"If you want" series, if you have a desire, Why don ' t you just do it? Four contemporary VCDs, realistic portrayal of human nature, from the dream to talk about death, we are fragile but still fighting hard people.

A story, a life.

We always glimpse ourselves in the story of the album and the Tangled emotions of the protagonist, those who have nowhere to speak of melancholy, chasing the reality of the plight of dreams, the throbbing and anxiety of love, are captured by the lens, put on the screen, let us face the most practical life of happiness and pain, the process of viewing, unfold with their own dialogue.

We love VCDs, because it always put the most insipid life intangible mood, display spread out, want you to think carefully about human nature good and evil, with gentle but very dynamic way, want you to see neglected social issues.

If you want to pursue a play, four VCDs recommend you, from the love of unrequited love entanglements, chasing the dreamer's rise and fall, talk about the life story of transgender people, let you in all kinds of life posture plot, thinking about life. (Recommended reading: travel with your own alone: life, occasionally need to stray )

"The Quartet": Love and Love, it becomes empty

Do you know what is more sad than sadness? is empty happy


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"Quartet" by Songlong, full Island Light, Takahashi Life, Songtia starring. The story of the main axis around the 30 generation of two men and two women, they experienced wind and frost, with their own life story, in Karuizawa meet, support each other, interwoven into more complex and memorable situation. (Recommended reading: VCDs "Day Yan" in the female lust: The emotional exit of the wife derailment )

The quartet's poster reads: "30 years old." No matter love or life, can not be expected ⋯⋯"This language contains the next line of the story, from the story of four people to explore the life and love of those" not satisfactory "contradictions and dark side. Screenwriter Yuki also in the first episode to the point: "We have not been able to make a living by their own hobby, not as a principal person must make a decision, is to treat it as a hobby, or continue to as a dream, to become a hobby of the ants are happy, as the dream of the cricket is covered with mud. "The process of practicing your dreams can make you fall into a muddy reality."

In addition to the dream, the quartet four protagonist's Love view, also always pointed to the core of intimate relationship, let the viewer rethink, out of the end of romantic love, love can also have what kind of state:

"The so-called unrequited love, is a person to do the dream." The two lovers are realistic, the unrequited love is unreal, there is a bottomless river between them. 」

The so-called husband and wife, is "can separate family."

Love suspense Drama for adults, we in the "quartet" see the emotional maintenance, may hide a lie, a nail on the surface to solve the apparent harmony, to our intimate relationship in the deepest and most true place to look, perhaps mature adult love, is to see the most ugly piece of love, still do not give up to believe in love.

"Sparks": Ideals are like sparks, fleeting.

I took this route to perform enough to overthrow the common sense of the world, but the only thing I overturned was the good words "work must be rewarded."

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"Sparks" about the name of well-known (a Japanese comedy form) artist Deyong, in a performance met the talent of the predecessor of the Valley, saw its performance decided to worship him as a teacher. The prerequisite for mutual mentoring is that Shingo requires Deyong to write a biography for himself. The story axis develops in the process of the words and deeds of the God Valley, and explores the art of the diffuse and the faith of the dream through each time of getting along and talking. (Recommended reading: One day, we are not to get the dream, but to become our own dream )

In the end, both of them have worked hard for their dreams, but embarked on a different path, leaving the viewer to "laugh" and "life" thinking.

The story has De Deyong's description of the Valley Chasing Dreams:

"God Valley is too good, he put meaningless nonsense every day hanging in his mouth, but with a way to attract people's eyes to chant, not burdened with superfluous things." I'll never catch up with Mr. Shingo. "
Mr. Shingo is here, he is here, his heart is beating, he is breathing, Mr. Shingo is almost bored to live, as long as he lives, there will be no bad ending, we are still in the middle of the story."

For you to pull between the ideal and the reality, perhaps chasing the dream process, we are often as wishful dreaming, silly for others do not care about the belief to struggle, this vcds realistic portrayal of the practice of the dream will encounter the self and questioning, even if efforts to the end will not necessarily be successful, you are willing to practice the dream, In the night of life to light a flash of sparks?

The Queen of Forensic Medicine: As long as you are alive, you will not lose.

Instead of having time to despair, eat food and have a good sleep.

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"The Queen of Forensic Medicine" (アンナチュラル/unnatural) is a combination of forensic science and suspense reasoning VCDs, the protagonist is located in the background of the story set in the "unnatural Cause of death" (English abbreviation: UDI), is a fictitious neutral research institute, specialized anatomy of the body, to identify the unnatural cause of death, UDI Not only accept the police commissioned, will also receive civil investigation.

Each episode is followed by an investigation. Thus extending a discussion of social issues, through the development of the story of the transition, let people see the writer Yoko Nomo delicate and powerful place. The whole film explores the subject of death in a gentle and straightforward way, by investigating, helping the family and the deceased to make a sound, and adding a secret and unknown past to each character to explore the dark inner world of character intangible.

To you who are paranoid about the world, in "the coroner's Queen," we see the protagonist forensics (Shi Satomi) and its partners, in the face of a huge government system and social issues, still willing to help others through their own strength. In the play constantly let the viewer reflect on the meaning of death, although the death of the end of a person's life, but can cause a lot of follow-up effects, and then have a little influence on society, as you are paranoid about the world, in the process of practicing it, will be a bit of brewing you want to see changes

The life of a woman: the person who strives to live as one's own, should not bear the comment

"I like to fight hard people, even if the strength is insufficient, heart fragile, also willing to go all out, I think such people are beautiful and strong." 」

"The Life of a Woman"

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"Woman's Life" by the ban wood division of the original novel adaptation, just four episodes, the interpretation of a "transgender person" of daily life and life experience.

The story is carried out in a longing for the lovely woman life protagonist Kang, from the countryside to the metropolis, in the network fashion company, he called himself "Mei Ji", in order to get rid of the past life, to start a new life, he tried to use the identity of the United States in the big city life. Miki Houkawa has a confession in the play, but also a lot of transgender people's true voice:

"I've always wanted to be a girl, but my body hasn't been transformed, so I left my hometown and enjoyed my life here," she said. Now, the so-called gender identity anxiety disorder, but I think it is more appropriate for transgender people. Although want to become a girl, but I also want to fall in love with girls, so psychologically is lesbian, physiological is male. 」

To be brave to be your own, the drama of a fresh and soft angle to talk about gender issues, and the gender identity of the transgender people's anxiety is true in the plot, through the plot to communicate with the audience gender issues, but also expressed no gender, every effort to live to find their own way of survival, should be respected and affirmed. (Recommended reading: Why do we love the Danish Girl, but do not love the transgender side?) )

I recommend you four VCDs, let the plot with a day routine infiltration, shallow move implicitly in the process of watching you, the reflection and moved into your heart, let you repeatedly recite thinking of the meaning of a line behind, find you face life another way.