"Relationship Diary" There is no ideal love, only belong to their own intimate relationship. Chen Xiaochun and should pick son, Love is met a person willing to put down stubborn and temper, love is in the boundless sea, understand belong to your lovely.

There is a classic picture of Chen Xiaochun and should be picked.

2015, the ancient Chen Xiaochun Friendship years concert, the upper body of pheasant, stretched a face sang "Each other", sitting under the stage when the audience should pick up, wearing a Mickey hair hoop, separated empty sent several kisses, Chen Xiaochun cover smile, face dew "take you no way" of the spoil, finally silently sang I love you.

There is love in the original eyes, is such a thing.

"Even if there is no reason around the world, and you will always be together, you do not put me down, I do not put down you, I want to make sure to hold the same arms every day." Do not have to pick us into the big, when I two no adventure of the blessing, see, Yun Yu wind. Still how willing to put down you. We, also cherish this breath. 」

This song seems like they. With her in the world, he no longer longing for the distance.

People say Chen Xiaochun bad temper, do not understand romance, personality than pheasant high cold, only should be picked up son to see, he is just worry all to swallow, reluctant to trouble others, she reached out her hand, touched his tough guy armed, found inside a child, do not know how to cry, do not know how to laugh, do not know how to bare emotions.

She held him in his arms and let him know that you can be sad and you can be happy.

Chen Xiaochun and should adopt son, this is with Men Shi sibling, this division sibling, year difference 16 years old, brothers play together. People shout should pick son Tintin, how to know she finally also Ding dong to break into Chen Xiaochun life. On the first date, Chen Xiaochun didn't think about it, take the son to the roadside stall; the first Valentine's Day, even the restaurant have forgotten to order, should pick up son in the mind, think this Chen Xiaochun a face Big Brother kind, didn't think not know dating more no heart, then think, then feel cute. (Recommended reading:"Relationship diary" song song and Song Zhongki, because it is you, I want to spend the rest of my life )

"I know his personality is like this, I want to be romantic, then I can arrange for myself." "Should not rush to transform Chen Xiaochun, she wants to appreciate his lovely."

She also frankly told Chen Xiaochun, "Ancient puzzle" period, everyone is obsessed with South elder brother, her heart only read pheasant, "I was young worship you", Chen Xiaochun scratch scratching, incredibly a bit embarrassed. She likes to look at him with admiration, admire his man, that is perfectly natural. They love no routines, do not hide scheming, but like to play together, you are noisy, and I accompany you laugh.

Love is like a demon, Chen Xiaochun love should be collected son, is the demon of the Heart, the convergence of naughty little temper, she does not like, he will not do, this seems to be the first time in his life, Chen Xiaochun feel that he has the power to change for a person, he always liked her smile, he would like to laugh at her future.

"As long as there is her, I feel happy, happy, satisfied, so for her to do more than anything else." "Love is to get through Ren du two veins, Chen Xiaochun bones loose, little boy loose tough man shell, can cry can laugh, love a person, will feel happy actually easy."

2010, two people married, wedding photos are very funny, she tied braided Braid, he a face, like their love, unique.

Pictures | source

Pictures | source

Pictures | source

Chen Xiaochun do not love to write, the wedding vows are written very seriously, just like signing a contract, "I take care of the housework, want to have boys and girls are with you." Anyway, today, there's only you in my life. "The signature is the disgusting husband Baby Spring spring."

Love Her is the most certainty of his life, he will spend a lifetime to do a good job.

People always love to ask how to take care of a generation of prodigal son Chen Xiaochun, the spread of various types of the style of the Fu, perhaps, should be picked up son really powerful, is his sincere love Chen Xiaochun. Yu-yu is too boring, is Chen Xiaochun and should be picked in the boundless world, take in each other, understand each other's lovely. (Recommended reading:"relationship diary" Hawking and Jessie: If there is no one I love, it is just an empty universe )

Should pick son: husband, I want to call you all my life.
Chen Xiaochun: My pleasure.

You do not put down me, I do not put down you, hello we agreed, the future of the day, but also to play together.