yearning for mortal love.

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Time flies back to 1963, Hawking in Cambridge study Doctor, know Jie tu. Wilder Jessica, who delved into Spanish literature, understood the world differently, and she liked the skinny boy who had broken into life, humorous, talented, ambivalent, unassuming, and a pair of beautiful gray eyes. In those grey eyes, she saw the one they loved.

was about to start in love, hawking disease diagnosed, when he asked the first sentence is, "then I can think?" The doctor replied, "Yes, the problem is no one can know what you're thinking." 」

Illness is a very lonely thing, especially for a genius, he face his body every day, can not open the faucet, can't tie shoelaces, write the word crooked, walk will fall for no reason, all his daily, is away from him. But Jessica was not afraid of his degeneration.

"I knew her when I was diagnosed, and she was the reason for me to live." --Hawking

When they get married, Hoking hand on crutches, another with her fingers tight, the road is long, she wants to accompany him to go down. Jie-eun Support Dr. Hocking, his own side to raise three children, while winning a doctorate in literature, just suddenly found that this is a more difficult than imagined road, strong love in the daily wear, gradually thin.

"Everything in Love" is not in the film, it is happening outside the film. The world pity Hawking genius premature aging, but few people see the great Jie grace. She loved not only his genius, but also his unbearable. (Recommended reading:"but is the end of the world": my family is not cute, but I still willing to love )

25 marriage, she carried multiple roles, both lovers, mothers, but also year-round care, the whole family desperately need her. In the relationship there is the wrestling, intimate relationship, Hawking's physical absence, he was afraid to let her desire, both inferiority and fear, at the same time, in 1993, published "A Brief History of Time" brought about by the great achievements, let him at the same time proud. "You asked me about my work in the family," Jessica wrote in his memoirs. is to tell him that he is not a god. 」

They gradually lost patience with each other, bad relationship, Hawking intentionally or unintentionally belittle her foreign language work, ridicule her beliefs, Jie-en dissatisfaction with Hawking's passion for physics, gradually overcome his love for his family. She was disappointed that she could no longer live with him.

How can we understand love, a genius of love, a no longer equal to love, a once hot finally lost love.

In the 1990, Hawking fell in love with young nurses, and Jamie fell in love with the musician Jonathan, who could no longer endure the quarrel and choose a peaceful divorce. After the divorce, Jessica and Jonathan moved to a 10-minute residence, and she was able to keep an eye on hawking.

In the 2014, Hawking and Jie-en attended the "Everything in Love" premiere, like hanging Read, the memory of young himself and young love. Jessica kissed Hawking on the forehead, leaving tears to be relieved.

Hawking once said that after the death of the world, "the brain is like a computer, the parts are broken and shut down." For the broken computer, there is no heaven, no afterlife, those who are afraid of the dark fairy tales. 」

Hawking is not afraid of death, he is afraid of the separation of love. Perhaps he was poor for a lifetime, begging for the pursuit of the universal truth, but also his left to the human fairy tale. And back in the 1963, the universe had given him a perfectly pure imagination in the name of love. (Recommended reading:"The Universe of Love": Hawking's story, let love condense in enthusiasts moment )

If there's no one I love, it's just an empty universe.