In recent days, a protest and mourning campaign in the streets of Rio, in addition to Shing's shot of human rights fighter Marielle Franco, also protested the corruption of the Brazilian government. Despite the death of Marielle Franco, his ideas and efforts have been passed on in the world.

March 14, 2018, several gunshots shattered the hopes of the people of Rio de Janeiro to flip the weak.

14th that day, Marielle Franco on the way back home by gunmen ambush, head and neck shot 4 gun, and the driver died on the spot, the murderer was at large.

Maybe we're not familiar with the name Marielle Franco, but for the people of Rio de Janeiro, she is a symbol of the hope of reversing the weak situation, she is brave to stand up for black, LGBTQ, women's rights and voices of the human right fighter, she used her life, to live out the possibility of a black lesbian other life- A black lesbian who was raised by slums, she was unwilling to be disadvantaged, devoted to politics, and actively used her power to improve the social situation.

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Marielle Franco, a leftist socialist and Liberal Party (Partido Socialismo E Liberdade,psol), was elected to the Rio municipal council in 2016 with the exception of the fifth highest vote, with only 7 women in the 51 members of the city Council, Marie Lle Franco is the only black woman.

Her background is the epitome of the story of the majority of the population in Rio. As a disadvantaged group, she is more aware of the importance of fighting for the rights and interests of those who are unable to speak, and when she is a member of the public, she is fearless in the Brazilian political arena, actively opposing police brutality, supporting women against violence, promoting black rights and slum dwellers ' rights. (Recommended reading: The action revolution of black female artists: what we want is not the crown, but to be seen )

The violence in Rio de Janeiro carnival this year spate, President Ditmeyer (Michel Temer) saw the local police in the weak, special signed an order authorizing the army to take over Estado Do Rio De Janeiro.

As of February 17, 2018, the Rio State has entered the army's martial law, and Marielle Franco has been more critical of the government's plans to send military police to the slums: the military will only cause more civilians to die and not bring about so-called peace and security.

In the city of Rio, nearly one-fourth people live in slums, a group that has long been silenced and neglected. The election of Marielle Franco, so that the voice of the disadvantaged groups can be passed out, bringing a reversal of the status of Hope. Now this shooting case, by the public suspicion is Marielle Franco out and fearless, for her to attract murder.

Marielle Franco's death, her sister Anniere more openly: "Our slums are weeping, the Rio is weeping, and all Brazil is crying today." "Thousands of people have also taken to the streets to mourn the Marielle Franco and to attack the rampant violence and the structural corruption of the government through the protests throughout the world."

Thousands of people gathered in front of the City Theatre in Rio de Janeiro to protest against the death of Marielle Franco. Photo: Leo Correa/ap

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According to the Guardian , Franco, a 21-year-old communication student, Barbossa (Jefferson Barbosa) praised her as "a symbol of political hope" in the evening of 15th at the scene of the mourning. "She is a great representative of the LGBT movement and the black movement," said Matheus de Santos, a truck driver assistant at the 20-year-old Rio block. (Recommended reading:"gender observation" for women's rights also for the street!) Trump into office, women march to Washington.

Daiene Mendes, a 28-year-old slum-Megis and journalism student, said "marielle Franco was not only my friend, but also an important symbol of our revolt. It was she who let us black women from the slums know that they were able to challenge the rulers who were dismissive of us. 」

Marielle Franco's 19-year-old daughter, Santos (Luyara Santos), wrote in The Independent newspaper , "They not only killed my mother, but also killed her 40,006, 000 voters." 」

According to LA times, after the shootings, protests and observances were burned in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Brasilia and other city centers, #MarielleFranco, #MariellePresente and # Nãofoiassalto (This is not a robbery) and other labels also appear on Twitter, through these online and offline activities, so that the death of Marielle Franco continue to exert influence on the St. Paul protests in the Facebook activity page, Adrianavas Canceros wrote about the incident:

"Another dead black woman, when they kill our children, when they arrest and kill our husbands, when they try to keep us silent and kill us in various ways, we will not remain silent, and we shall continue to scream, condemn and fight." 」

The former Estado Do Rio De Janeiro long Leonel Brizola more than brizola comenta page Upload a picture, in the Marielle Franco face of the image is always warm and firm smile, stare at the distance, and put on a line of words:

"A powerful person can get rid of one, two, three flowers: But they cannot withstand the advent of a spring." 」

Marielle Franco Use the actual action, will oneself desire to see the change, turn into hope, kind in the people's heart, when the society because of faith a change of power cohesion, perhaps, flip the weak, improve the politics of corruption spring is coming.

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