From S.H.E's Hebe to solo Tianfu Veltzke, she used songs and her own attitude, like a child, to love the life of any possible.

To Hebe, do you know what love is?

Sometimes I think, this world may no one love each other, we are from the outlying islands, amorous drift, in the absence of an administrator's apartment, tearing the throat, ask yourself: "It's okay, okay?" Self-esteem is too lonely to be innocent, is it the result I want? 」

Love my bad, you are not love me, and I also sorry me, if even small self-esteem will be abandoned, I think I will not love you.

Love let me know, again the beautiful scenery, one day will leave the eyes, but we have exhausted strength, give each other's kisses and soft, let the pain does not feel regret, then can, let us still like children general, fearless to love!

"Note" Tianfu Veltzke the first album "to Hebe" track order:
2.To Hebe
3. Outlying Islands
4. No Administrator's apartment
5. I'm sorry I
6. I don't think I love you.
7. Lonely Lonely Is good
8. You're too wild.
9. Super Marie
10. For children!

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To Hebe: Let others tear up the label, you just try to live

September 2010, Tianfu Veltzke led the strongest new seal, from red all over Taiwan, representing the youth memory of the S.H.E women group Solo, the first album "to Hebe", like a whole series of parting song, I listen to her singing "Lonely Lonely on the good" think of the whole youth across my "Lovers not full", like me, The men and women who grew up with Tianfu Veltzke, heard Hebe sang to our puppy love sweet, the growth process in love was injured, and was Tianfu Veltzke lyrics in the true ugly strange narration to save: have her accompany us to greet the doubt of the affection, we want to begin to understand, we will begin to understand, love inside not only honey, And the sting and pain of the process of fetching honey.

Tianfu Veltzke A song to his past self, after a new life, from Hebe to Tianfu Veltzke, this search for their real name of the road, she walked for ten years, and the road is far, the future, Tianfu Veltzke will still be persistent to go their own way: you do not understand me, I do not blame you.

Tianfu Veltzke because of a single fly red, many labels followed, someone shouted her literary girl, the Goddess of mind, also someone screwed nose, dismissive.

In the face of criticism and label, she does not change the character of the words to speak straight, call everyone to create a god-made exaggerated: "We are accustomed to classifying or labeling, goddess, title, I never feel that I am a goddess, even if everyone gave me this title, I did not because this is like the body in the clouds, I like you standing on the ground, feet steadfast standing on the ground. If everyone praised me, I will be a little guilty, to try harder, do not disappoint. I do not necessarily conform to the label, I can still live like self, but some people look at you, feel like to tear off the label is also welcome, anyway, I am here, let you paste, let you tear, I am so. 」

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Tear stickers are always the label of others, for Tianfu Veltzke, she is just trying to live, dedicated to make their own music. The world evaluates her song art, is a literary female singer, she only waved, said she did not feel. Not for any noun endorsement, she is not literary, she is to do their own. (Recommended you read: interview Tianfu Veltzke: "I want to do better myself, the pursuit of integrity and not perfect")

Why get married, I just want to make sure my heart is not alone

About the world to Tianfu veltzke Another label, she is not in a hurry to tear off, let it be brewing, as long as to ensure that they are in the most comfortable posture alive, that will do.

In the past, Tianfu Veltzke had little sexual gossip, single days long, gossip rampant, there are media began to identify her and female assistants have beyond friendship intimate friendship, Tianfu Veltzke to unknown, is always be taken out rehash topic, the original not stir gossip, will be the media chase news.

In the 2015, a certain media asked her clearly, she was cold response: "In this generation, like boys or girls, is the point?" "When we are constantly emphasizing gender diversity, but also in breaking the two-dollar sex, a single heterosexual love imagination, really loved a person because of their sex?" Or a personality?

The traditional monogamous marriage system is in fact the framework of a single heterosexual frame, whenever the media from the questioning to forced marriage, Tianfu Veltzke also always calmly practice their love and marriage values. In an interview, visitors asked her views on marriage, when she was so answer:" marriage is a pretty thing, do not insist, life is not necessarily to pursue this matter." Parents may want their daughter to be taken care of and worry about me being alone. In fact, the point is, as long as I can make sure that my heart is not lonely, take care of themselves well, the focus is not married. "(same field Gayon: Jolin Tsai, sherry, Tianfu Veltzke!") Love the biggest concert song: Why Apologize for my love

Do not dump the value of society, I learned in the Tianfu Veltzke-style philosophy of love, no longer put their own tuogu in the relationship and marriage of the rigid imagination, love the time to do their best, a person's life, heart not alone can live full, why longing for a person to complete their own?

I'm a Tianfu Veltzke, a little man, but I have a lucky abundance.

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From Hebe to Tianfu Veltzke, she used her attitude to the feelings, sing a first pain to the extreme or to be unrestrained singing Tian's love songs, and this way she always feel lucky.

Personal third album "Small", elaborated the Tianfu Veltzke from the youth growth process, these more than 10 years unceasingly with the ego value collision, to the world understanding more, the deeper introspection: "People may think I look very rebellious, thought I did the thing to compare the bone, but actually I am not such person." I am in fact very unsure of myself, so I often reflect on myself from small to large, especially when I am older and understand the world, I will begin to feel small. 」

One day she looked at the poetry of the Polish poetess, poetess Wislawa Szymborska, about the insignificance of human nature, and she said, "I sigh that I am a lucky man, able to sing my songs and take a lot of things in a rich world." "(recommend you see:" poetess Wislawa Szymborska Read Poems for You "I don't have to look up, I can see the sky )

In the past she was in the S.H.E group, always the one with less, she said may be in the bones of self-confidence, let her play a role of conversation in the group, until she flew solo, interacting with fans, talking about the album is a "forced expression" of the practice, but she is also practicing the process of speaking her mind, carding herself: "These songs represent me, I was also nourished by the singing, as if a writer, through the writing to heal, organize and express themselves, all the confusion of thoughts to do a comb, can be through their favorite things to get. 」

For Tianfu Veltzke, he may be a small but rich enough person, to accept a woman fan interview, she once said she is a person without a dream: "I am afraid people ask me, you have any dream." If it's not a perfunctory thing to say, the answer is usually funny. In fact, people do not have to have a dream, as long as the good management of their own every day, life will bring you the best surprise! That's how I am, I never expected to be who I am today, but this way I've got more than I can imagine. (same field Gayon: interview Tianfu Veltzke: "You don't have to have a dream, life will surprise you")

We like Tianfu Veltzke, maybe just love her without any affectation of truth, her songs have to love the realism of the chant, the memory of youth, but also to grow up open-minded, she let us hear the world's doubts about love, not to the standard answer, but always with the song and their own attitude, like a child, brave and fearless to love the life of any possible.

In the world of Tianfu Veltzke, she is only willing to do in the crowd, a struggle to live in the outlying islands, if you can sway their own process, inadvertently bring some beauty to the world, that would be great-that is, small people, can have the most fortunate rich.