The female editor and the author are the ones you pick, write and write stories, and see the microcosms of the camera.The Growing Tour of the Adolescent Girls, "The End of the World's End of the World", which is perhaps lucky if we know that there are people running together in this crazy world.

Elissa: What does your guess taste like?
James: What?
Elissa: Bullshit."

Yes, this is freedom.

You're going to get yourself out of the way, and somebody on the road is walking along with you, even though the world smells like shit, but, yes, we're on the road to freedom.

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The Black Humor of Netflix, "The End of the End of the World", describes the two of the weanoid youth who escaped the routine and embarked on the journey to save their own road.The launch was based on the high evaluation of IMDb's 8.5, and the content of the album was changed from Charles S., author of the film. Forsman's comic strip.

A young girl with no sense of feeling is always at the beginning of a remarkable start.

only thing that James had to do was to put her own left hand in a fryer. She had to save her life; she had to save her life; she had to save her life.

In this crazy world, the hardest part is not madness, it's normal.


Since we are all living in a world that is too crazy to escape, why don't we take our hands on the road?The eyes of the swollen father's eyes, stealing the keys of the car, drove all the way to a free place. The mother didn't tell me, and drove to the remote side of the road to make a phone call, and to say goodbye to the past.

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In the rescue process: Lonely, it was deafness.

< Go to the end of the world, the whole plot seems absurd, but it always makes people think, love and self-worth, the true meaning of love and self-worth.

James was feeling and even craving to know what it was like to kill an individual. He planned to kill Alyssa, but was dormant in the process of killing her.(Recommended reading: [for you] If this is the best I can do, do you want to?)

When life gets stuck, we always want to save ourselves from the chaos of chaos, but it is only after a long period of time that we understand that we have to drag ourselves out of the quagmire and be the ones who are waiting to be so gentle.

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James felt his heart, pain, and even the incomparable emotions during his life with Alesha, and his life was shaken by one person, and the soul was deterred by the shock.He began to understand that his father had died in the face of his wife, and why it was noisy and disguised to pretend to be happy, because when you were feeling, faced with silence, you would find that loneliness was so deafness, calm down, all that you cared about, all the emotion, the sea, suffocating you.

always knew that James, who was taking care of Alicia, was always there to find out that she was a gentle companion to the world, and that he felt that she loved the world, even though she had always been with pain.The young girls leave home and don't run away. The ultimate goal is to return home, but in the process they discover that a person is willing to pay all for herself and protect her tragic and tragic love, so that she can understand the truth that one person is really in love with.

Meet you, I understand the meaning of people and people

I think, "The End of the End of the World" is always the easiest and most difficult word to say: love.

It's not just about young people's obsession with self-identity, but also the ugly and ridiculous posture of our love, love, and love in our close relationship with love, love, and so on. It's a silly thing to look for love, but at the time, it was our hard work, our love for our love.(Recommended reading: [On your tab] < Call me your name > Because of your pain, not feeling, how wasted )

story, James and Alyssa mistaked a family of continuous murderers, and they killed a murderer. The last thing they wanted to pass was the one that we often confront in love: Do you want to take responsibility for the sweet love of a man? Do you want to be held responsible for the fall of love?

the death of the people, they had a mentality of mutual suspicion and they secretly abandoned each other, but in the end, they returned to each other: the situation was worse, and I was willing to escape with you and flee to the edge of the world. We might be safe.

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I would like to accompany you to the end of the earth, the childish but naive promise that the world of the two sick teenagers appears to have something to do with the utmost effort to protect.They let each other clear the meaning of each other: "Life has a bitterslaugh, and it's a pain in the face of you, even if you tear your heart out, and you can't afford to miss it."

Sometimes we also want to shout, go to the fucking world.

The world is so ridiculous, but if there is one person willing to accompany you and run away together, you may be lucky to try to get a hole in your hole in the choking days.

At the age of 18, I was finally reborn to feel the meaning of life, and what the meaning of the solution was.I've just turned 18. And I think I understand what people mean to each other.


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