"What kind of woman do you want to be?" --Let Sanmao give you a blessing.

3/26 is the birthday of the writer Sanmao.

She has a stray gene in her blood and struggles in loneliness all her life. Concentrate on their own lives to be different, with life to carry out their own freedom of faith.

Invite you to look at the following key words, let Sanmao give you to seek the blessing of life.

"How to find happiness?" 】

True happiness is not ecstasy, nor pain.
In my subjective sense, it is a long, blue sea without waves.
To be an ordinary person in mortal beings, to enjoy the moment of joy in life,
Then we are in heaven, even if we do not die.

"How to pursue bravely?" 】

I don't want to be able to look at the end of a life like this,
I want to enjoy life, brave to seek love and freedom.

"How To love life?" 】

A person's life, too short.
To live oneself is the most important thing in life.
I will try my life to be a sincere person on the day of birth,
Do not give up the love and dedication to life.
In the limited time and space, an unlimited number of days.