Dumb endure photography Master of the 15, "I am sorry to destroy the illusion of photography fans," model Kaori appeared to tell her story of humiliation.

On April 1 This year, in the photography and media circles, "Muse", a well-known and 15-Year-old model/dancer Kaori, has published an article in the social media, "is this common sense really true?" ( original link ), describing the lack of cooperation with the wild wood, such as the power is extremely wrong: including 15 cooperation did not have a contract guarantee, during the period of not being photographed, and without her consent to release photos or make her name of the photographic collection such as "Kaori Sex Diary" and so on behavior, Had a great influence and distress on her life and spirit.

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Kaori, the Yoko's wife, is the most important photographic model, the only one said: "I am not a great photographer, but I have a special theme, such as Yoko and Kaori." 」

Kaori past contact with the public mostly in the wood after the lens, Youramu for her interpretation of the attitude and manner of contact with the public. This time kaori out of the lens, a confess, take back these years of interpretation of the dominant power. Her complaint, not only against the extreme power asymmetry of the 15, also pointed out that once women were exposed to the camera, society automatically belittled them as sex objects and no longer respected their physical autonomy.

Yesterday, the Japanese supermodel Shizi also stood out in solidarity with the Kaori, through the IG dynamic questioning of the Wild Wood Sutra: "For you, what is a woman?" "The wood has answered similar questions in various artistic visits, but this time it is not a media reporter, a colleague or an audience, but a photographer who has been targeted by his camera." However, the shortage of wood has not yet been answered.

Who is the barren timber sutra?

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Dentsu was born in 1940, 1963 graduated from Chiba University Photographic printing industry, has worked in the Japanese company Electric Communication () advertising agency, where to meet the future wife, Japanese prose writer Huang Muyang (old surname Aoki).

During the honeymoon, the Wild Wood took a series of diary photography, and published a photographic collection of "Sentimental Journey" (センチメンタルな Brigade), which is still one of his most famous works, from the beginning of this work, the barren Sutra developed his so-called " Private photo ", set foot on his personal photo photography road.

The concept of "private photo" corresponds to Japan's 20th century new unique style ──"private novel. Different from the pure Benge novel. The private novel is based on the author's own experience, and adopts the self revealing narration method, which is the mainstream of Japanese modern literature, since the humble psychological scene of the mob.

"Sentimental Journey" photo source |nippon.com

Waste Wood misappropriation "private novel" concept to his photographic creation. His photography is based on his own experience, sometimes he shows up in his own picture, even if he's not in the camera, and he's obviously feeling his "presence" in the picture, as if he's not just a photographer, but also the protagonist, participant, and actor who created this photographic situation/status. He is not afraid to expose his pornography and desires in the photos, and all those things that are considered obscene with pornographic links.

Watch his photography, mostly let people produce "whether he has sexual relations with the subject" of the ambiguous reverie, the creation of the wood is also long wandering in the emotional gray area. Huang Muyang, his beloved wife, was born in "My Love Life" in a book, said: 14, five years ago, he often mouth out lying, say something "do not put the film, put X x in" "Photography is foreplay" "photo is just to convey and the woman slept with the message" and so on and so on. Actually looking at the photos, it will be found that he is actually filming the women after the finished, this has made sentimental my heart very uncomfortable. 」

Challenging the boundaries between art, pornography and erotica

The most well-known theme of the shooting is sex and women. For example, "Sentimental Journey" is also included in his honeymoon with his wife to make love shooting, after his more with a series of "bondage", "Love and Desire", such as the present sex, life, death and desire of the works, and gradually become a world-renowned master.

His work stirs up social sexual taboos and moral sensitivities. In 1972, he published his own photographic magazine "Photo age" was confiscated by the police. 1992 "Crazy Picture Diary" exhibition was accused of displaying obscene photos, fined fines 300,000 yen. In 1993, the Japanese police confiscated the book "Pornography" in the Park Gallery in Shibuya, Tokyo, to sell "obscene publications". The country's pursuit of obscenity and pornography makes him more distinct in his "erotic and erotic/indecent and artistic" dialectic.

