"If you want" series, if you have a desire, Why don ' t you just do it? For your summer swimwear, from simple, retro, even to designer tailoring, want to have a few sets of bathing suits, you decide!

The summer footsteps clamor, carries spring, we like dormant already long seed, wait for the sunlight to sprinkle the earth, then must appear the soil urgently, the most comfortable posture stretches oneself, embraces the sun. You can not wait for the summer to come, to the sand stand to run wildly, the sea to enjoy the leisurely swim it? Take advantage of all kinds of bathing suits in the spring, and have a long awaited, coming summer time!

Recommend to you four different personality and needs of the destined bathing suit, so that you according to the situation and mood for the lining of the swimsuit style, I believe the girls understand that bathing suit and lipstick, a little detail and cut different, will be good to collect, reluctant to miss! (Recommended reading:"If you want to" a color number an attitude!) Recommended for your lipstick color.

To the simple control of you! Design sense bathing suits make you a special personality.

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If you are wearing taste like minimalism, also eager to show in the simple design of your taste of the type of people, recommended to you Thailand's swimsuit brand maillot CO., full of simple design sense of the bathing suit, color does not go exaggerated saturation line, to gray black and white dark color, with a full design sense of the body, Dalou back, car line and special tailoring, let you buy swimsuit taste in these small details are seen.

If you're looking for an excellent bathing suit, try a minimalist swimsuit with a design sense.

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To you who love freedom! Enjoy the almost naked pleasure of Europe and America

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If you like to enjoy being less fabric wrapped, heartily close to the sea and sunshine of people, recommended you to Taiwan's small shrimp Tung Tung favorite, the bathing suit for most of the hot European style bikini, even the body of the bathing suit also walked away high fork and large dew back route. To do not like bondage, like to enjoy the near-naked carefree feeling of you, less cloth three-point bathing suit can let you remove a large amount of sunburn, sun out beautiful even bronze complexion.

If you want to enjoy the near-naked feeling of freedom, come to a simple and sexy European and American three-point bikini!

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Give you the sun to move! Comfortable design without losing the sexy

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If you like to engage in scuba diving, surfing and other water sports, recommend that the Taiwanese designer of the brand moun_moun_official, the main breast-free mat, the market many bikinis because the cup is too hard to wear after the appearance of the chest curve, Admission is also not easy to deform, this bathing suit with three layers of cloth woven, so that you can no chest mat comfortable and comfortable to wear, feel its comfortable fabric. Around the neck design, you can avoid wearing a three-point bikini at any time may be a sense of insecurity.

In addition, even with a retro design sense of the swimsuit is also very suitable for you want to free activities, the Thai swimsuit brand glamazed, the main comfort fabric and retro design, so that you can be healthy to play with the water and retro sexy. If you want to play with water, choose a comfortable, even design swimsuit!

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To love you like the fun! The most special totem pattern is found here.

To Love color collocation, colorful totem of you, wear special patterns in the summer show your passion personality it! Recommend to you the Australian Bathing suit brand Trangl , the color is bright saturated, with many dissimilar material combination and the totem and the pattern, lets you in the crowd numerous beach, also can dazzle outstanding, enjoys belongs to the summer unrestrained free atmosphere. (Recommended reading:"If you want to" Solo Travel: Three Taiwan secret territory, self-willed to leave time for themselves )

If you want to use swimwear to convey enthusiasm, put on a colorful, totem special swimsuit It!

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Recommend to you four kinds of personality and requirements with four of the destined bathing suit, if you want to enjoy the sunshine in this summer, swim in the cool water, play loudly on the hot beach, choose the swimsuit quickly, imagine wearing them, and plan the next island trip immediately.

If you want, Why don ' t you just do it?