The dream time, good taste, good taste, good taste, good music, good music, good music, good music, good music, good music, good music, good , Mix & Match

Odor Library Odor and Taiwan's known design headset brand "Hoomia" hand in hand to create Dreamcard, finely grinded smelling (smell), sound (hearing), design (vision), taste (taste), tactile sensation (tactile sensation), and jointly launch an exclusive “ Sight-Five-U2-Limited combination ”.

The odor library has been leading "smells" of creative fashion since its inception, and today's creative and innovative fashion, with six limited "Mix & Match odor mashups", reduced the classic Demeter-style perfume and pairwise the classic Demeter-style perfume so that you can smuder your own flavor.The "Hoomia Good" and aristual dessert expert "Bellient" expanded the MiX&Match fashion to create six "stunts", a perfect blend of smell libraries, a Hoomia U2 headset, and a Beliantefstyle Marcaron discount, a time for a good summer and a good taste.

the nose go to risk Mix & Match

Summer 2012, the smell library will lead your nose to be liberated and experience the intripable taste of the smells.Unlike most traditional fragrances, the library Demeter's Demeter-style perfume contains a scent, showing the greatest use of freedom and democracy, and the ability to create a new blend of creativity. Your body, any open space, or confined space, love appliances, etc. can be a map of the nose.

In the scent library containing hundreds of odors, each can have a unique smell, a unique smell, a unique flavor, a limited number of original Mix & Match funnies, , , soda ice cream > , > , matches> , , while hiding the scent, < soda ice cream > is the most attractive flavor of the heat of heat in hot summer. The dry lazy, dry and lazy days of the night in which the wood is delivered is not the default.

Stunning Macaron's Streaky Stereo Stereo-style

Familiar hair “ stereo headphones, ” country T models, have been packaged, soft, painted, tint and hand-felt, and a pair of choosy style ears, ready for the summer and ready to strike the streets!

The Hoomia, the Hoomia, is a compact headset, with a slim extension slider, clear-softer user-head, and a more comfortable timbre of sensitive sound.The sound quality of the Hoomia has been sublimated, and the U2 has a high-gauge, 30mm high-medium, optimized and medium-to-high-medium sound quality that is full and full of full range, touching the ears of countless rows.U2 is equipped with headphone microphones and ear control, compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, HTC phones, BlackBerry, Samsung and Sony, allowing music and talking to flow smoothly and smoothly.

[Shocker Five-U2 Limited Combination]

(Inclusive: Oscent Library Demeter Mapped Group B (5ml Sprite * 2), Hoomia Hometri-U2 Colorful Earphone B, Beliantemaron (s))

Price NTD$ 1,500, Network Limited NTD$ 1,275 (with shipment)