Sensan, a street photographer, said in the documentary Mystery: I think it's the wild wood. Changed Japan's view of nudity, before that, a picture of a would be thought of as two acts, one is considered a work of art, the other is considered a pornographic image, which you can only see in certain places, But the wild Wood refuses to accept this view, he did not separate the two views, but skillfully put them together. 」

He also used "ejaculate in the work to cover up the appearance of the sexual organ" to counter the state's pornographic censorship, ridicule "as long as shielding the genitals can be" system is absurd, after all, even if the use of semen masking does not matter. He challenged the state's erotic control and conservative sexual awareness, but also to promote the anti-sexual feminism and sexual emancipation of feminism some dialectic.

For example, according to the gender researcher Kobe Ko's special article, "Sex" and "art" liberation of Lust--on the "〉 of the" private photo, Japanese photography critic and feminist who have criticized the frame works is "rape", that is, male photographers through the camera, with the sight of violence against women. When the image through a large number of published photographic collection and magazine to the social transmission, this "rape" is not entirely a private matter, but has a common fantasy, the characteristics of collective sexual indulgence of the collective "rape." (Kobe Ko, 2015)

However, whether the model being filmed is really in the position of "rape" as the passive object and victim, whether the woman reading the photograph can only identify with the same sex position as her own gender, the sexually liberated feminists have different views with the anti-erotic feminists (note 1).

For example, some of the models that have been photographed by the Wild Wood Sutra have also mentioned in the documentary "Mystery" that they are receptive to the shooting of wild Wood, most of which are related to the desire of women to be repressed by the society and to master their body position in relation to sex.

Model Tsugumi nanase:"hope to show you my body. 」
Model komari:"in Japan, sex is repressed, you can not indulge yourself, you should not take off your clothes or nude, as a woman should not be nude, this is the common view of Japanese society, but also why the wood has so much influence. His work is like a traditional erotic painting, he is reshaping these ancient art, with a wealth of feelings to find the sexual identity of the Japanese. 」

However, this does not mean that "recapture the subjectivity from the object position set by the society" can be regarded as one thing cautiously in the process of cooperation with the barren wood, and does not mean that after the publication of the Photographic collection, the female society can read the meaning of "female is also the subject of lust". After the shutter, a lot of things are going to happen.

Willing to show his body, with his unauthorized release, is two different things

As a dancer and model, Kaori has a deep understanding and awareness of his body and a high degree of mastery.

She had studied dancing in Paris, and had seen the photographs of the wild wood, hoping that the trees would take pictures of her, leaving a record of her daily status with her body, the movement of her body, and so on.

Dancer/model Kaori Picture Source |Kaori Article

The body is free, the wood does not have a taboo shooting method, it does provide the possibility of dropping the frame. As a performer and a model, through the art expression of the wood to show the body and sex, should be to let the photographer and the subject of the voice of the main position of power, why is the final Kaori to the paradox of the object of no say? Where's the problem?

The fuzziness of the "private photo" and the avoidance of the responsibility and ethic of the professional photographer

First of all, it is the lack of wood to evade the professional responsibility as a photographer, at the beginning of cooperation, the use of fame and the General People's Trust in the master, deliberately did not sign a photographic contract, consent and content confirmation book is released.

Kaori blamed himself, saying it was too immature, but this was supposed to be a professional responsibility and ethic for photographers. When the photographer deliberately concealed without mentioning, "private photo" wandering between work and private life in the vague areas, with private feelings as a bargaining chip to avoid the professional ethics as a photographer. In the case of unequal power relations, it is almost impossible to contend with. Kaori or anyone with the same experience should not blame themselves for being less, because young and inexperienced are not responsible. People should be blamed on the subject of knowingly professional photographers.

