Single diary, write tempting's single mind. May you talk about a Tianfu Veltzke type of love, if love can not be eternal, and let us happy process.

When you are lovelorn, you must listen to Tianfu Veltzke.

Which lovelorn person has not the heart to have grudges, but pretends the atmosphere, round a peaceful break up bureau, that bureau is empty, deceives oneself just. A few times pour also simply, a sigh of tears flower makeup, smoke smoked eyes, leaving black tears, you want to own good miserable, but completely did not think of revenge, revenge on a person who has not cared about you, it is too sad.

Your heart is always stuffy that sentence, you don't think of me. This song, also has to raise the head to sing high.

Picture | "Don't you think of Me" MV screenshot

Picture | "Don't you think of Me" MV screenshot

"Obviously you love me too, no reason not to love the result
As long as you dare not cowardly, why should we miss
Night Long dream More, you don't think of me
Then you'll know how painful it is. 」

Don't you think of me

Miss rampant, you pester yourself, you torture yourself, you despise yourself, you forgive yourself, you in the black Tears of life reborn, see the hell, you just understand, you can take yourself to heaven. The strength of love and hate, I want to return to myself. (Recommended reading:"single diary" I don't need to think of you, because I never forget you )

"I think I will not love you, so go on, small self-esteem are almost abandoned
I think I will not hate you, the scars of injury, living in my heart into a secret. 」

I don't think I love you

Of course, there are a few times, is your decisive mention of the breakup, the mood is like being dumped, how to say, decided to break up with you, betrayed the "You" clearly there is a road ahead, you have to say blocked, but you know in the heart, there is a road ahead, you are tied hands tied feet, can't get through, you do not want to deceive themselves.

Simply to have a song with the other time, goodbye to our love, if not you, I will not be me, you like the waves, gentle roll over me, left me a ripple ripples, I will not forget.

"Like dead love, it's still shining in your heart.
Leave me no substitute, the madness of Love
Make my life more glorious. 」

--The ripples of the fallout

Of course, when you wait, you must listen to Tianfu Veltzke. Tianfu Veltzke Wait, there are still life poetic, like prayers, wishing on the universe, you come or not, I have always been in the boundless world, smell the breath of each other's soul, met you will know, I have been waiting for you.

"If you are a rare rainbow, I would like to be a stranger screaming
If you're a star that you can't reach, I'll look in the eye.

--"Soul mate"

Waiting can also be very join the WTO, I do not do your first love, in your ignorant ignorance of the time to meet, I want us all in love when the bad guys, just know how to treat. You have loved others so much that you know how to love me better.

"If I'm lucky I deserve to have
Please thank me for being abandoned if you appreciate my strong and gentle
Thank you for that precious wound.

--"My Love"

If you talk about the triangle love, also listen to Tianfu Veltzke. When love becomes a shared economy, I want to know who is competing for the game; the body is a container, I want to know who also live in it. So can, a little arrogant, said I do not blame you, people become very fast, I understand that I want you to be honest with me.

"If this is a fate you can't escape, please give me a better rival.
At least let me have the fun of competition
At least let me believe that abandonment is a reason to be abandoned.

"Please give me a better rival"

Figure | "Love and Love Forever" MV screenshot

Figure | "Love and Love Forever" MV screenshot

When you are madly in love, you must listen to Tianfu Veltzke. Commemorate the sweet, cautious, lifetime rare petty, you pursed up your mouth, repeatedly confirm, you are my, I am yours, right, engraved with the signal, the lips of the imprint, the heart told himself, this can be. (Recommended reading: Tianfu Veltzke love their daily: it is because of impermanence, you should cherish the daily )

Tianfu Veltzke-style love, is looking forward to having such a person, in you can not see all the places, still choose to love you.

"We march in the gleam, and be careful in the ambiguous
Groping for the truth of Happiness, Afraid of love and love and give up,
There is no love in Love will always, the lucky "

--"Love and Love, forever."

Love and do not love the time, are not intended to become whose scenery, if love after all can not be eternal, at least let us happy process.