Every wand has his own master, " said Olivander, the wand in Haliport.In fact, every swimsuit is waiting for her to be the most suitable owner.Bikini is a sexy suit, a swimsuit of style, and two-cut swimsuit.This year's French swimsuit show clearly shows an improvement in the recovery of a swimsuit.It is certain that bikini is no longer the only place on the beach.This year's summer beach, the US shouldn't have only one form!Don't worry, womany stands for the four different body-shaped bathing suits for you to find the best fit for this summer!

(Before you put on your swimsuit, do a tight physical exercise to make your body shape better!) Three Steps Easily learn Skinny Stomb Law , Work Station-Can-Thin Sports Act , < Cat Coaches, Create Sanky, Slap Bhip, Perfect Thightline )

carrots and attack techniques

Representative: Sun Yan Zi

Carrots refer to a slim skincare girl with almost the same shoulder and hip.The potential trouble is that the waist line is not clear and the figure is not clear enough, and the swimsuit is full of impure, but in fact, the heart desires to be praised for the sexy curve.

Attack tips: large totem, shoulder straps, geometric patterns

Using a swimsuit with a geometric pattern or a floral print to make it a success, and at the same time adorable the waist-line, one-and-two-looking, is the highest level of the sense of merit.

The shoulder belt bikini is the best choice, and it's a powerful choice, and it's a powerful one.The kink design in the middle of the bikini is more focused on the upper circle.The color selection totem, the irregular pattern, or the mature flower, the floral bikini has an excellent visual expansion, and a declaration of assertiveness by a declaration of great confidence.

Goes to the Dead: The color selection should be avoided by avoiding the monochrome slime, dot dot, and so on, which are easily associated with a teenager's association.The monochromatic horizontal striped swimsuit is your big taboo.The horizontal stripes run into swimsuits, and will leave your waist line invisible again without mercy.

Pizza Pizza Defense Tips

Representative: Kayoo Model White-Whiteering

pizza pie is the type of shoulder wider than the hip, and the curve is glamorous.But sometimes the wrong swimsuit would appear to be lighter and less light.

Attack tip: Deep V-neck, high waist, fit bathing suit

Hey!A good friend of the same swimsuit is not familiar with her, is she not familiar with her?Choose a combination of swimsuit and deep V-neck design with a more plus, a wider shoulder, a smaller shoulder, and a charming brassiere. There is no one who cares about the width of the shoulder.

A pair of swimsuits with a higher waist in four corners allows them to gain a better understanding of the winning points.The high waist line shear increases the weight of the body, and the visual proportion of the leg is elongated, and it can be stored in the winter for too many small belly tribings.If you choose a color system or a special flower pattern, you can distract attention from your head.

Shoulders death: the lower half of the waist will be so low that the lower body is so thin that it is, in turn, a dead hole with a wide shoulder wide.However, if the goal is to pursue ", how do you always get the mother's butt " can try it out.

pear attack technique

Representative: Windland

"pear pie" is the opposite of the pizza pie, and the hip is wider than the shoulder, and the body is hot and spicy, and the pick-up costume must not be lightly weighted.On the contrary, when the attack is on the reverse, the weight of the upper body must be increased.

Attack tip: bale, flutter skirt, low waist

You win in bichini, you win!The pale bikini can make your upper circle more plentiable, a triangle of two shoulder belts and a chest line, reinforce the shoulder curve, and increase the sense of presence.Don't forget that the low-waist tie-in triangle is also your ally.

The small skirt is designed to fit in.Remember to choose a non-buttocks and a long skirt that beautifies the hip line and does not show the width of the hip.You can choose to have a sense of presence, increase the weight of the upper body, and do it in a shallow and shallower shape, and never make mistakes.

Shading dead: A bathing suit with a color system is a mine that has an imbalance in the ratio of upper and lower proportions, and the swimming trunks with large patterns will make your lower disc look less light.If you choose a small skirt, you must remember to cut off the lotus leaf or the wrinkle, or else it will have a crisis of expansion.

gourd-assigned attack techniques

Reps: reassure

calabash fingers are the width of the shoulder width and the buttocks width, the waist line is obvious, and the shape of the body is similar to the gourd typeCongratulations!This type of style is so unique that it can try almost all kinds of swimsuits.It is a good opportunity to take advantage of the unique style of swimsuit design to lead the unorthodox bikini trend.

Single-shoulder bikini has a unique style of elegance, especially for narrow-shoulder women, and can strengthen shoulder lines.Who says a bikini can only be strapped in a strapped straps and shouted in a single-shoulder, bikini, "I said," What happened this summer? I said, "I'm not going to do it.""

This summer, we may wish to try not to tie a swimsuit with a casual summer sun.The non-strapped swimming costume of the colour system is both sexy and youthful; it is not good for everyone to wear; it is suitable for women with special self-confidence for the shoulder.If you want to choose this type of style, you must carefully choose whether you have a steel ring or a steel ring, or just stay in the dressing room.

The death of a dead man: I almost forgot to say, it still has a dead hole!When choosing a bathing suit, it is important to note that the proportion of upper and lower bodies, such as light and thin upper bodies, which is too long and dark, will cause the same example to be buried in a wrong swimsuit.A swimsuit that fits the world is actually more fashionable than a fashion swimsuit that has become popular in the season.

This summer, we are all suited for our own Miss swimsuit, which is more than what it is. It is a decision that we have to make.

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