"At the outset, I was just being photographed and had no idea where the pictures were going to end up." I worked abroad before the photographer, every time I signed a photo agreement, take a good picture will show me, and will print several to me, if the publication, each time I will sign the consent and content confirmation. The content of copyright will also be stated. 」

"I just started (with the Wild Wood Sutra) into the nude photo shoot, once with the makeup artist to confirm these things, get the reply is:" Barren wood seems not to say so "" in Japan seems to be so, "and so on, then feel, like a man, such as waste, should not do anything bad. Even now, many people have not signed a contract, which I feel very strange, was really too immature. After that, our relationship became more familiar, and perhaps the biggest mistake was to develop a relationship that was not exportable. 」

Dancer/model Kaori Picture Source |Kaori Article

Art is not business? 15 years of unpaid filming, Kaori's not being put into the show.

The second thing that has been done wrong is the strong exposition of "art is not business", exploiting the fruits of Kaori labor and not giving her the corresponding remuneration for her labour. Even, the wood was deliberately overlooked one thing, in his photography, the model was photographed with his body performing together to create photographic images, her performance and time investment, should be willing to recognize, compliment the other is "muse" and not enough to give back a long time and high-intensity input. Kaori even as a muse, is also a person is not a god, need to eat enough to wear warm, survival needs money. The money that makes people live does not tarnish art, the only thing that can tarnish art is the oppression of unequal power.

"The photo was published as a photo album and DVD, with my name on it and started to be exhibited and sold all over the world," he said. There are also many dance shows that are called live shots. I didn't get paid for any of these shots, and the dance shows are sometimes unpaid. ⋯ (⋯) In addition, my time was controlled by (a lot of filming time), although I published a photo album in my name, but I still have to make money from elsewhere. 」

In 2016, Kaori wrote a letter asking for improved working conditions, and the Kaori reply was, "You're just going to be a model because you want to be photographed." Private photo has been recognized by the critics as a kind of my personal expression, this is not a business, there is no rules, there is no need to agree, all by themselves. If this is not the case, art itself will not be tenable. So there's nothing to be done too much. There is no need for consultation on how to deal with photos in the future. 」

Then is the whole society for photographers to evade professional responsibility, and labor exploitation complicity accomplice.

At that time, I was told that artists talk about money is a shame, only beyond money, artistic expression will be perfect. Being so said, I have nothing to say, I try to understand his mouth of the "private photo" "Photo of the relationship" "Love" "Muse" and so on, but also ready to contribute their strength to understand his attitude. 」

There is no clear contract specification, and as a result of the creation of personal relationships and trusts, there is no exact end time, and the 15-year filming, which is born of private relationships, fades away.

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Yes, Kaori may want to be photographed at first, but with different stages of life, mood changes. Kaori said, "in his long experience, and especially from his wife's experience, it should be clear that with age, women's mood will change, such as" Do not want to be photographed, and later do not want to be seen by the public. "But as a photographer, the wasteland does not have a reflexive reflection from the perspective of the person being photographed."

From the shortage of wood to the whole East Asian Society, people lack the main position of women as subjects. This also makes the actress often must be very cautious in nudity, once the camera naked body, the actress almost without exception, in the future must "wear clothes back", cut off similar artistic performances or invitations. It is only in this way that it is possible to gradually return to the subject position of "actor/artist" from the object position of "sexual object". This is also the second thing that Kaori is talking about in the article.

Mirror naked, doesn't mean anyone can force you to take it off after that.

Kaori is this common sense really correct? In her work experience, it goes on to say that "no matter how hard the model works, the photos taken will become the object of the photographer." 」

For example, when shooting, one to the studio, there are many unrelated personnel. It was then forced to take pictures of nudity on the spot, which happened several times.

Water original Shizi in solidarity Kaori article also mentioned, "When I was more than 20 years old, because participate in the advertisement of the enterprise, the upper body is naked, finally can only cover the chest to pat, at that time, do not know why more than 20 men came to the studio, may be the top of the company." At that time naked body, do not want to be seen light. I asked for these people to leave, but the other side said to confirm the filming, and eventually had to be forced to shoot in the eyes of many men. 」

Wild wood through the palm mirror shot water original Shizi pictures source |supreme Joint series

The use of mass pressure spot is obviously very common.

Not only is it deserted, but NHK has treated her like this. "On one occasion, he asked me to prepare a blue dress for NHK and told me," NHK is not going to show up naked. "The results of a record," for NHK to show a chest should be no problem it came out, the chest of the moment was cut into the film, with my resume broadcast to the national audience.

