Woman fan editor and the author for you pick a piece, write a film review also write life story, see the miniature life under the lens. Netflix's premiere film Extinction, when you have to lose the body at any time to be controlled by humans into beasts, that fear is extremely beautiful and frightening. (The plot has micro-thunder, please be careful to enter)

Dim light, such as blowing bubbles in the neon when the light is, when the shimmer came, already can not remember.

The world of shimmer, like a giant petri dish, breaks all gene sequences, crocodiles and sharks, hybrids, antlers, flowers, humanoid plants, subversion of common sense, time and memory disorders, all things trade DNA, new life occurs at any time, you think the truth is not taken for granted.

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Their line of five people, each huaiguitai into the shimmer, see the Rainbow black hole. The most beautiful is to hurt people, don't you know?

"Extinction" is a strange story, Netflix premiere, theme, science fiction suspense has new ideas, "extinction" gives people a more contemporary fear-the loss of human control, found himself standing on the border between man and Beast, at any time can be to the other side. Picture How beautiful, there is much horror, but that horror, but there is the possibility of exciting people. (Recommended reading:"For you to pick the film" "Hunting for Monday": Every day, you are real? )

The three-story horror of the beautiful and frightening

The first layer of the glimmer of horror is that theory no longer works.

All human beings delimit boundaries, to understand the world and to restrain their own founder rules--Biology, physics, psychology, after stepping into the dim light are ineffective. Theory cannot be indexed, time is like a game, and the logic and order on which we depend are not as omnipotent as we think. Madness only needs a nudge, no rules of the world, let the human panic-you tell me, how do I understand the world with bare hands?

The second layer of horror is immediately followed by the disorder of the body and free will.

The soldier was seated in his seat, and he saw himself stirring like a serpent's entrails, organ control right away from him, his organs became an organism, the beautiful flowers from inside his body to open him, he died like a painting, they are to seek terror, understanding terror, the eradication of terror, how to know their inexplicable, became a part of terror.

Human beast difficult to distinguish, grinning beast, mouth out of the voice of human cry for help, after death, your consciousness left behind, become a horror.

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The third layer of horror, which is completely copied and plagiarized, contains your form, your voice, your memory, your consciousness. After the copy, the original you can throw away, anyway, the new is the same as you do not? Only when the Water Cup is refracted will you accidentally disclose the secret you have been replaced.

"Extinction" presents a qualitative change, is another kind of eternal life, survive you, is not the original you, but this important?

Qualitative change of marital relationship, Love also has another kind of horror

"Extinction" is "artificial consciousness" director Eliks Garland's second film, the continuation of the "artificial consciousness" of the discussion theme and aesthetics--where is the human boundary? When will people become less like people? When will he take the place of man? (Recommended reading: born as a person, I am sorry!) Social Psychology of the world's missing

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The heroine Lina carries the secret, the memory is disordered, but she unceasingly remembers oneself and husband's marriage, their marital relationship also qualitative change. She wondered, what was the reason for her husband to voluntarily embark on this suicide trip? Is it because you found out that you were cheating? She could not forgive herself, this journey was her atonement, and she went far, far enough to believe that if you had come back, I could. (same field Gayon:"Relationship Diary" Saint Laurent and Pierre: You have betrayed me, but you are only me )

If we restart, you are no longer you, I will not be me, you will not remember I have betrayed you? Will I be able to make a new choice as a result? Our death, the accidental and the happy, gave us rebirth.

When I escape the boundaries of man, when he replaces me, the flesh and blood of extinction, will explode a new possibility, a symbiotic possibility, a fusion of the possibility, a no longer only "I" the possibility.

You say the head here is cold or warm.

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