local time March 24, more than 800,000 people took to the streets to protest gun violence, and through the parade and participants in the content of the speech, the black women suffered serious gun violence situation.

Last weekend, March 24, 2018, the United States emerged in the country after the largest parade of the post-war tide, people took to the streets to defend life and fight for the anti-gun efforts.

More than 800,000 people took part in the social movement of the "march for our life March, not just last month, when mass shootings took place in Marchollis Douglas, Florida, Marjory Stoneman Douglas high School. , killing 17 people, gunmen fire full power, shooting students 6 minutes and 20 seconds later, abandoned the gun and fled.

In the history of the shootings, there were more similar cases in the United States:

October 1, 2017, the casino music festival shooting, killing 58 people. Gunmen shot and killed 58 people and 546 others from the windows of a hotel room window heading toward the street, killing the deadliest mass shootings in modern American history.

June 12, 2016, Florida nightclub shooting, 49 people died. Gunmen fired at a gay nightclub in Orlando, where gunmen were killed in a shootout with police, claiming allegiance to the Islamic State, which the Islamic State subsequently claimed to be committing.

12 people were killed in the shooting at the Colorado State Cinema in July 2012. Gunmen rushed into Colorado State, a movie theater, to watch the "Batman" series "Dark Knight: Dawn Rise," the audience shot, and released tear gas, killing 12 people died, 70 people were injured.

For the past 30 years, gun freedom has been in opposition to personal security, unable to find a soft communication angle, although many lives have been lost in the shootings, in the United States, as long as the law on gun control is not passed, people living in open arms countries will always live in the possibility of shooting at any time. (Extended reading: written after the Gay nightclub shootings in Orlando: Living, fighting, fearless )

To date, more than 800,000 people have been walking on the streets, in the past, the abuse of firearms, the shooting case spate, the personal liberty of the various factors, issued a roar: enough, enough already (enough is enough.).

For a long time, black women have only been hiding behind guns and violent figures.

In addition to demanding stricter gun control policies, the march revealed important and needed information: the United States had not been concerned about the plight of the black community, especially the serious impact of gun violence on black women and girls.

"I recognize and represent African-American girls here, and our story is not on the front page of the newspaper or even on the evening news," Naomivadro, 11, said in a speech in Washington. For a long time, these names--these black girls and women--are just numbers. "I am here to say to those who are digitally hidden that" enough, never again, "says Wadler, who speaks for black women who have been subjected to gun violence in the past. 」

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The black community is severely affected by gun violence, according to the VOX report. In 2016, the FBI noted that blacks accounted for 52% of the murder victims. Nearly three-fourths of the murders were in the case of guns. Most discussions about race and gun violence are focused on blacks, who are particularly vulnerable to gun violence. But such violence should not obscure the fact that black women also face danger. (Recommended reading: shot of Rio Hope!) Marielle Franco: The powerful can remove a few flowers, but cannot stop a spring coming.

According to the Center for Violence Policy, black women have the highest percentage of shooting in any group of women, most of which can be attributed to intimate partner violence. "In a 2016 report, black women were more likely to be killed by spouses, intimate acquaintances or family members rather than strangers," the group said in a note in a survey of the people's population of black men. 」

Black women are also often victims of police brutality. The death of black women in police shootings sparked the creation of a 2015-year #SayHerName movement. Researchers from the University of Washington, Saint Louis, found in police shootings from May 2013 to January 2015 that nearly 60% per cent of black women were unarmed by police. Black children are also disproportionately attacked by gun violence.

In the parade, a group of student organizations put forward the slogan "Welcome to the revolution" and talk about the community affected by severe gun violence. Ednachaves, 17, said: "It is common to see flowers to commemorate the loss of life of black and African youth." "The world is concerned about gun violence, and statistics represent the lives of people who face the unequal violence caused by race and gender."

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Stop the gunshot wounds: until we make real and lasting changes

After the Douglas High School shooting, a group of students at the high school organized and launched an anti-firearm joint campaign, and student leaders wanted to raise gun control to a major improvement issue in the upcoming elections, and by marching to encourage people of their age to register to vote. The core appeal of the petition is to request a comprehensive and effective bill to be submitted to Congress immediately to solve the gun problem.

At the crossroads of the Saturday Washington Parade, the voter registration volunteers were gathered, shouting: "This is less than three minutes!" "Call a passing crowd to register and vote!"

"These parkland students have been able to make changes that no one has been able to make for decades," said NewYork time, a volunteer Callor Williams. "Mason Douglas sophomore Sari Kaufman also urged people to" take this moment, into a campaign to promote the creation of a gun control bill, "Don't let them (politicians) think we're just talking, not acting," she shouted, advocating mass demonstrations, participation in Democratic voting, Prove a politician's mistake.

After the shooting incident, the social movement echoed, let her love for parkland has a new meaning, she said: "After all this pain, we return to the unprecedented strength." We have to make real and lasting changes that will not let these 17 people die in vain. 」

The White House, after the parade, issued a statement in response to the protest march. Commending many brave young Americans for exercising their First Amendment rights *, and mentioning in the statement that in the previous Friday, the Ministry of Justice had proposed a "ban on bumps and stocks Act" that defined "machine guns" as a bump-type device containing federal law, essentially prohibiting them.

"Note *" The First Amendment: Congress shall not enact laws on the establishment of a religion or the prohibition of freedom of religion: deprivation of freedom of expression or of publication: or deprivation of peaceful assembly and the right to seek redress from the government.

We have the right to enjoy life, to live in a world where we don't have to worry about being shot.

In the parade, Juan Reyes, a senior high school student, also suggested that Chicago faced gun violence in addition to parkland: "Chicago was under threat of gun violence before the shooting, and people began to sense and talk about the safety of the students after the incident, but in fact, Our students in the south and the West have never felt safe. 」

Trevon Bosley, a 19-year-old Chicago resident, said his brother, Terrell, died of a gunshot wound in 2006, saying:

"We have the right to life without fear of being shot." 」

Mina Middleton, a 16-year-old who also spoke at a Washington event, recalls being threatened by witnessing a gunman stealing: "He pulls out a silver pistol, points it to my face, and says," If you say anything, I'll find you. "Those words, still bothering me, I still have nightmares." But today, I'm still standing here, still here, saying something loudly! (Recommended reading: The action revolution of black female artists: what we want is not the crown, but to be seen )

Through the American anti-gun parade--march for our Lives, many people who are heavily intimidated by guns and who live under the shadow of gun violence come forward to say what they have experienced and to expose the plight of the black population through gun violence, and through the confessions of participating demonstrators, The desire to cause the government and the public to face up to the need to be improved, to improve the arms control policy and the interests of the black community, so that all races, sex people, the right to live in a world without fear of being shot.

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