Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

I will always remember the January 4 of 2017, I did not think I would become an editor, to cover my heart to look at their interests, or longing, eager to write. With fresh people's stupidity peculiar and enthusiasm, no fine carving of the experience, only do their best to strive for the sincere mind, I entered the female fan internship.

Looking back on the days when I started my internship, I was very, very frustrated.

I think the so-called new people, perhaps the most tortured but also the most enjoyable adult style. The reason is fresh, because the first into the workplace, what rules do not understand, industrial development, media ecology, production of article flow, article editing details, new and unfamiliar, have to adapt.

New subjects, to go through a lot of the first time, each of the first start, let me fall not light, but that fall is necessary, in the future you will become a enjoy pain, dare to run people.

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Topic 01: What you think you're good at is actually basic.

Like to write and produce Web site content is two different things.

In the past I was a woman fascinated readers, in an interview, content unit to find the way forward, like many readers, women fans will not give us the standard answer, but let us see life with many possibilities, open up the social framework, read the process, total feel free.

However, from the reader into the production of the content of the author, just like writing, easy to be moved by text, far from enough.

I remember in the first article of the woman fan, I will try to write a text, combined with the festival and the reader's needs during the new year. Just the angle of the article, I mentioned two or three times in the direction, was one by one gun, with my editor Abby told me: "When editing, write every article, you can not only own." Not only the author's preference, but also think of this article in mind if the topic for what to write? What kind of reader is written for? When each media is writing the same topic, how do we write the angle that belongs to the female fan? 」

In that article, I took three days to go back and forth from the angle of looking into the manuscript. (If you want to read the article, please click here: the old friend sheet: in front of you, I always assured fragile )

It was the first time that I felt that my ability was far less than what I used to think I was good at "writing", which is just basic. See their own shortcomings, put down their pride, empty themselves, open their hands, let new challenges and learn to come in.

Topic 02: Try hard, you may still be gorgeous wrestling

The second fall was the first time to speak openly in front of a team, and to speak openly was always my door.

First into the media, it is a strange and frightening thing for me to be completely ignorant of the media ecology, how to interact with the readers on Facebook, how to calculate the numbers and analyses of the community, how to report the results of the analysis to the team's partners, how to start the report, and how to speak the presentation logically.

Fear to see their own shortcomings, fear of their own ability enough to share their observations, fear of looking at a pair of eyes loudly public briefings.

I remember the Community report before I had an appointment with my editorial partner to practice with me many times, and she corrected my logic and found out the results of the report that were not clear enough to tell me how to start and how to interact with my partner through eye contact and briefings. (Recommended reading:"Workplace notes" clear enough, is the beginning of rapid growth )

Before the report I took a few deep breaths, formal, look at my eyes to make a blank in my mind, snoring told the end of their own do not know what the briefing, just want to finish quickly, to step down.

Women fans have a good habit, we always share in the partner speech, lead the topic or even a small meeting, give the performance of the people some can better advice.

After the meeting, I listened to accompany me to practice several times the opening and content of the editor Abby, methodically pointed out where I can better, while listening to my tears side big dripping.

I always remember that tear brought me growth: it is hard to try, still gorgeous wrestling remorse, it is not want to let you expect better people disappointed shyness shame, it is to grow, desire to become strong stubborn.

I learned to accept failure that day, to accept the feelings of remorse, shame, and discontent, to feel them and to remember them deeply. In the future every time you want to give up remind yourself: you have cried, because so eager to grow.

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Topic 03: The moment you accept the challenge, you are already growing

The third topic I learned in women's obsession is to take the first step before saying "no".

In the face of challenges, we may always feel that we are inadequate, prepared not good enough, the difference between success and failure where? I think, is not afraid of the courage to fail.

In March 2017, in response to International Women's Day, women were fascinated by a grand event, inviting President Tsai to talk about women's influence. My challenge is to be in the event two hours after the end of the scene to write a direct hit, the day on-line.

To write an article at that time need two or three days of my, this is a great pressure challenge, received notice, in fact several times in the heart small scream, want to give up. But when I think of myself coming to the beginner's mind of a woman, remembering several tears of longing for growth, I remember that my team mates are willing to put this challenge into my hands.

I decided to try before denying myself.

After the mission, I collected all the activity information, read the past editor to write every text, active to find editor-in-chief Audrey consulted several times how to write the text, so still can not be relieved, even in the day before the event, stay up late to the possible use of the material first sorted, written a paragraph of text, In order to allow yourself to write the article in two hours on time to complete the challenge. (Recommended reading:"Workplace notes" the reward for effort is not success, but growth )

Whenever I think of that anxiety, I always remind myself to embrace fear, when you take the first step to accept the challenge, is to let oneself have a growth opportunity, grow stronger and more advanced.

Looking back on this year's career experience, I always thank and feel lucky, I am a heart of love, the world has a paranoid person. Embrace the desire for love, let me face setbacks in the process, several times to do while crying, but never thought to escape.

In the past year, it has been a long and enjoyable journey from a woman-obsessed intern to a solid-headed one. Strictly speaking this year is the first year of my career, I would like to always remember my 23 years old, clear and fearless eyes, always with restless heart, uneasy status to explore their own possibilities.

To be a person who is constantly aware of fear, enjoy the sweetness of pain and growth, be a sentimental person, feeling of life, feelings about the world, the need to be concerned about the social issues, gender rights and interests, because of experience, so will be distressed will anger, will be eager to give a little power to change it.

Rookie of the career, the future will still have a lot of the first time, and I have begun to look forward to.