The photographic works of the Wild Wood classics, from the perspective of private photography, based on their own experience, has long been controversial. This relationship diary, see the Wild Wood through the meeting with the Yang son, how to affect his life and photographic style. (Same site news: Sex watch | The Kaori, the revered photographer, the humiliated model ) in the 15 years

"Love is determined by the number of shutter times," he said. Nobuyoshi Araki, a master of Japanese erotic photography, asked what the most admired human photography was when he answered, "Yoko is recorded."----------- 」

Yoko is the wife of the barren Wood Sutra.

They are colleagues, the wild wood warp only grotesque, Hu Di box sunglasses, Yoko is recognized beauty, seemingly Bishi relationship, but like-minded through 20 years. The Yoko said to the first sentence, "Don't laugh, OK?" The expression of your not smiling is very beautiful. The Yoko throb, the heart has the ripple, began their love.

Figure |sentimental Journey Nobuyoshi Araki 1971/2017 gelatin Silver Print

1971, the Wild Wood by the only wedding honeymoon for the title, published the first album "Sentimental Journey", the record of the wedding of Kyoto, erotic Kyoto, double Kyoto. There is a scene of classic photography, is the wood shooting Yoko lying boat, curled up on the side of the body, such as newborn children, sunshine, screen quiet, the middle of a line across the joy of life and the death of the serenity.

Figure |nobuyoshi Araki, Sentimental Journey, 1971-2017

The photographic perspective of the wood, exposing privacy, is the private photo, a large number of capture of the naked environment, bare daily, naked Yoko, which also contains their sexual scenes. Yoko, who wrote in his memoirs, "the country's grandmother saw me naked in a photographic collection and was in a huff for three days and three nights." Under her docile exterior, she hides the same provocations and games as the wild wood.

"My life," said the Yoko, "began with the encounter with the other." "Yang Zi too." If they never meet, no one will wake up.

1989, the wood and Yoko should be invited to the magazine, opened the "Tokyo Day and" serial, wood photography, Yoko essays, a lap to sing, a large number of production of Tokyo image. Serial to Phase III, Yoko had ovarian cancer, into the hospital bed. Waste every day for Yoko sent a sunflower, Yoko body filled with pipe, deserted wood close eyes, touch life and death singular, he picked up the camera, he knew, he can shoot her days are not much.

Six months later Yoko died, only 43 years old. The trees clapped their hands tightly, he saved her fingers and felt the strength of the last time she shook.

Yoko left, the wild wood by the only love to shoot flowers, and walk into the photographic style of the Big Bang. He will wither the flowers and rotten fruit, and the human body photograph and put, the style is singular and magnificent, the life and death of the line, how to live, what is death? Life and death, but a shutter moment. (Extended reading:"nude photo album" Embracing Your True soul in the Dark)

1991, The Wild Wood published "Sentimental Journey: Winter", record Yang disease since the picture. In the collection of photographs, he wrote almost unreservedly,

"Yoko, the best day for sunflowers, the sun is warming in Tokyo," he said. We arrived at the Liuchuan, like the one we came to when we were married, and the small courtyard of the hotel was still clean and green. And the room we stayed in had not changed. The old woman who had seen it was already 94 years of age. Is nothing but time going to change? 」

"Actually, I just want to know if you are really happy with me." Yoko, whether it's a later accident or a tumor in your womb, you can't let me think you're going to leave me. Even now, I have always felt that you are here. 」

He misses her very, very much. For a whole year, he was only willing to shoot a vacant scene. Yoko in her documentary essay, "My Love Life," which describes her encounter with the barren wood and love,

"I know he is a person wearing a bad mask, but the heart is sensitive and delicate, easy to feel lonely." After he made such a judgment, I also put down my heart to follow him. 」

Only at this time when he was tired and returned home did he show her husband's appearance. At other times, for me, he was more of a photographer than a husband. And I don't want to be his wife, I want to be his "woman". 」

She is his woman, he is her photographer, Yoko is the eternal model of the barren wood.

This year, the barren wood was only 78 years old, not remarried. In last year's "Barren Wood Sutra:" The Old Man a "photographic exhibition, the Wild Wood was deliberately selected July 7 opening, and a number of photographs of the date of the alteration into July 7. This day, is the Yoko and the wedding anniversary, 37 years later, he will still be celebrating.

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