Single diary, write tempting's single mind. To the modern people of another kind of love imagine, if we do not love, whether love can not bad? Can in the recollection, with you forever?

Early in the morning, the girls are still sitting in bed, watching the boys will leave.

The boy said: "Then I go." 」
The girl said, "We won't see each other again, will we?" 」
The boy said: "Yes, these seven days I am very happy, you are very good." 」
The girl said: "I know." 」

One thing to its most beautiful time, may end immediately, better.

City CAFE and the United States in the Cherry blossom season launched the latest advertising, "Cherry Blossom 7th."

The beauty of cherry blossoms from blooming to withering, the term of seven days. Tens of thousands of people from all over the world poured in, chasing, competing for a deadline, will wither, is corrupt beauty rushed.

"Sakura 7th" charm is so-short, so can not miss the brilliant.

Friday after work bar, like into the world, to their own from the daily pull up from the rules, the skin set, the day will be black and dark, extremely magical. We feel like we're changing, fading out of disguise, feeling ourselves. Always shouting single freedom, but often looking around, a burst of grief and sorrow burst into tears, suddenly remember to be someone's mind, sweet not free; self-confidence advocates love before others, every time that choking in your heart of the figure is more vivid: he has used up the strength of the protection, that you also hate yourself.

In the dim light of the bar, the lust is flowing, everyone shifty, in this love Like a ghost, only heard never touched the era, we all want to take a chance, try to still can hit let you For Love, love to reverse common sense, love to abandon the rules, love to lose their love. (Recommended reading:"Relationship diary" Xiao Hong and xiao June, I love you, let you have the ability to hurt me )

Like the legendary love will have symptoms like that, willing to be a person not afraid of pain to pay the heart.

We all went back just as soon as the day was bright.

An unreserved love is still like an urban legend, neon flashing, no one can be in the late night city, crashed into a hope of love.

If love to the end, the core of your life has been planted warm people, and you no longer irrelevant, helplessly watching the brilliant flowers of the past, gradually corrupt, you powerless, but also insignificant.

Rather than do long bloom, permanent preservation of Love dreams, perhaps, never loved love, will not be bad. Let us flirt we ambiguous, but, nobody said, do not say this is the field has a deadline, will wither, is corrupt love.

We can share life, but don't have to report too much; we can kiss and cuddle, hold hands when necessary, but do not talk about what the relationship is; we can talk from morning till night, but not like lovers, say good night to each other, we can talk about life plan from the daily details, but your future, don't have to have me We can flirt, we can be ambiguous, but never fall in love.

Love will make our feet stumble, clinging to an end, love will force us to crave too much, forget what happiness is not asked for, Love will let us hold their own soft rib to the other side to appease, and finally become each other's soft rib, encounter on the pain, love into cruelty.

If we do not love to glaring at each other, did not pull a voice to each other roar, did not love to need desperately to prove that love still exists, then in my world, you forever pure as ever, love can never stain us.

We still can flirt still ambiguous, still can choose, do not have a piercing love.