"Even if refused, the wood will say:" Palm mirror shooting is not Kaori, shooting is me! "In the end was forced to take the position. "The barren wood thus has not regarded Kaori as has the subjectivity" the person ", but is only one should not oppose" the object "just.

The influence of NHK and the photographic collection of the barren wood is conceivable, because of her works, she gave the public the impression of a mysterious, what dare to do a woman, since then she has been plagued by the tracking of strangers, filming site and people to the network, and even a stranger broke into the house, stolen garbage, The event that the mailbox was stuffed with strange things happened more than once. "Sometimes the pressure is too big, in the street, the plane will faint, a lot of days, feel close your eyes, oneself is in danger situation, feel will be killed." "kaori During this period, there have been symptoms of an approximate post-traumatic stress syndrome.

The pictures of the barren wood, and the way to treat Kaori as an object, as if for this tired woman society opened a hurt Kaori break, so that any one can through this gap to the Kaori body and the main body of the person to be erased, to "you are a slut, is a sexual object, not a person, I can treat you arbitrarily. "The manner of her doing whatever she pleases.

The Wild Wood Classics continues to enjoy the erotic portrait master, breaks through the social taboo the reputation, however he treats the model the way, did not break through any existing social frame, instead takes advantage of the patriarchal dividend, to the power and the emotional blackmail to control Kaori, side degrades Kaori is only a " The woman who wants to be photographed ", on the other hand, says she is the most important muse in her photographic career.

This is the impact and controversy of the art work, step on the taboo frontier art height, the photographer took away, but the whole society's slut humiliation and its consequences, all fell to the body of Kaori, completely by the model to bear.

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No one needs to stand a perfect victim or perpetrator position

Kaori mentioned that his own experiences were greatly encouraged by the #MeToo movement, but she also said that her #metoo was not sexually abused, but that it was, in her writing, a different kind of representation of the sexual violence that unfolded at the junction of photography and personal relations.

With the international famous photography master of the wood through only stand in the opposite position, the need for courage beyond imagination.

Kaori does not need to be a perfect and holy victim to stand up for a complaint, or to speak his own experience. None of us are perfect, and the cost of telling our own experience is actually higher than most people think. Men are exposed to sexual crimes or gender-based violence, often through a multi-level review, before they are subject to public criticism or legal intervention. But the victims from sexual violence to the appearance of charges, and even the facts confirmed, must continue to bear the doubts: whether she lied, want money, fairy jump, why not protect themselves and so on.

Similarly, it is not necessary to be an evil offender to be critically reviewed.

There is no denying the fact that the wild Wood Sutra does have its artistic achievements beyond the times and with creative connotation, and it is willing to recognize these achievements and review what he has done wrong, which can coexist at the same time. He does not need to be a perfect perpetrator to be blamed, he can be a gifted photographer, but also a photographer who uses power and paternity bonuses to oppress women.

People tend to trust the talent and fame of the powerful, and instead question the presence of the weaker person as "scheming" or blaming her for not protecting herself and causing the consequences. These doubts have kept Kaori silent, while silence and humiliation have almost put her to the brink.

For Kaori, nothing can stop her from telling the story and getting the strength to go on, after all, she has nothing to lose now except her own life and health. Her admission is that she hopes to be better and more honest with herself, telling herself that she does not need to be ashamed of herself for the social slut or the barren Sutra, and tells others in her own experience that you are not alone if you have had a similar encounter.

The conclusion of her article is very gentle:

"If you stand above the crowd, please do not remember your strength, but also remember the strength of the weak." Perhaps in the unconscious, you will make some forced behavior against the weaker person. Do not ignore the opinions of those who are weaker than themselves, please be sure to listen to their voices. 」

"In this age, admitting your own fault and apologizing is not a disgraceful thing," he said. Don't refuse to be young and reborn because of your feelings. The world will only get better if it has no position or respect. Living is the best revenge (to live better, is the greatest revenge). 」

Dancer/model Kaori Picture Source |Kaori Article